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EntrepreneurGuy: hakonji, bAT, zRX and LTC are less costly than BTC regarding transfers......

EntrepreneurGuy: hakonji, *ZRX, BAT

hakonji L1: EntrepreneurGuy, Thanks . Thats good to know

UnoAhi L1: hakonjihave you got real money in YOBIT?

Umfrmbklyn: EntrepreneurGuy, yeah i withdraw ltc to coinbase

hakonji L1: UnoAhi, You have USD you mean in Yobit

EntrepreneurGuy: hakonji, I wish Coinbase had Doge that would even be less costly....

EntrepreneurGuy: Umfrmbklyn, Cool

Umfrmbklyn: EntrepreneurGuy, that would be great

hakonji L1: UnoAhi, Yes. all the coins you buy in Yobit you have to use real money. Either in USD,BTC,etc

UnoAhi L1: hakonji, yes usd...but real dollars

UnoAhi L1: hakonji, good

harshmonty: yozi looks strong

UnoAhi L1: harshmonty, yozi is a good option now

UnoAhi L1: harshmonty, i hope that YOZI go up to 2000sat

hakonji L1: UnoAhi, I just sent $200 in BTC to Yobit. I Just sold to dollars and now I am tryibg to buy some Yobixsold for

harshmonty: UnoAhi, yeah paying daily 7% in investbox

UnoAhi L1: harshmonty, it is a godd percent

harshmonty: UnoAhi, stable for more than a month

UnoAhi L1: hakonji, what is yobitsold? what is the link?

harshmonty: big buy walls in yozi have a look guys

hakonji L1: UnoAhi, TYPO. just sent $200 in BTC to Yobit. I Just sold to dollars and now I am tryibg to buy some Yobix Coin

UnoAhi L1: harshmonty, but if more people trusty in YOZI and buy it, it will go up

harshmonty: UnoAhi, imo next targets should be 1700

UnoAhi L1: harshmonty, that sound great

UnoAhi L1: hakonji, i recommned yoy YOZI

harshmonty: yozi is best investment now paying 7% daily


hakonji L1: UnoAhi, Yap. I have a few. Good

okane81: hello people here

okane81: yobit is my first exchanger I used

UnoAhi L1: Chaka2002, when 2019 was comming YOZi change the status to no coins

harshmonty: UnoAhi, its the new investbox

hakonji L1: UnoAhi, IF you go below your name and click fees it will show you various ways in which you can send USD to Yobit account. You can pick and creat one of those accounts thta you qualify for and use to send dollars to Yobit. You can also use thta to withdraw dollars from Yobit. Its just that the fees are high

EntrepreneurGuy: okane81, Do not limit yourself to just one exchange

hakonji L1: Chaka2002, Wow that nice to know. How did you do it. Buy a lot of Yozi I guess

Chaka2002: NOT REALLY

okane81: EntrepreneurGuy, yes I did, i have a lots too.

Chaka2002: JUST $500

hakonji L1: Chaka2002, Buy when it was cheap i guess.. Good deal

hakonji L1: Chaka2002, That was not bad. Thas still a lot of money

harshmonty: hakonji, yozi is still cheap imo

hakonji L1: harshmonty, Really

okane81: any btt code for me?

Chaka2002: ya but you put $500 in and in 10 days you take it back and then just use the ib and take alittle bit of it

harshmonty: Chaka2002, good strategy

Umfrmbklyn: Chaka2002, snapple fact

EntrepreneurGuy: okane81, Good because just look at the possibilities of arbitrage alone, but there are so many opportunities when using other exchanges

hakonji L1: harshmonty, I think so too because when i bought for the invest box it was about $18 and $19 and then bought again when it was $1.99. So it has a high potentail because it hit the market at $100. so you are right

hakonji L1: Chaka2002, cool . I will see how that goes

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