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Yanadia: Hahahs

jagrapolite5 L1: djproulx02, i have had this screen name since aol in 90

jagrapolite5 L1: and i never change it

syamath L0: i was here 2017 but i was a newbie and i was doing most trades on Polo

jonelite37 L0: lost all my xvg and doge here

djproulx02 L0: Maaaaan. AIM was the best.

jonelite37 L0: so yobit is special to me lol

syamath L0: Yes i also love Yo...

jagrapolite5 L1: djproulx02, lol yeah it was

Yanadia: jonelite37, lol

legrodu L1: lol chiba

jagrapolite5 L1: brb

legrodu L1: love

Yanadia: Nice chat "back to do some work 've fun all

tran247: Yobit is a free country. Freer than even some real country:-)

syamath L0: Will xrp drop futher i want to buy now at this drop im not sure

djproulx02 L0: Spent the better part of 6th grade stirring up nonsense in chat rooms. Not one of my most polished apples, but hey. I was 10.

jonelite37 L0: yep. its like the wild west of crypto trading

notes1: djproulx02, no disrespect intended, bit of you're new to crypto You've ended up in a place where people have been in the game since the [link] you care or not is another matter, some of the antics you could write a book about

angellae36: SHIBA

legrodu L1: angellae36, best

legrodu L1: yobit zzzzzzzzz

syamath L0: Akita

Hermes02 L0: Remember buy high sell low

jonelite37 L0: thats my motto

tran247: You are free to scam people anytime. Until you can’t anymore.

Hermes02 L0: jonelite37, >.

jonelite37 L0: always

jonelite37 L0: buy at the peak, lose hope, then sell right before a rebound

mskweera L1: dice

notes1: djproulx02, lots of spelling issues in my last message. Just trying to say that there are OG in the house.

weroxport L0: What happend to DICE?

tran247: But there are also good and normal traders/investors here.

djproulx02 L0: notes1, I've been in and out of crypto since around 2016, I'm not educated as I'd like to be, and I have made my fair share of mistakes that I have come to accept. I don't know what kind of antics took place back in the early 2010's, but it sounds like I missed out on a good time.

558395946104828: is Ethereum Blue or Blue Protocol a smart investment

notes1: djproulx02, that's all I'm trying to say, it was fun, idealism was adhered too.

notes1: djproulx02, no point losing about any of it as it's all there to search for

syamath L0: Im from the future im a time [link] 2045 and Pony..Panda..Frog..Water..Yoda..[link] all $2 each. so hodl...time travell

syamath L0: time traveller

notes1: Losing=lieing

legrodu L1: bye doge wecome shiba

syamath L0: legrodu, Akita will come after Shiba

syamath L0: Elon After.

558395946104828: shiba is the perfect shitcoin

Ryant1234 L0: dice to the moon

weroxport L0: as long as Elon likes DOGE then people will buy it!

djproulx02 L0: notes1, In the short time I've been here, I've learned that it's wise to do your homework, read rather than speak, and (especially for the uneducated like myself) don't talk about the crypto's you're investinig in.

syamath L0: Shitcoins have nice returns

Ryant1234 L0: moon to the moon!

djproulx02 L0: Chat's a damn shark tank lol.