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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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Texto del mensaje

Gonewithwind: Taka85, really don,t understand!! Now floki is +41% on usdtb...

bpool: Gonewithwind,check chart and you will see ;) XD

Gonewithwind: Taka85, or is it possible for any users to buy all coins then waiting to see which one will be pumped to sell!!?

bpool: ps, did I mentioned about floki low +% and today show some good movemant ;) XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, chart can show the time for pumping of every coins!?

bpool: Gonewithwind, if you are TA XD you can follow news that maybe can make you "pumping" XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, technical analysing ...i try to read about it ,more..thanks

Taka85 L1: pending with that friend do not be fooled or even think of buy that if you want take your profits and go to btc or another

rafaaramoosc L0: Ho i cancel my order of sell in the market?

rafaaramoosc L0: the X dont appears

Gonewithwind: rafaaramoosc, go to orders tab up on this page ,mate then close...

cobratoontje: rafaaramoosc, zoom out........

rafaaramoosc L0: thx

ishaabub: Hello guys good day to u all

Taka85 L1: ishaabub, hi my friend welcome today

ishaabub: Taka85, tanks allot how have u been

Taka85 L1: ishaabub, very well thank you, and you

ishaabub: Taka85, I am fyn as well any update concerning btc price forcast

Taka85 L1: ishaabub, ok my friend

ishaabub: Taka85, alright do.u know ICO dat they usually do in this exchange

Taka85 L1: ishaabub, no

ishaabub: Taka85, it's Initial coin offering dat uobit usually run it a great project day launch a coin with low price and day letter pump it high

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, when ico will start again?!

Taka85 L1: ishaabub, ok my friend

candyguyyy L0: i am back folks

candyguyyy L0: any one up to chat

candyguyyy L0: dsscuss some issues about crypto space

candyguyyy L0: Btc red but most of coins green over here

candyguyyy L0: plus waves made high spike today

candyguyyy L0: any one any thoughts

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, I can't realy day for now I have benfted from it several time

ishaabub: Taka85, dat is nice from ur side are u nwe here

candyguyyy L0: well

candyguyyy L0: i guess makert can doing correction

candyguyyy L0: in any moment

candyguyyy L0: i am Not sure about whales strategy

candyguyyy L0: always whales can controal the entire market

candyguyyy L0: plus if it bad news or it good news

ishaabub: candyguyyy, nice how are u doing

candyguyyy L0: many factors can effict on market trend

ishaabub: candyguyyy, have u been here for a long time

candyguyyy L0: ishaabub, fine

ishaabub: Trading is very easy and beneficial

candyguyyy L0: ishaabub, how

ishaabub: candyguyyy, ok do u know munex5

candyguyyy L0: ishaabub, nope

ishaabub: candyguyyy, know when to enter

candyguyyy L0: ishaabub, ya that is good point

ishaabub: ishaabub, ok ot was a great 0roject

candyguyyy L0: ishaabub, is that project was on here