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메시지 텍스트

Tigro L1: aishm2020, yeah friend god help us

aishm2020: Tigro, amen

aishm2020: Jajalgawhee, this weeck

Tigro L1: aishm2020, where are you from friend ?

Gonewithwind: Hi house

aishm2020: Tigro, gulu and you

Gonewithwind: Tigro, how are you friend? Is everything ok?

Tigro L1: aishm2020, morocco friend

aishm2020: Gonewithwind, Helo you are welcome to d great platform

aishm2020: Tigro, that great

Gonewithwind: aishm2020, thanx dudde

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, yeah friend everething is going on fine how about you ?

aishm2020: Tigro, you see I love yobit

aishm2020: Gonewithwind, any update

Tigro L1: aishm2020, yeah me too i prefer this platform

Gonewithwind: Tigro, i am worrying about foki price tomorrow..

aishm2020: Tigro, yes it's a very nice project

Gonewithwind: Tigro, what will be happened after burning!?

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, it will be pump again i think

Tigro L1: aishm2020, yeah very good one

Gonewithwind: Tigro, 8 pm on utc is the time for many hours ahead is exactlu is it?!

aishm2020: Tigro, that why I love it

Gonewithwind: Gonewithwind, exactly*

aishm2020: Tigro, it even help d youth alot

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, i 'm not sure friend mybe 48 hours

Tigro L1: aishm2020, yeah it help you to progress on trading crypto

aishm2020: Tigro, yes and even Kno the coins price

Gonewithwind: Tigro, no ,i am sure it is tomorrow but really don,t know the exact time hours ahead from now on..!

Tigro L1: aishm2020, that's great platform

Gonewithwind: Tigro, do you belive on btc on 25k soon? Or change your idea...?

aishm2020: Gonewithwind, Helo you are still around

Gonewithwind: aishm2020, yaaa,man..i am on ..

aishm2020: Gonewithwind, we hope it to be 25 soon

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, don't be worry just tay ptience it will be fine

aishm2020: Gonewithwind, that nice any update

Gonewithwind: Tigro, all right friend and what,s up from your national team fiotbakl!?

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, i think it will achieave 25k or more maybe 30k ,how about you

Gonewithwind: Tigro, when will be started the african nation football cup?!

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, they preper for afrecan cup we hop we take it

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, on june

Gonewithwind: Tigro, i like btc on 10k till everyone can buy some but really brc will be oumped for sure ..betwween 22 to25 k

Gonewithwind: Tigro, i hope you will take if play hard as they do on world cup on Qatar

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, nice analyse friend

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, it 's the best team on the world we have a best players

Gonewithwind: Tigro, really i am one of your fan ..i like the way of playing and the personality of the team ...

Gonewithwind: Tigro, your national football team played as a team not indivisually ..really your team was a team..

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, i'm huppy to heard that friend thank you so mush

Gonewithwind: Tigro, you are highly welcomee ,bro

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, thank you brother really we waitin for this team a very long time

Tigro L1: Gonewithwind, i apreciat that brother