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comingwealth L1: Fedeeral Reserve president stated for crypto : ``a giant garbage dumpster``

comingwealth L1: comingwealth, pure logic guy

KngHil: usr7341, a trading place favoring only the ass kissers?

comingwealth L1: KngHil, welcome to crypto world

usr7341 L1: KngHil, Nope, the ppl with money

comingwealth L1: comingwealth, a world where scamers rules

KngHil: comingwealth, speak only when spoken to

comingwealth L1: KngHil, hahaha yeah sure...make me

usr7341 L1: KngHil, It's like on Christmas: the Santa loves the rich kids most! :-)

Jisuri L1: dankcavernsof, why BS? It happened long ago and was really nice :)

KngHil: usr7341, I don't even know what is "santa"

KngHil: Yobit is a business and they need to act like one

comingwealth L1: Fedeeral Reserve president stated for crypto : ``a giant garbage dumpster``

usr7341 L1: KngHil, Seriously, you can't also buy just one apple share and demand the same dividend amount as someone with 1000 shares

usr7341 L1: But yeah, while a listing increases the expectations, let's see first what they will deliver

usr7341 L1: Either way, it will be very interesting

dankcavernsof L0: Jisuri, u sadden me

IAMSORRY: Comingwealth, Read it too!

placebo1977: dankcavernsof, that are the requirements that i would implement to boost the YO pice to 1 BTC each :)

placebo1977: usr7341, there are so many options that can be considered to make sure that YO is trading at 1 BTC , and yeap it is all in yobit hands

placebo1977: usr7341, time for another 20 YO buying, time to move some more funds here :)

tablepiece: placebo1977, liza is back? it says only wd now for one ib of me.

selisajuniar L0: yoda moon 4 hours again. dont mis it

placebo1977: tablepiece, yes, they are back, and yes if you hit 12B then it is only w... but ok, that is the rule now, so at least they are back

tablepiece: placebo1977, cool now you have to exit pump it to BE lol.

dankcavernsof L0: placebo1977, too ambitious

tablepiece: in 10 minutes..

Jisuri L1: placebo1977, in long Term YO is a really nice Investment...wonder what next Plans they have for it

tablepiece: in 9 minutes :)

placebo1977: tablepiece, lol

placebo1977: Jisuri, yes but it leak a roadmap... you know binance etc all have a detailed routemap for their exchange coins, why not putting together a roadmap? why not doing buyback like other exchanges, as i said, the price of YO can be a lot higher if some more work is put in place

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, u gonna pump alisa?

usr7341 L1: Yeah! More ponies and btc and alisa!

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, bout fuckin time someone did :D

selisajuniar L0: yoda suplai only 21.000.000 . dont mis it pump 1$

dankcavernsof L0: selisajuniar, speak english

tablepiece: dankcavernsof, wish i could, every bump to 80 resistance is pretty strong. need a lot of btc to do a serious attempt.

Jisuri L1: placebo1977, i guess they are working on many things to Push YO....bringing out new coins to invest the 2 BTC in yo, IB Actions etc etc. And ppl who lose interest in it will months ago ^^

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, yea i feel you...

placebo1977: Jisuri, yeah, but i think the price of YO in 2 days will be 0.15 or higher

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, 24High: 85 sats tho...

tablepiece: dankcavernsof, it is doing pretty good so far, my timing has been a bit off but slowly earning :)

comingwealth L1: Fedeeral Reserve president stated for crypto : ``a giant garbage dumpster``

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, cuz of constant dumps, i didnt have time to put ALISA in IB

dankcavernsof L0: i was trying to hawk a good moment...

tablepiece: dankcavernsof, those moment where you have to close your IB 1 hour before payment :)

tablepiece: comingwealth, he wants to buy cheap,!

comingwealth L1: tablepiece, yeah sure...he is broke so he need crypto so he can make it thru day

OLUPUTACHINEDU L0: Hi dear customers how to get my yobit

comingwealth L1: OLUPUTACHINEDU, welcome to charity section