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placebo1977: alexbidel, buy for 20 YO LIZA on LIZA YO market lol

dominikherzog: alexbidel, give on "support" 10 + btc

placebo1977: dominikherzog, Thanks.

alexbidel: dominikherzog, lol

dominikherzog: alexbidel, linkedin +facebook support

placebo1977: alexbidel, the problem is , people believe that crap... they see something on twitter saying vip yobit ib, and they contact the scammers and loss all their money, it is for sure a vip ib, for the scammers :)

dominikherzog: placebo1977, i will talk with admin to change direction

helpmeretire: placebo1977, what do you recommend old friend?

dominikherzog: will change all ....all will for 4 years old.....and will hire 69 babysitters

dannyhuersil L0: what up with GIZcoin

orbitaldescent: dom said 69

dominikherzog: babysitters-18-22 yearsold blonde

dominikherzog: with big ..b/t..........eyes

easteregg69: That bankroll rocket is cancelled.

easteregg69: Bunch of hippies was lined up for defense. Insiders.

orbitaldescent: yoni massage

tablepiece: orbitaldescent, healing or gasm?

bomba141: BTC Will Go To 10K Soon

khalid55: CRC 700sat in CMC xD

trxcoin19: easteregg69,

hamid293 L2: buy BGP guys

Slapdatazz: hamid293, why ?

kattekop L1: If it's low they complain, if it's high they buy on.

placebo1977: helpmeretire, YO :)

hamid293 L2: i think it can pump after so much dump and good volume

Slapdatazz: hamid293, fake volume !

kattekop L1: BGP is a hedge fund, it's whitepaper speaks of BTC becoming real big in the next years. Who knows.

Nazri5 L0: Can notget free coin

glowbox907: hey dumbass with the bot leave bgp alone

helpmeretire: placebo1977, 6 month chart is very nice!

KngHil: lol.. squeaky clean

usr7341: lol. i love it when ppl in crypto refer to charts

KngHil: I don't care about charts.. I just want my 1 dollar profits

usr7341: KngHil, but be carefully. you might end up losing 8$

KngHil: usr7341, 8$ loss? that's like losing a fortune XD

GaizkaZ L0: I want 0.1$/day profit

KngHil: usr7341, by the way, the symbol comes first.. though you work at nasdaq

usr7341: KngHil, well, i depends where you live. so, if you us based, then youre correct

KngHil: usr7341, nope.. I'm not

usr7341: KngHil, hmmm... .maybe its my misunderstanding and its due to english

usr7341: KngHil, in any case, good to know. will try to keep it in mind for later

KngHil: usr7341, english is not my first language either. I don't care about grammar.. just communication

fjavaid L1: every one buy yozi :)

alexbidel: usr7341, this is english course time? ;)

jassire L1: best for now

usr7341: alexbidel, its ok for me

usr7341: i am always willing to learn

jassire L1: best coin now

usr7341: fjavaid, sorry man, you are almost 10 months to late to the party

btcunt: ;]