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bpool: sntloup, dont think so, but if you compare with 20k (ath) and after that 3.5k and now from 70k till (if that happen) 10k it's a big difference (drop).....

bpool: sntloup, my opinion is, that 12k is a bottom.....

sntloup: it 's 6(5.71) against 7

sntloup: bpool, yes I don't think it could divide by 7

bpool: sntloup, coz of that maybe we will see again drop.... and maybe below 15k.....

sntloup: bpool, it's sad

sntloup: bpool, because it would show that btc is not a currency

bpool: sntloup, it's cryptocurrency ;) and it's not sad, it's opportunity ;)

sntloup: CBDC are more and more likely to replace cryptos after that bear market :(

sntloup: they will become the real cryptocurrencies

sntloup: while BTC and other cryptos will become crypto assets

hani20980: hi guys any good coins to farm with high APY ?

Renerivve: hani20980, YoDice got the best APY currently..

hani20980: Renerivve, +1

hani20980: Renerivve, yeah it seem that only YODICE & RUBLIX that have +1000% APY

huhu11: how trade usdtbep20to usd

hangthicamnhung L1: Good everning everyone

Omarsayed66 L1: Hello

Omarsayed66 L1: How are you ?

Muhammads0 L1: Hello house members

Jack0071: hani20980, the only problem is the assets go down, so it's no use

Omarsayed66 L1: anything new today ?

cobratoontje: Fusd will never be at 1 sat again!

hangthicamnhung L1: Omarsayed66, hi friend

Omarsayed66 L1: hangthicamnhung, Hey , what's up ?

youdedend L1: huhu11, usdtbep20to BTC to USD

Renerivve: hani20980, yes. But I heard(not tried it) Rublix doesn't pay.

Renerivve: Maybe you should stick with others

hani20980: Renerivve, RUBLIX defi pool almost empty maybe yobit should add some liquidity

Renerivve: cobratoontje, what makes you so sure..

bpool: Renerivve, XD you really believe in anything what cobra say??? XD

cobratoontje: October 22nd: bpool: notes1, cobra say that fusd will never be 1sat again, tell me that is not true???? XD

cobratoontje: I guess idiots rule.........

bpool: cobratoontje, you guess, but you will never understand that is a joke ;) XD

bpool: cobratoontje, ps, when will fusd investbox's disappear??? coz 100% was long time ago.....

bpool: cobratoontje, you really like to show how much you are stupid??? XD

bpool: cobratoontje, ps, if that was 10.22. and how I see on chart 1month defi fusd, fusd hit 1sat 11.03. XD which means that you AGAIN write wrong info! XD

maciocia: cobratoontje, FUSD IB still there and paying

maciocia: cobratoontje, 120 days 1% + 10% fist day

maciocia: cobratoontje, why so?????? it should have been disappeared accordgin to you

maciocia: cobratoontje, why it is still paying!?!?!?!?!

bpool: maciocia, why why?!!! XD why fusd never did not hit again 1sat, why why?!!! XD

maciocia: bpool, FUSD in IB are not yours! mhuahahaha

bpool: maciocia, XD at least he stop with dice ;) XD

bpool: maciocia, ps, you can find here very weird persons XD

maciocia: definitely

russy121 L1: hmmm how long has spitz been broken for

amebapako L1: 10 days at least

Renerivve: amebapako, it's gone past days

Renerivve: Weeks now to say the least..