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bpool: maciocia, few months before halving ;)

padda12 L0: is it possible liza can hit 1 satoshi

Gonewithwind: padda12, no ,it is not possible ..

padda12 L0: ank yuo

ishaabub: Hello guys how is today buddys

padda12 L0: thank you

padda12 L0: yes fine

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, hi friend ,whaat ,s going on this market now!? Areyou watching ,mate?!

padda12 L0: waite

padda12 L0: no note sure about it

Gonewithwind: padda12, not sure about what,!?

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, yeah I am àlways observing d market and it's red today

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, also btc fell down to 22700 dollar!!

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, when all the users are talking about btc on 24 or 25k then btc fell down! ..why ?

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, yeah I tink it will increase more it's all about whales playing games

padda12 L0: where is resistance and who much

padda12 L0: and sport also

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, whales playing !? I am worry that all these btc pumping will be whales playing and they decide to pull back btc to 10k!!

Gonewithwind: padda12, the resistancy for btc is fist 20450 dollar then 18200 dollar

padda12 L0: i don't think No way bro it brooked resistance of 21000k

Gonewithwind: padda12, are you sure bro!?

padda12 L0: above mentioed are sports and i think resistance will be on 24000k

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, nonit won't come down to dat level don't worry it will surprise u soon

padda12 L0: yes agree

padda12 L0: next resistance will be on almost 27000k yes get ready on fifth jerk to break it

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, hoping for so as you told ,friend

Gonewithwind: padda12, areyou new on yobit ,friend!?

padda12 L0: and if its brooked that resistance the destination will be around 40000K and this will be possible in approximate in mid March

cobratoontje: padda12, Lmao, check Liza in rur market........

padda12 L0: its already tried three times to break resistance of 24000k may be reverse once more then will definite move high

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, yes it will be so my prediction is dat btc will be 26k soon

padda12 L0: yes agreed bro

padda12 L0: thanks i know just taking guess either Liza can hit 1 Satoshi in the next future and the answer is correct No way

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, frind ,maybe some times btc tried to hit 24 k as he said but wasnot succeed to breoke the resistency ..maybe very soon it does

Gonewithwind: padda12, i think liza like ,dice ,i tradable on just rur market ,it won,t be 1 sat again..better to sell yours andswitch to the top ten coins instead of tokens

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, of curse it will be so it's just a matter of time I am even more concern about xrp

padda12 L0: yes it true

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, don,t worry about can see floki how it works now?!! Xrp will be pumped soon..don,t loose your hope

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, alright I will keep hope alive and hodl more for better market days

Raybeam: Whats going on with the FUSD everyone

Raybeam: Is it just me experiencing all this drama?

Raybeam: whats going on everyone

Raybeam: IB not paying anymore?

Raybeam: No one to respond?

nyoy08: yes true not paying anymore the IB

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, are u still around buddy u seems to be silent any update

Raybeam: nyoy08, I think the platform having some glitch

Raybeam: IB reflected on after i refreshed a couple of times..

Raybeam: But my FARM FUSD yield still lost after withdrawal..

ishaabub: Farming is d most easiest way to earn good income here