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candyguyyy L0: but it still for some people unbeloved one

candyguyyy L0: lol

candyguyyy L0: any info

candyguyyy L0: about when upcoing halving for LTC ?

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, let,s suppose a person who bought btc 3 months ago on 16k..and didn,t trade or [link] 3 months he comeback seeing btc on 23k!! Woow ,he earns without any working hard

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, agree

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, when will it be exactly ? I mean ltc next halving!?

candyguyyy L0: but also there is on possiblet to come back and find btc price only 5 k

candyguyyy L0: so in that case in big lossess

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well can check but i saw post it says after 6 months

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, in that case ,yes right with you..

candyguyyy L0: that is NOT confirmed info for me

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, oh ,6 months later on ...let,s be aside for now ..

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well please in you into these info

candyguyyy L0: check and tell me feedback

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, what will happen for fusd at last? Any prediction about future of fusd?

candyguyyy L0: if LTC going to havling then may something big happens in crypto space

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well any yobit tokens like fusd or others into ib plus famring ya i can say always down trend

candyguyyy L0: yes it may spike for while

candyguyyy L0: but for sure yobit tokesn always down trend

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, they said maybesomething like we will see for shiba! They wanted to burn 15% ( i amnot sure) but nothing good happen..

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well 15 % it nothing

candyguyyy L0: can NOT be that big effict on price to spike

candyguyyy L0: but still if bull run start soon many coins can do good perforance

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, so as you said better to sell fusd daily..maybe fusd go down moresuddenly

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well that exactly what i do lol

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, friend ,all saying btc will hit 25k soon but as if btc is stable on 23k ...!

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, yes but soon word does NOT help also here

candyguyyy L0: plus BTC can hit 10 k also soon LOL

candyguyyy L0: NOT finicial advice LOL

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, the best done you doing for fusd..i had collected some bulk but i sold them last week all...and i won,t collect anymore ,just selling daily or maybe two days once i can sell mine

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well i guess that is good strategy

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, 10k ..i don,t think so..maybe pull back to 21 k but lower price i don,t believe

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well i can says always invest what you can effor

candyguyyy L0: lol

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, when in a farming pool ,one pair go down on price ,we lost alot as a whole ,true!?

candyguyyy L0: i go to prepare some coffee now

candyguyyy L0: back later

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, wanna to know who will be the winner!? Yobit is the winner or anybody else!?

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, correct

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, og course yobit is always the winner

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, ak frind , your coffee is ready to ...enjoy

candyguyyy L0: ok

ishaabub: Hello everyone here with me

ishaabub: candyguyyy, how are u doing today buddy

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, ji friend ,he went to make a coffe to refreshment ..if you ask me ,today i was doing the worst is very bad for me..i have traded a mistake coins and now it come down alot !! Now i skould wait along time to see if again go up or not!

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, sorry for ur lost just b patient more u will gain profit

Saifa77 L0: Gonewithwind, How are things with you? Did you drink coffee already. ?

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, thanks friend ..but btc isstable now on 23 k..on all websites they are going abou it maybe pull back abit then go up again..

Gonewithwind: Saifa77, not good ,bro..yaa man ,coffee is my favourite drinking ,spicially Espresso ,Columbian Arabica Coffee