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IAMSORRY: moneywire, you try to lure placi since last December 2019, enforcing to buy/ asking his opinion. Its not the way trading works , if you want to dump on others.

moneywire: johnlowers, yes Simon saod je will develop Dea now

johnlowers: moneywire, lol..OK !

moneywire: IAMSORRY, placebo is a kid?

moneywire: I can give lollypop to Placebo?

johnlowers: moneywire, you call im a scammer , and he will help you shit coin..sounds reasonable

djqbic L1: moneywire, i don thik so...

IAMSORRY: moneywire, that's not the matter. They way you attempt is below par

moneywire: IAMSORRY, what attempt. Ask placebo. I.never given him lollypop

johnlowers: moneywire, you come here , one or twice a week..pushing your zero volume shit coin , and try to get noobs to earn you a weekly

moneywire: johnlowers, whats wrong in that?

Bnance10: Love closed IB. It’s a shark-proof invented to keep small traders from leaving Yobit Exchange

djqbic L1: :) or every day:))))

IAMSORRY: moneywire, Change your strategy and become a typical trader!

moneywire: IAMSORRY, what strategy ?

johnlowers: moneywire, never ever , heard simon disrespect you !! however , here you are again..shit talking , and even are the true scam boy...

djqbic L1: moneywire, scam others ushers

moneywire: johnlowers, so you want to say that Simon is a Saint?

IAMSORRY: moneywire, we all have two eyes. Right?

johnlowers: moneywire, dea is true shit !!! never was finished..never will be ! dev is a loser !

moneywire: johnlowers, one fine morning u will wake up and see dea at 5 [link] my challenge

moneywire: 5 usd

djqbic L1: moneywire, good luck:)

johnlowers: moneywire, lol..woohoo..5 sats..gee , cant wait !

IAMSORRY: Oh my God!

moneywire: johnlowers, idiot. 5 usd

moneywire: IAMSORRY, omg

johnlowers: moneywire, ok ! you must be hanging out with the NYC guys

Bnance10: I would call them Eels tho. Sharks would be for bad guys who actually have real money, not the borrowed money from bank loans

moneywire: johnlowers, yes we have regular meetups

djqbic L1: moneywire, hide and write nothing more ... please ... it's for your own good

IAMSORRY: moneywire, I do wrap up our conversation respecting others time in this chat room. Good luck!

johnlowers: moneywire, Im sure..lmao..5 bucks a coin...smfh

moneywire: johnlowers, yes it is possible johny

Bnance10: But, do eels eat small fish? lol

moneywire: johnlowers, just 12million supply

johnlowers: moneywire, ok ! we will give you another 3 years ! go for it

moneywire: johnlowers, ya 3 years is a reasonable period

Bnance10: I bet they’d try anyway

moneywire: Lots of partnership can happen

bahasaket: alexbidel, you enjoy putting 0.2 btc at 3 sat everyday on pony

djqbic L1: how do you feel? how is your mood ??

djqbic L1: I have a smile when I am here

djqbic L1: who know why?

usr7341 L4: djqbic, because yobits ppl never change and its always the same?

Jisuri: usr7341, the best part is Chat :)

usr7341 L4: Jisuri, yeah. but sometimes i think, i need a ban

djqbic L1: usr7341, me to:)

cyborg91: Until what price do you think yoda will fall?

djqbic L1: but when i write positive thigs....