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ordinaryus: ressammurat, are you syrian . You know umıt ozdag ?

ressammurat: ordinaryus, yes i know i am not syrian i am albanian from macedonia and i live in turkey and you?

ressammurat: ordinaryus, he is a crypto jewish and only ennemy for syrians but doesn't touch to jewish rich minority at the bosphorus like that fdp

ordinaryus: ressammurat, I am kurd from dıyarbakır . I am kemal I am coming.

ressammurat: ordinaryus, lol kemal came and returned empty go home with him dude :;) i have a lot of friends from there no problem my wife also from van..i know kurdish language

ressammurat: ordinaryus, most of diyarbekir is zaza not kurd

MrHorn L0: how to sell PWR for BTC?

cobratoontje: MrHorn, Lol, you are funny

maputlakgatle: can someone tell me how to unfreeze the account

mohmassi L0: Ixi v ethwiA

cobratoontje: mohmassi, Never!

Gonewithwind: maputlakgatle, you can put it on a heater or put it on a microwave to unfreeze ,freind...

MehmetYildiz L0: Dice coini nasıl çekeriz arkadaşlar

cobratoontje: MehmetYildiz, only with rur

bruh11 L0: how to earn btc?

hangthicamnhung L0: Hello everyone

usr7341: uhOH. incoming YO action again

rpowrpow: It has begun!

SAMTAD L0: Good day everyone, please is zcash withdrawable here?

maciocia: usr7341, wut?

okika: what's happening with BTCO? Crazy...

HATATA L0: buy btc vs rur

oriaja2: My funds are reserved in orders, what does it mean please?

okika: oriaja2, You offered prices to trade that nobody want to take

okika: oriaja2, If you go to "Orders" menu at the top of the page, you can close your orders and take your funds

oriaja2: Ok. Thanks

usr7341: maciocia, yo mini-pamp 26hrs ago or so

hangthicamnhung L0: Hello everyone

FaimaElmekkaoui L0: hi

cobratoontje: Lo

joicedavila L0: hi

joicedavila L0: ANYONE FROM SUPPORT?

vichua L1: Hello, how do you place a limit order?

BoastKit: vichua, there are only limit orders here...

BoastKit: vichua, as long as you don't use DEFI or BRIDGE (as there are only market orders - but this is exception)

Tigro L0: hello

khirza L1: hello

khirza L1: how to sell DICE token

aservantsentout L0: Anyone want to buy dice? Just placed a sell order.

ressammurat: FaimaElmekkaoui, hi honey

megapulsa88 L0: hallo

maciocia: usr7341, lol true, didnt notice

maciocia: usr7341, "warden: Проведен выкуп YO с комиссий со свопов"

maciocia: june 8 message

megapulsa88 L0: good day buy floki

megapulsa88 L0: Beautiful

megapulsa88 L0: save money

morten: sure, i spend 1 rur on floki

morten: SEC is crushing crypto

okika: morten, SEC will lose for sure