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BTCR3009174.76+ 3.9%4.5Bitcoin
BTC$42000.00+ 3.5%4.5Bitcoin
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ETHR178588.00+ 2.5%2Ethereum
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XRPR54.52+ 1.2%0.4Ripple
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ETC$50.79+ 2.7%0.2EthereumClassic
ETCR3651.89+ 3.5%0.2EthereumClassic
TRXR4.60+ 2.4%0.2Tron Token
ETHT2465.1200000+ 4.1%0.2Ethereum
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WAVESR1194.00+ 2.1%0.1Waves
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TRX0.00000154- 0.7%0.1Tron Token
YOR168675.29+ 4.8%0.1Yo Token
ZEC$110.80+ 4.1%0.1Zcash

YoBit DeFi

Get YoDefi coins for liquidity (active sell or buy orders) on pairs:
btc-usd, btc-usdt, btc-rur, eth-usd, eth-usdt, eth-rur
We pay 777 YoDefi Tokens proportionally for all users every 10 mins.
To get paid, the price of your orders must be within +-1% of the current price.
Date Payments Amount (YODEFI) Sent to balance (YODEFI)

Tron65: tablepiece, gift cards. Yeah, if you must have cash somewhere else other than banks, $1,000 is the max to earn 5%. Why not?

Tron65: tablepiece, I have 5 iPhones. I’ll just take $5 a week from them just for supporting their cause :-)

Tron65: But people, the coin is CELO. Their stablecoin is cUSD. And the app is Valora. Have a blast with them all.

tablepiece: Tron65, i actually need some money on the bank lol, the broker suddenly asked questions how i got my crypto

tablepiece: been a bit lazy to send history to prove it is from trading and not criminal activities

Tron65: tablepiece, lol

Yoelmarcan: That is why 90% of people lose in trading, they did not buy at 31,000 but now at 41,000 if they are buying, they will swallow the natural price decline as idiots. I mean only those who trade, not holders

hoseinnhn L0: hi

Dgb24 L1: Invest in Yochat/Usd

LFLevy89: Yoelmarcan, and i support their doing so! my profits have to come from somwhere

tutadey L1: who have second hand coin (used) i wanna buy ? lol

brayan286 L0: dice no exist?

tharindu725 L0: Dgb24, how isd invest..

tharindu725 L0: Invest problam dgb24

tharindu725 L0: usd

Alex230588: Dear friends of the exchange, let's all push together on the 777 course!At the moment, the issue of 777 is too small and we all have an incredibly big chance to raise the 777 to the skies!

MinerGate: Alex230588, lol

LFLevy89: Alex230588, you mean everyone should pour their money in so you can be rich?

paliwal L0: Wdoge coin deposit active yes or no

Chanra L0: hello

Chanra L0: i can't withdraw my money

matsonmatthew L0: selling clams and roobees for gp

cojsolorzano L0: what can i do with dicecoins?

zimm88 L0: cant stop wont stop

kiem202 L0: yobit now can't withdraw?

Pahujaji: hlo

naskalnik L0: :)

naskalnik L0: LANACOIN \/


cojsolorzano L0: khaledahmedkr, I have that amount too

khaledahmedkr L0: Is there anyone who answers here? Is there anyone who fears God and returns my coins to me? Please, I only want my money


jicedel: in crypto nobody has nothing to do with god ....and yobit is not located in london ...

nubbins7: khaledahmedkr, In London?? lol ok

Yoelmarcan: That is why 90% of people lose in trading, they did not buy at 31,000 but now at 41,000 if they are buying, they will swallow the natural price decline as idiots. I mean only those who trade, not holders

beribtc2020 L0: airdrop DICE n go yoda to pluto

okika L0: Yoelmarcan, deja vu

beribtc2020 L0: Pump DICE not de javu

Dgb24 L1: khaledahmedkr, you didn’t have any coin to be returned. DICE tokens were given to every user. The estimate equivalent in Bitcoin was only there to break your heart! Yobit only takes Bitcoin. Yobit doesn’t give away Bitcoin.

PKing007: cojsolorzano, play dice or sell on RUR market

dzplayer13 L0: guys I wanna ask you about mind coin what happened to it ?

Merkato: dzplayer13, what happens?

Merkato: Alex did his magic as i said never trust SPAMmers :)

dzplayer13 L0: Merkato, there is 0 volume as we speak now

naaqvii L0: XCH iis the best. It does not disappoint anyone. Best time to invest

Dgb24 L1: naaqvii, +1

adam981: esp wallet in maintenance 40 years ago

Dgb24 L1: Bitcoin can’t stop here. Profits taking and all but it needs to get near mid 40’s on this run.

dahadenki: when yoda

yastenetina L0: is there a problem with trx deposit wallet???