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SQUID20.00074250- 11.8%2.9SQUID2 BEP20
T0.21668220+ 0.5%2.7Dogecoin
ETH$4708.72+ 0.8%2.3Ethereum
BTCT57000.00- 1.9%2Bitcoin
T57132.06- 2%1.9Bitcoin
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BTC$59436.86- 2.3%1.8Bitcoin
4575.0138483+ 3.5%1.5Ethereum
LIZA20.00001999- 5.8%1.5LIZA2
E0.00004732- 2.8%1.5Dogecoin
USDT$1.03- 0.3%1.4USDT ERC20
R4208611.98- 1.6%1.2Bitcoin
ETHT4582.0987073+ 3.7%1.2Ethereum
0.06819018+ 1.4%1.1Yo Token ERC20
SHIBA20.00000023 0%1.1Shiba v2 Limited
DOGE$0.22- 1.2%1Dogecoin
R336195.20+ 3.4%1Ethereum
0.06831048+ 1.4%0.9Yo Token ERC20
WDOGED1.01000000+ 1%0.8Wrapped DogeCoin
LTCR15350.00+ 2.3%0.7Litecoin
0.99609726- 0.5%0.6BTCB BEP20


Time Currency Amount Status

Cgarland: BoastKit, how bout aum? says theres 350 supply but millions for sale here

Merkato: SQUID is a SCAM no one buying it only noobs and dickheads

legrodu L0: btc -3%

morten: good

legrodu L0: hooo 4

cyver: Merkato, you around here yet? lol

s0ldi3r: cyver, he's so obsessed with SQUID he has forgotten his personal life

BoastKit: Cgarland, You waste time looking for irrevelant problems instead of concentrate on looking for opportutinites to earn money. Poor people's mentality.

BoastKit: Cgarland, *opportunities

BoastKit: Cgarland, Want to change world ? Start from Yourself and Your surroundings. Once You become rich - You can have much stronger impact on things than just daily whine on chat.

BoastKit: Cgarland, You can even start Your own exchange with clear rules, all-working wallets and bug-free enviroment. Just stop cry and put some action behind Your words.

okika L0: BoastKit, where to start an exchange?

BoastKit: okika, all starts in our brain

okika L0: BoastKit, I mean what platform or service to start on?

BoastKit: okika, Write a code and put it on some server

Jons333qwe: not everyone can write code. the language needs to be learned. it takes time and money. and the right age. so it's not that simple... The QR code has already been written... it remains now to put it in the head or on the arm

BoastKit: Jons333qwe, Yeah - all wants easy money - but to spend some years learning (coding for example)... nah - it's "too hard" - "we want instant gratification... snowflake generation. You want to be rich ? Work hard (smart and hard - not hard and stupid like many...)

BoastKit: Jons333qwe, who told You that is "has to be easy to run exchange" or to code ? I didn't. I just said that 'You can" if You like and are willing to sacrifice (time and effort)

WorldOCrypto L0: Hi guys really help some help and advice as I have another account that I no longer have the 2fa code for I sent in a request for it to be removed which has been ignored, what can i do next?

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Nothing. If You didn't put effort to make 2FA backup - it's lost.

WorldOCrypto L0: You can have the 2fa disabled so I don't see why they can not disable it from my account

WorldOCrypto L0: I have evidence that i have that account via screenshots and it uses my email address and have evidence of all this

WorldOCrypto L0: other exchanges manage to reset the 2fa so really not sure why these guys cant do it too

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Other exchanges has KYC

WorldOCrypto L0: Yeah but they have a support section for having it reset however the questions asked are crazy like the screen resolution etc

WorldOCrypto L0: when i last logged into my account which was ages ago

JoeHill L0: hello I can't invest.. what is the matter??

WorldOCrypto L0: so long ago i can't remember the exact date and time

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Yobit stopped disabling 2fa in last year

JoeHill L0: can you help me ?

BoastKit: JoeHill, You can't use exchange properly. Use Google and Youtube to learn basics

JoeHill L0: I try to invest in investment box and I have above the minimum ..and the invest is active .. but I cant invest it

WorldOCrypto L0: BoastKit, Why was this?

WorldOCrypto L0: its been over 2 years since i used my account and would really like to not be stuck out of my account losing what is rightfully mine

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, I believe security reasons - anyone can gain access to someones mail, identiny, screenshots etc. It's crypto - You have to take care of Your private keys and 2FA. Lost data = lost money. Gone.

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Identity

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, If You didn't want to lose "what's Yours" - You should make backup of 2FA. Period.

WorldOCrypto L0: BoastKit, Are you admin?

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Nope. Regular user.

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Just stating my opinion.

Merkato: cyver, what will come first 1sat or $0.001 lol

WorldOCrypto L0: BoastKit, I didn''t plan on losing it my phone motherboard broke so i couldnt get access to it

Merkato: i see 80k december

Merkato: xmass gift btc 100k :)

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, When You turn on 2FA - there is code and/or QR code - You should backup this on paper or Your computer and secure it by password. Best to keep it on external disk in the closet.

WorldOCrypto L0: BoastKit, the account is in my name, I have screenshot stating to values I had in the account. I also have legal document that show my name, the email address is my name etc.... there are tons of way I can prove its my account I just need to be given the chance to show it

WorldOCrypto L0: BoastKit, Yes I do that now but it was all new to be back then and one or two I missed

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, Study costs. Deal with it and move on.

BoastKit: WorldOCrypto, I have no power here. You're free to contact Yobit like You did before. I'm just afraid it's pointless due to new policy (no 2FA disabling anymore)

polskiklikaczeu L0: scam exchange site, care.