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BestInTheBooth L0: nobody here has ten k to invest in a really good business? yet you all call yourself investors…. lol im putting the best investment you’d ever make on the table right in front of your noses… you all obviously aren’t very good investors if you pass up on such an opportunity to own a record label. lol you wouldn’t know investments if it hit you head on if yall pass this up/

cobratoontje: BestInTheBooth, Lmao, these are just stupid kids

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, where are you brow

cobratoontje: With no money at all

BestInTheBooth L0: i see lol

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, how are you hund

cobratoontje: arkotaro, I'm dungbeetle

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, nice to hear hund, i love you

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, lutschst du gerne schwänze?

cobratoontje: Nope, keep looking further

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, i mean Schwanz

cobratoontje: I'm glad i'm straight

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, Ich mag dich, ich denke, du bist schwul, also wirst du mich ficken :V

cobratoontje: Butt, i'm sorry for you beeing gay

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, lol

arkotaro L0: cobratoontje, du bist hübsch, wann wirst du sterben

cobratoontje: Just go have fun with a treestump

BestInTheBooth L0: so no real investors in here huh…. just a bunch of wannabeeees that lose all their money in crypto …..damn i just offered u a multi million dollar deal and yall just said wow good project lol last chance to own an online record label in the green that will make you money monthly. in three-4 years that little ten grand willl be worth a million plus

BestInTheBooth L0: going once

BestInTheBooth L0: going twice

BestInTheBooth L0: going three times

Apatumanns L0: BestInTheBooth, are you idiots?

BestInTheBooth L0: ok now the offers off the table its now 20k for 30 percent.

BestInTheBooth L0: yall got ten minutes then its going up to 30 k for 30 percent its 8:12 pm eastern time right now last chance to become a millionaire within just 3-4 years. maybe sooner!

BestInTheBooth L0: nobody wants to be rich here i see…. just a bunch of watchers

BestInTheBooth L0: such a little amount for such a good business and nobody is jumping lol i just offered u guys a chance to be millioaires off of 10k and everyones mouth just closed lol yall wouldn’t know a good investment if it magically fell into your laps.

BestInTheBooth L0: a record label, a store, a song contest, an album series, and a bunch of services and yall won’t jump on the best investment of your lives….. a company in the green, no debt, with over 200 songs that collect streaming/sales/and royalties along with a song contest where we own every song and music video submitted through our sight, and a platform for indie artists to buy the services they need to succeed independently….. wow just wow….. i bet if i had a shitcoin yall would buy it though……...

cobratoontje: BestInTheBooth, Btw, Are you by chance a comedian?

BestInTheBooth L0: if you want me to be i can sure when’s my first show, or i should say second cause my first just happened here lmao

cobratoontje: Just wondering..............for a lousy $10k you could get a loan

BestInTheBooth L0: i cant my credit is messed up cause someone stole a dirt bike from me and i stopped paying on it...

Gursel L0: Ben sizin amınıza koyum

Gursel L0: Orosbu çocukları sizi

BestInTheBooth L0: shit i would take a loan if i could get one then i wouldn’t have to sell a piece of my business which i really dont want to do. i just have no other options at this moment. but that ten k will be all i need to turn this into a 50k dollar a month business

cobratoontje: Gursel, Ok retard!

cobratoontje: BestInTheBooth, Ok, so your whole family is poor?

BestInTheBooth L0: honestly that ten k is going right back into the business which will blow up the song conest and record sales. yes pretty much. they are old and dont have much

cobratoontje: Well, i see only one option here, just go rob a bank...............

BestInTheBooth L0: honestly that 10k 3200$ of it will go right into playlisting which guarantees me 2 million streams in 2 months i make 11,200$ off of that. i roll that back over into it. that takes two months so in four months time i will have made 11,200 off of 3000 of that money which will all go back into playlist sing. the other 7 k is going into advertising and social media ads for the song contest.

BestInTheBooth L0: but i take that 11,200 you get your cut 30 percent and i roll that back into playlistsing, so thats roughly 6 k back into playlisting after your cut , i just keep doing that and the business continuously rolls itself over and over. its genius

BestInTheBooth L0: every 1500-1600 u put into the marketing and playlisting its 5600$ back

BestInTheBooth L0: that takes roughly 3-4 months to get back cause bistro companies are 2 months behind on music payouts.

Trusted: dominikherzog, please make a new IEO

Trusted: blacksmith, please Make a new IEO

BestInTheBooth L0: if i took 7500 of it and put it right into playlosting thats would be 28,000 in 4 months, with your 30 percent you would have your ten k investment back within 6 months if i did it like that

BestInTheBooth L0: then you have the rest of your life to collect and i continue rolling it. that leaves are with roughly 20k to playlist again start the 4 month period over id make about 75 k leaving you with 24,500$ just 8 months in and you will have already gotten your ten k back. so just the first year alone you will make roughly 50k back on your ten k, thats just the first year. this is for the rest of your life.

BestInTheBooth L0: see its a pretty awesome investment. thats just on the music royalties thats not even including what we will make from merchandise sales, services, and future songs. once it gets to that point im famous and i dont even have to pay for playlisting anymore and all the music just sells itself……...

BoastKit: BestInTheBooth, Have you tried your "math" on some smaller amount of money with that "playlisting" ?

BestInTheBooth L0: yes i have

BestInTheBooth L0: the minimum you can do is 1500-1600 to make it work like that , if you spend less it just cost more money per million