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pako24ba L1: hello

pako24ba L1: Hello, the fees for btc are very high right?

pako24ba L1: Is there a schedule when fees go down for BTC withdrawals go down?

jeff65100 L1: okika: thank you

hani20980: lol who did gamble 0.02 BTC on DICE

cobratoontje: pako24ba, Lol

diegolebe: pako24ba, dude use other coin withdraw on btc cost 30+ dollars... use usdt bnb cost 50 cent

Huller66: What's happening with WAM coin in rur market

kitek123 L0: Hello In 2020, I had a large amount of GCR tokens. I don't see them on my wallet, I have a question, what happened to my GCR tokens?

adamnrodrigues L0: Boa Noite

megapulsa88 L0: doge oh doge

megapulsa88 L0: my favorite coins

mandobro: megapulsa88, hi, bro

mandobro: megapulsa88, if u can swap doge by tron, is not so bad. My hope is link, for ever time

mandobro: megapulsa88, When u said doge oh doge, it's seem like Simpson, don't take in mind:)

megapulsa88 L0: ok friend for the suggestion

megapulsa88 L0: Thank You

megapulsa88 L0: I'm from Indonesia, so my English isn't fluent, sorry if there's a word wrong.

megapulsa88 L0: what business makes a lot of money, tell me, because I don't work, I don't have a steady income.

BoastKit: megapulsa88, I heard banks makes a loto of money. Not sure if it suits you.

megapulsa88 L0: hallo

megapulsa88 L0: Earn up to 4700 Fast Dollars every day!

megapulsa88 L0: got results

megapulsa88 L0: thank you very much see you tomorrow

megapulsa88 L0: have a good day

megapulsa88 L0: greetings yobit

HATATA L1: usdt = 82 RUR

Khem6642 L0: Don't ignore micro coin

mandobro: megapulsa88, yap)

mandobro: megapulsa88, YoBit gratings You)

youdedend L0: TRX +8%

hakan4punkt L0: Hello Yobit people!

hakan4punkt L0: How are you tonight? All well?

hakan4punkt L0: Anybody playing dice here?

Muhammads0 L0: hakan4punkt, yap

ressammurat: yochat/rur %127

hakan4punkt L0: Muhammads0, I wish you good luck with the dice games you do

manbtc007: ltc my darling waiting for you at $105

candyguyyy L0: hi why it green ?

ahmadgujjar: Sir why hive and steem are not in yobit? Both touched top100 marketcap in history

luisycris: Vendo JNT

silverdragonit: ltc is going up

Papajoe1 L0: hakan4punkt,

hakan4punkt L0: Papajoe1, hi and hello

hakan4punkt L0: I hope you are fine today

homenko87 L0: megapulsa88, hallo

alimogh L0: Good time for all

Ultron001: Kubo coins seems good to buy now in rur market. Good deal

Ultron001: Waiting for kubo to break 0.00092 sell order again in rur market

cobratoontje: Ultron001, Yeah, you do that,scammer