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usr7341: marioMargaret, they dont care. they made so much on it so they just spare the profits and let it ride. at least my impression. i think alex mentioned once to have 10 mil, sarina 6 mil and i think placi is also somewhere between 5 and 15 mil

tokaaa2: Lamboooo

usr7341: marioMargaret, i would not wonder if we see a higher buy wall in pony in some days when alex increased his stack and try to dictate the price (as he do in frog and sex. panda maybe not so successfully)

marioMargaret: When i think about myself, even 1btc is big money to risk on lol

usr7341: marioMargaret, its always a risk

fearus1: marioMargaret, When you are rich, its whatever LOL

marioMargaret: fearus1, your call for Sex is fucked, as usr7341 said its undercontrol of alex

usr7341: marioMargaret, just to be clear, its my impression. that is not a fact

KngHil: which is basically shit, no?

usr7341: marioMargaret, especially when you consider how much sex is in the meantime circulating. maybe not in the order books, but i guess a lot of ppl are just running sex in the ibs (because some of them are in loss and other in pure profit and wont more)

marioMargaret: usr7341, that qbtc buy order in Pony is by Alex?

marioMargaret: 1 btc*

zayzam L0: buy oldgr believe me you will earn in a week

usr7341: marioMargaret, yes, i think, he said once here that he placed a one btc bid in pony

marioMargaret: Again its strange if one guy with 50btc can control most of coin here lol

usr7341: marioMargaret, dont think so. its just market mechanics.

usr7341: marioMargaret, same happen in big markets too. ppl are simply not aware of it

marioMargaret: usr7341, you think next ico again 200btc?

usr7341: marioMargaret, no idea. but it would be nice, so more ppl can join if we have no min/max

marioMargaret: I hope this time a buylimit. Its bad again alex and placi destroy buywall and control the rest

IAMSORRY: Few people most of the coins to control the market cap,atleast within their range and desire!

Slapdatazz: diggin the doge market now !

usr7341: marioMargaret, actually, you dont need to care about the rest (of supply). if you get in at ico price, you need to follow the price after that almost 24/7 and get out in time. i made 17% in pony which is in my (financial world) standards in 13 days huge.

manbtc007: Here come Financial genius. Shitty Y Pimppy

marioMargaret: manbtc007, didyiu see Sex move?

Slapdatazz: manbtc007, hey Man..whats hot ?

fearus1: marioMargaret, ok

manbtc007: Slapdatazz, currently my D

Slapdatazz: manbtc007,

usr7341: lol

love786: pony 100

rashidnadeem L0: Hello

rashidnadeem L0: Egolg and mio

marioMargaret: love786, man Alex and placebo can sell pony in a second and fuck it lol

love786: marioMargaret, maybe i sale first and fuck boths

scottsummers L0: marioMargaret, Do you have a problem with those guys?

marioMargaret: scottsummers, the problem is i dunno when they want to sell their stack lol

zayzam L0: i says everyone in a week oldgr is increase dont miss it

usr7341: love786, yup. being a whale does not makes someone immune to losses

scottsummers L0: marioMargaret, Fair enough. Always the worry I suppose. Alex did tell in chat he was about to sell the other day before he did it though. And then pumped some coins too. I guess you just have to be watching. If you're there it's not a fucking. It's a blessing.

Slapdatazz: love786, dont hold enough to even fuck me !..lmao

love786: Slapdatazz, haha just your thinkings

maciocia: howudewin, lmao

zayzam L0: pump oldgr

marioMargaret: scottsummers, so you follow him and youre in profit?

howudewin: Slapdatazz, whats up Slap

sakkievt1: Slapdatazz, ooh we got another fishy botheringbyou bro?

howudewin: sakkievt1, meaning who?

sakkievt1: howudewin, dont know,thougt we had somebody looking for beef again lol

sakkievt1: .