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jagrapolite5 L0: scorll up i said .dats lol

tablepiece: jagrapolite5, i think FUN might have some turn key solutions, not sure about different wallets

jagrapolite5 L0: all my fusd is stuck i dont even know how to withdraw it lol

jagrapolite5 L0: you mean the freebit co guys?

tablepiece: yeah thats it

jagrapolite5 L0: tablepiece, yeah i talked to them they are to cocky

jagrapolite5 L0: thats why they shut down [link]

jagrapolite5 L0: free doge dot in

jagrapolite5 L0: that kid is way too rich lol

jagrapolite5 L0: he wont even speak to his own mother lol

jagrapolite5 L0: tablepiece, i do like the fun token though : ) interest is great and the casinos are as well they just dont work with anyone they are set

tablepiece: jagrapolite5, augur/rep has some liquidity providing, i guess more places have that

Raybeam: Too many irrelevant discussion.

tablepiece: jagrapolite5, i traded a lot of fun, never really used it

Raybeam: Fill up the place with 40msgs for what

tablepiece: until they delisted in some btc markets

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, um crypto gambling is where .... um crypto grey lines is where ...we like.... um crypto doing stuff is how we grow dood your the irrelovent discussion lol

Raybeam: Yet you got mlns in Doge?

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, sorry i type fast

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, Type fast and they forget to send you out fast

Raybeam: Thats unfair too..

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, lol i have been banned off here longer then you have known of this site bro you know this

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, Sounds like some chat pollution..

tablepiece: jagrapolite5, are you in some gaming coins? i got my ass kicked a little in the market buying some pullbacks

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, that you are good sir lol

tablepiece: i do have some courage now again building it up slowly

jagrapolite5 L0: tablepiece, im not a group im just me lol

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, Make a site yourself. You can do that

tablepiece: jagrapolite5, i know, just scanning for those 100 x gems :)

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, dood i have 100s of sites lol

Raybeam: tablepiece, They exist?

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, Then add the casino to it..

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, i need the back end server guy and some basic coders as always

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, i dont want to go through coinpayments or cointopay for the escrow brow

tablepiece: Raybeam, what else are you looking for? unless you already have a lot of money, then its more about consolidation

Raybeam: tablepiece, You have lots of money yourself?

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, There has to be a way

jagrapolite5 L0: you guys cig time

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, i know find me a coder to make use of my .dats and i will give you a % as well

tablepiece: Raybeam, i am still allocating money in small caps, guess that answers it lol

jagrapolite5 L0: or i have to go through escrow ... which i can not

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, Deal doesnt sound right..

jagrapolite5 L0: Raybeam, it sounds right...

jagrapolite5 L0: unless you want a finders fee lol

Raybeam: But maybe someone would PM you for it..

jagrapolite5 L0: i have been asking for damn 3 years now

Raybeam: tablepiece, Small caps like farms?

jagrapolite5 L0: all they do is copy and paste a git and ask for money lol

Raybeam: jagrapolite5, maybe you not looking hard enough. Or its some shaddy deal.

jagrapolite5 L0: both i agree lol