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noor709 L0: Than it's fine

ressammurat: Liyakat9, how do you do?how is going trading?what is your expect and predictions today?

ressammurat: Lefty8877, as you know monday is increasing day at PM must be sell them and wait friday :) our shortterm tactic :)

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, as per market i think it's not safe to trade ,take buy order below 30% to fulfill soon

Lefty8877 L1: ressammurat, alright I understand

ressammurat: Liyakat9, a bit you're right especially LTC was very increased must be wait to sort out heir gas

noor709 L0: Ok ,let's see

Lefty8877 L1: Good observation here

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, i want to buy more doge in dip

noor709 L0: Yeah ,I'm too waiting for dump

ressammurat: Liyakat9, but anotherwise i guess as soon as possbile into one year LTC middle term will be very much rocketing and be near to ETH because in begin were let down his name is silver ;)no for eth for LC were said that don't forget bro OK?

ressammurat: Liyakat9, DOGE was did big rocketing sure muchtime will be repeat but not into shortterm after2-3 years at last forking of BTC 2028 DOGE will be as a bronze medal

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, what's your price prediction for ltc in 2024

ressammurat: Liyakat9, i expect 300 usd max normally minimum160usd

noor709 L0: ressammurat, yes dear agree with you

ressammurat: noor709, yes bro i guess as that

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, i think it's good to hold ltc for long term

noor709 L0: Offcourse mate

ressammurat: Liyakat9, so my dear brothers must be our task is minimal minimal must be keep and hold our basic coins securely first 5

Liyakat9 L1: Bitcoin bottom very near ,i think

ressammurat: Liyakat9, so my dear brothers must be our task is minimal minimal must be keep and hold our basic coins securely first 5

noor709 L0: ressammurat, now i never trust any coin after luna or ftx incident

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, fully aggre with you

noor709 L0: I know it's well

Liyakat9 L1: What you think about ETC

noor709 L0: Nothing come easy in life

ressammurat: Liyakat9, 2nd 5 (dash , bnc,zec,etc) i don't safe them must be change because are tons of altcoins from bottom everyday surprising as SHIBA , for this case may be come anothers..But first 5 please buy nad hold don't trade bile :D only keep them they will be most valu than real gold after 4-5 years

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, first ltc right

noor709 L0: Ok ,got your point

ressammurat: noor709, Don't forget BTC nd crypto world designed these with 8 number sensitiveness ;) today real gold bile has 3 sensitiveness and USD also has 2 sensitive pense

Liyakat9 L1: I'm holding dot,near,matic ,xrp

noor709 L0: ressammurat, yeah btc is king

ressammurat: Liyakat9, 1st 5 our is task (BTC,ETH,LTC,DOGE,XRP) it is OK

Liyakat9 L1: ressammurat, yeah it's ok

ressammurat: noor709, eight sensitiveness what's means?so 1 satoshi will be value one day when will come..that means

noor709 L0: Matic also trying to pump hard i think

Liyakat9 L1: noor709, it's good to hold for long term

noor709 L0: Liyakat9, ok, thanks

Liyakat9 L1: Always trying to diversify the portfolio

noor709 L0: Yes,i know it well

Liyakat9 L1: Do DCA to reduce losses

noor709 L0: You mean dollar cost averaging

Liyakat9 L1: noor709, yes mate

noor709 L0: Liyakat9, ok, thanks

Liyakat9 L1: Don't be panic ,hold it for long term

noor709 L0: It's very important

Liyakat9 L1: noor709, yeah not only in crypto also in life

noor709 L0: I know it well

Liyakat9 L1: Try to learn from mistake

noor709 L0: Fusd still have some value