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Time Currency Amount Status

djqbic L1: easteregg69, :))) how hi is hydran?

djqbic L1: hydrant*

easteregg69: djqbic, Hydrant sizes are designated as 4 ½ and 5 ¼ inches, size being the inside diameter of the main valve seat opening.

easteregg69: Says nothing about height.

cryptoya11 L0: djqbic, HI ENG STUDENT

djqbic L1: easteregg69, the stick and ball cost $ 1.10, the stick is more expensive than the ball $ 1 how much does the ball cost?

cryptoya11 L0: djqbic, spe ball za street manj jretor

easteregg69: Depends if you pay one dollar for the ball or the stick.

djqbic L1: easteregg69, hudrant is in undergroun

easteregg69: djqbic, Crackalacking.

cryptoya11 L0: easteregg69, pick flowers

easteregg69: cryptoya11, Yeah.

cryptoya11 L0: easteregg69, ;D

djqbic L1: easteregg69, I asked you two simple questions and you didn't answer any ... I'm not talking to you

easteregg69: djqbic, Right.

djqbic L1: easteregg69, I asked you two simple questions and you didn't answer any ... I'm not talking to you

easteregg69: djqbic, Yu are repeating yourself.

cryptoya11 L0: djqbic, join forums, i see you need

cryptoya11 L0: You're long talker haha

easteregg69: Same instance won't show twice..

easteregg69: Don't get stuck on just case.

djqbic L1: easteregg69, bla bla bla

cryptoya11 L0: easteregg69, don't talk him hahahahaha

cryptoya11 L0: He is english-starter can't understand well

easteregg69: cryptoya11, You may fuck yourself!

easteregg69: English.

cryptoya11 L0: easteregg69, bla bla bla

easteregg69: Comprende.

cryptoya11 L0: 

cryptoya11 L0: بيض!

easteregg69: cryptoya11, Your eleven years old?

cryptoya11 L0: easteregg69, yep! How do you know

easteregg69: I will set the auto pilot on stall. Cya.

cryptoya11 L0: So smartt

djqbic L1: easteregg69, c ya

cryptoya11 L0: Trolls

carloslp91 L0: need to extract my kbc for change the old contract for new contract on karatbit

carloslp91 L0: the extract of kbc is disabled, why?

arunnivas L1: carloslp91, KBC withdrawal disabled?

djqbic L1: easteregg69, recovered resolved:)))

gtcmasterbtc L1: gcr/btc

cryptoya11 L0: $mybalance=$allyobitbalance*0;

djqbic L1: cryptoya11, you write on chat, you must have some crypto, you can't have zero

cryptoya11 L0: djqbic, this is what i trying to find from the first time joined yobit

cryptoya11 L0: The chat working without have balance lol

cryptoya11 L0: I think because i'm premium

djqbic L1: cryptoya11, you use phone?

cryptoya11 L0: djqbic, yep

djqbic L1: i see

cryptoya11 L0: Yes, smart!