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Marietjie L0: any one reading...just to say hello??

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, hello...jah people dont chat anymore

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, true..

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, floki and doge still on the run

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, shoulh have bough much more flokis months ago

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, jah me too...

cobratoontje: Lol

Marietjie L0: cobratoontje, hehheheh...yeah at least we get a lol

Marietjie L0: cobratoontje, why you just read and not say hello huh cobra

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, lol :::}}}}

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, his gone again, just sittung reading lol

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, jip

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, did you read about the valentines surprise google speaking of...regarding XRP price

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, i did...will wait and see

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, too

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, you still farming?

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, yes...cobra FUSD111 lol

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, :]]]] lol

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, i must go now

Marietjie L0: have a good afternoon all yobitters...especially you cobrakie

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, tx same to you...all the best

Saifa77 L1: cengiztoprak1, Let's wait with what news we get.

Marietjie L0: bye for now

Saifa77 L1: cengiztoprak1,

Saifa77 L1: It is possible that it will recover the price of last year.

Hemannel L0: Saifa77, good day

Saifa77 L1: Many talk of a recession. But I have not seen anything circumstantial.

Saifa77 L1: Hemannel,Hi, friend. How are you. How do you see the panorama of cryptocurrencies this month?

Saifa77 L1: The ltc has given me a beautiful surprise. XD

Saifa77 L1: Does anyone have accumulated LTC here?

cobratoontje: I think the majority only has fusd.........

Saifa77 L1: A lot of people disappeared here.

Hemannel L0: Saifa77, hi you still here, sorry i had to go

Hemannel L0: cobratoontje, may be not...thats why they not interest in the chats

Gfhomesb L1: hi all

Gfhomesb L1: seem no many trader are active in yobit hur

Gfhomesb L1: i have been long time no sign in this platform

Gfhomesb L1: there are many things changes

Saifa77 L1: Gfhomesb, Yehayr

Saifa77 L1: A moment of silence for the market correction I suppose.

Saifa77 L1: Same. I think that this week we will have a new ceiling level

SetG21 L1: wait till tomorrow ..

hangthicamnhung L1: Hello everyone

Mharuna L1: Hi

Gfhomesb L1: thanks Saifa

Gfhomesb L1: Hi Mharuna,

Gfhomesb L1: Hi hangthicamnhung

koskesh2: yo, I need to get my Rublix out, but is says please wait lolnMG

rishisingh L0: What about NYC coin?

cobratoontje: rishisingh, What about it?