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LODIE: new to this but can someone tell me what omg is selling for

netplus L0: irfanak, chose another bank

cobratoontje: LODIE, Coinsinfopage is ur best friend under ur username

Jayboxmoney L0: Support sucks

Jayboxmoney L0: Anyone having issuing withdrawal litecoin cash

Jayboxmoney L0: I sent few messages they never reply

irfanak L0: bnb withdrawls dead

kiwiconure L0: lol im waiting for an eth deposit!!should have been here a long time ago!!

cobratoontje: Jayboxmoney, then exchange ?

Jayboxmoney L0: Litecoin cash on this exchange at the wrong price

Jayboxmoney L0: Litecoin cash show my coinomi st 19cent

cobratoontje: Jayboxmoney, srry , my bad , get a brain first

Jayboxmoney L0: I have a

trmade L1: ada ?

cobratoontje: Jayboxmoney, not functioning right !

Jayboxmoney L0: This website nkt

cobratoontje: whatever

Jayboxmoney L0: Do your research

cobratoontje: Jayboxmoney, like i said ,brain not functioning right

cobratoontje: idiot

Mckho L0: is the robotrade work?

tran247: Any wallet in maintenance you just can’t deposit or wd. Don’t waste time to write support about it. If I understand you correctly

tran247: I haven’t transferred any Ethereum lately. But in recent past, when it was hot the last time, the network congestions were awful. I waited 2 days to get it credited from Coinomi to another exchange

netplus L0: tran247, +1

Mckho L0: okay . 6 days already no movement of coins.

tran247: Mckho, what? Wow! Damn.

cobratoontje: Mckho, rong market

cobratoontje: Mckho, Simplw

cobratoontje: e

netplus L0: lol

netplus L0: i dislike paypal

tran247: Well, don’t grow old over waiting. Do something else and kill time. 6 days of IB is a lot of extra coins to be added :-)

tran247: netplus, in the u.s.?

cobratoontje: Mckho, Little secret........................... dice wont move

tran247: you can’t do much crypto trades with PayPal even in the U.S. So far, you can only buy 4 coins at premium

tran247: And lately, they’ll let you pay for goods or services with those coins in your wallet

tran247: But all it is, they trade it for usd and keep your tax record for you

tran247: Gains or losses record for your taxes. I misspoke

cobratoontje: tran247, U tawkin to urself ? , lol

tran247: Only a matter of time they will become a full blown crypto exchange. No, spreading knowledge to silent readers

cobratoontje: tran247, Alzhymer ??

tran247: Someone mentioned he dislike PayPal. So I tell you what PayPal is

cobratoontje: ok

cobratoontje: Well, i think ill sign out , so ltrr !!

tran247: cobratoontje, sleep tight

godislove: Moon

cobratoontje: tran247, tks

godislove: Mask its pump or not

tran247: Yap

elheartboy L1: how do i sell dice