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farol L0: Yobit officials, please give me my money back.

luke884 L0: last night the ib is can invest

farol L0: The ssupport team isn't working.

jancastro L0: -42% mas ....f...

farol L0: 2 days passed and the USDT I witdralll did not receive approval. Please help me what I'm going to do.

dominikherzog: farol, nobody from chat can help you...wait tec team only

farol L0: Do they necessarily write back?

farol L0: dominikherzog, Do they necessarily write the answer?

saudi111: dominikherzog, good morning mr Satoshi Nakamoto

dominikherzog: saudi111, morning

jj2224: USDT from here using eth network, please note that eth network has been busy since few days ago

dominikherzog: farol, 2 options. 1 fix wd and 2 .cancel wd

farol L0: thanx sir

dominikherzog: farol, probably tomorrow

farol L0: jj2224, Is there such a problem? I didn't know that. Wowww.

dominikherzog: farol, or later today

fateeh1358 L0: dominikherzog, love u

jj2224: farol, omg, then you are new to crypto space, welcome :)

farol L0: jj2224, haha. Tether (USDT) was shipping very fast. I've sent it many times. It was incredibly fast. That's why I'm surprised. So that's the way things are going. Thanks. I'll wait for the support team. I'm sure you're here.

makinmoney: Mask 10% IB is working, why sell

jj2224: farol, goodluck :)

Go3zz: Buy universe

arrrshadkhan L0: dominikherzog, can we use bot for trading on yobit ?

genpius L0: Which coin will moon

hermanfx041 L0: hello admin ... when can the uni wallet be opened ...

makinmoney: hermanfx041, its not the same Uni..

nak333: dominikherzog, when we do a PM USD deposit we land to this page [link] and get "404 not found" error, please correct the link, thanks

nak333: yobit[dot]io/history/deposits/

hermanfx041 L0: Makinmoney,I mean, when to open universe wallet

ryedog780 L0: Is the easy dollars token just for fun or can I exchange them for something?

arrrshadkhan L0: dominikherzog, can we use bot for trading on yobit ?

capycapy L0: easy dollars trade pair will open 10.10.2020 when i remeber right

elvabth007 L0: Buy liza btc

jj2224: 1st of oct

vestor L0: Yep buy LIZA

Shazali0827 L0: omg Mask is almost dead

freeady L0: How to exchange my dice coin

Jisuri: freeady, you just press sell

mikak7 L0: dlrs not showing in balance

marek103 L0: Shazali0827, the mask must die fast if you get 10% in IB the coins are a lot and the price goes down fast

Shazali0827 L0: we r really big fools to hold mask n not sell. now the price is almost down

Shazali0827 L0: they shud reduce to 5% in ib

marek103 L0: I wonder why yobit did nothing to save the dice

andersoncalde L0: MASK pumpum

Shazali0827 L0: andersoncalde, now only in dream

Mdabdullah007 L0: 1700

andersoncalde L0: Let's get mask out of this problem event manager for mask please is dying event

andersoncalde L0: Event ft action in mask

andersoncalde L0: Manager

dtworker: EGOLD goin up today as I told you yesterday