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Josephdawus13: Hello everyone here any update guys

bpool: now you talking about floki when is already up x3 XD

Jack0071: bpool, and it goes x3 again

bpool: Jack0071, maybe, maybe not ;) we will see ;) XD

Jack0071: bpool, next week

Jack0071: bpool, same time

bpool: Jack0071, just wondering, based on what you think that??? XD

Jack0071: bpool, information

Jack0071: bpool, i already explain here on the chat what happen with floki

bpool: Jack0071, you say that price of floki next week will be, around 0.00007500 usdt?? XD

Jack0071: bpool, around that

bpool: Jack0071, great that would be around x7 if you get before this last movemant ;) XD

bpool: Jack0071, but, it looks like that you get floki just now on this price ;) XD

ishaabub: It's my pleasure to be among traders here

Josephdawus13: Investment is d best option here to achieve greater profit

Jack0071: bpool, i have floki already for a long time, i bought months ago

bpool: Jack0071, you are not happy with x3?? XD

Jack0071: bpool, i am happy , yes , i sold a few and i keep the rest

bpool: Jack0071, +1 who knows, maybe can be another x3 ;) XD

Jack0071: bpool, personally i think it goes more than x3, but we see next week in the beginning of the week i think double and end of the week again double

Jack0071: bpool, burning is on thursday

Josephdawus13: Btc is significantly growing

ishaabub: Farming is d collest way to earn good profit

Josephdawus13: Fiat is always depreciating compare to cryptocurrency so hodl crypot to become rich

ishaabub: The easiest way to .are profit is through cryptocurrency investment

Josephdawus13: I am very sure dat investing in yobit yield a very good and positive result

ishaabub: The trading strategies required here is very minimum to acquire good profit

Jindal07: hi

Josephdawus13: Buy and hodl potential coins for future

ishaabub: Jindal07, [link] how are u doing today

Josephdawus13: There are great project here in yobit I so much like there innovations

ishaabub: Invest wisely to make good profit

Josephdawus13: Which pair is d best while trading guys

ishaabub: The price of .any coins a runin greatfully.

Josephdawus13: The most easiest way to join u all

ishaabub: Greatest in number

Josephdawus13: ico ere able to dice d game

ishaabub: Retesting and it will be nice for all to benefit

Josephdawus13: First time 20 card

ishaabub: Nice to pur have a better [link]

Haruna01 L1: Hello

Josephdawus13: Haruna01, welcome buddy

ishaabub: The most reliable exchange

Josephdawus13: Hodl btc it will soon grow more

ishaabub: Yo it has great projects

Josephdawus13: Ltc and ether are growing higher

ishaabub: Invest in ur project

Josephdawus13: Such a wonderful suitation be ability to grow more

ishaabub: Nice exchange

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, how is ur trading in an exchange