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cobratoontje: More than 2.5 hours...................

BoastKit: cobratoontje, "chat blackout" - no active hamsters avaliable ;-)

BoastKit: *available

cobratoontje: BoastKit, Srry , was watching youtube..

cobratoontje: BoastKit, But hey , i think ill crawl to my bed , its 03:47 am......Ltrr

manbtc007: Hiss... Hisssss...Hissssss

muni94 L1: when dice order will execute

BoastKit: muni94, somewhere between 19.03.2131 and 05.08.2143

manbtc007: Please REPAIR the site

shafeeq121 L1: I want to sell Egold and jack

atomicgroup L0: When EASY coin on market?

atomicgroup L0: When AIDRIP? When AIRDRUP? When AIRDRAP? When AIRDROP?

darmayoga L0: DLRS up

usr7341: wth. yfi apy on yearn fantom is now 127%. ok, my entry wasnt perfect at 24k but still ok. lets see how it will develop. anyway, 6d left....

Buddollz29 L0: Good day

Buddollz29 L0: Please i need someone to assist me on here

Calamity: Buddollz29, Hi. Ask your question first then we'll see if we can help you or not.

usr7341: Buddollz29, in general, if anything is stuck on yobit, only yobit can solve it, hence, no-one in the chat is able to help you. only support ticket works

usr7341: Buddollz29, if you have trouble to understand crypto trading, go to to youtube university or pay some charting gurus for access to vip-channel to get a crypto-nanny XD

Calamity: :D

tsensuur L0: I sell $rur / $MATIC

Saqibahmadbacha L0: Please unfreeze my account

Saqibahmadbacha L0: I have create many ticket and provide all information but no one give me positive answer

alexbidel: Saqibahmadbacha, sometimes they answer with delay, but if there be something in yobit side, they will fix

ramadan202035 L1: Clearly the bears need more food

brandkmpofu L0: wshib on yofarm

rudick L0: tiananmen square

usr7341: uh, that shiba-wshiba pool thing with rewards is not that bad, if you take/have the shiba price risk anyway. current rewards per day are like 14k$ for the entire pool so it depends on your share. will probably grow a bit up the pool

killz99 L0: Wht

tablepiece: usr7341, plus shiba to moon :)

tablepiece: i saw that on tiktok!

usr7341: tablepiece, no idea about moon. but yeah, as I said, if someone holds shiba anyway...

tablepiece: usr7341, its a good entry sometimes, like doge pretty volatile

tablepiece: but just like with doge, many got rekt lol

usr7341: tablepiece, yup. sometimes you got lucky calls. but I stay away from meme-coins. while understanding the meme-ing, I rather prefer to buy stuff I understand better. so I did buy yday yfi at 24k

usr7341: to park it in yearn on fantom for currently 127% apy

einance L0: o

usr7341: apy will for sure go down but I liked to hold some yfi anyway

einance L0: carboncoin

tablepiece: usr7341, can you still get 1000% with ftm tomb?

marco0501 L0: I bought YONE with USB by mistake, what do I do?

usr7341: tablepiece, I don't use tomb.

usr7341: tablepiece, but they had some crazy apy in the beginning...

tablepiece: usr7341, i couldnt get my ftm out from the exchanges, think there is a new one as well.

tablepiece: all staking coins rekt anyway like most crypto. only atom is holding

cobratoontje: marco0501, Lol , dont do it again.........

usr7341: tablepiece, I did looked into atom, but did spend already some money on other stuff, so I wanted to keep my shopping spree low

tablepiece: usr7341, i always buy when it goed under 55k sats, usually pumps :)

usr7341: tablepiece, hehe. sounds like a sold strat. or do you have some special inside info (like some vip-channel-membas)

tablepiece: usr7341, just dont want to get stuck with top 100 coins that will drop out of it forever