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메시지 텍스트

Renerivve: Gonewithwind, next Yea be next future?

Renerivve: You make future look too far..

Gonewithwind: Renerivve, maybe 2 months ahead ,i mean on next year just after 2 months

dtworker: Gonewithwind, i the near future maybe we will be dead

dtworker: y real thing is what is now at this very moment

dtworker: else is not sure

Gonewithwind: dtworker, we will be dead!!? Ok ,freind ,what does hope, mean?! Does it refer to near future ornot? May it possible not to programm for our near futurebecouse we say we will be dead and no need to have a hopeor ...!?

Renerivve: dtworker, you dying yet? Be more positive

dtworker: Read it again, I told "maybe", future is not predictable

dtworker: not real

Renerivve: That's wealth too.

bpool: wow, zec have some really good move on btc market :)

Gonewithwind: Renerivve, having a positive attitude towards everything is one of the most important factor which pushing us towards stright ahead,make us to be a hard trying person to fulfil all duties in a best way and at last being succeeded

Gonewithwind: bpool, i was watiching how ,zec , pumped from 0.0023 to 0.0035 btc! It was happened just in a few seconds fast i couldn,t buy something on 0.0025 btc

bpool: Gonewithwind, +1 just checked 12 hours chart and it was really quick move ..... wondering why, is there any reason for that ....

tablepiece: Gonewithwind, quick arbitrage

bpool: tablepiece, +1 just saw on cmc that is around 0.0027 .....

tablepiece: bpool, was more of a joke, zec used to take like 1,5 day to arrive :)

tablepiece: cant find an adress

bpool: tablepiece, wtf, max supply just 21mlns..... like btc XD

tablepiece: bpool, been a long time i have looked into it. i like the zero knowledge

tablepiece: it is just very slow, was bullish on zclassic but i think that project stopped

bpool: tablepiece, ... honestly did not pay attention too, but this (just 21mlns) ..... it's very surprisingly.....

tablepiece: bpool, well some of the classics come back, esp if many big projects have some trouble

tablepiece: ltc is doing well, bit old and not that interesting

tablepiece: but it is solid, they also not gonna mine that much more it had some good traction

bpool: tablepiece, +1 interesting contract is on bsc ..... +1 for ltc, more interesting is that ltc had some move when other crypto drop XD

tablepiece: bpool, ah ok, i sold it too fast i alway buy in btc market when it is low. i know back in the days some whales used to do that, protecting their money in ltc a bit

tablepiece: it is listed everywhere and always works, solid but cant easily get some apy on it

bpool: tablepiece, +1 think that will have own moment in future.... just question when .... supply is low too .... and it's cheap if you compare if other crypto ....

tablepiece: sure not a crazy high marketcap although i wait to rebuy. sol/luna/avax really took some capital away, now some of it is flowing back

tablepiece: am buying some sol

tablepiece: was going for avax before but there was some fud

tablepiece: want some near/kda/hbar/grt as layer 1's as well

bpool: tablepiece, a lot of good crypto for buying now ..... wondering, when bullrun come which will be new ath for bnb ....

tablepiece: bpool, can take some time, time to acculumate as much as possible with trading, or if you have unlimited money just buying and make a few trades

bpool: tablepiece, +1 but anyway it's good to accumulate some more with trade like you say ;)

bpool: XD with over +30% now it's +17% zec XD

Marietjie L0: good day

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, welcome back friend

maciocia: No free addresses for such currency. Please try again in 2 minutes.

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, thank you...jah it a time

maciocia: lol, what's that?

Marietjie L0: maciocia, ??

bpool: maciocia, for deposit here??? XD

Marietjie L0: seems like bad \time of the day for any chats

Marietjie L0: have a good saturday afternoon everyone

tushge: hello guyz

comingwealth L1: Did slaves paint their nails today :D ?

comingwealth L1: Tate army here ;)