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sunbat L1: ok

gretania: guy's dashs looks good, or not?

Monkeynoodles L1: I was the first buyer of guess

jasman52 L1: market so slow today.. IETH is the best coin to invest lets but IETH...

Florinelh1234 L1: tap

Florinelh1234 L1: tap is good to buy

Florinelh1234 L1: is low price

Florinelh1234 L1: up to 14 satoshi easy

Sachin101 L1: XAV tonight is going to be 16 sat

Sachin101 L1: defo worth the buy

abbaa L2: Don't forget BHC

SergePlt: BGF new invest

DaEVO L1: VTY with potential if over 7

abusalehh L1: Hi guys which one will be flying to the moon today ?

abbaa L2: KGC

DaEVO L1: CNNC will come up soon, time to buy

mehedi275 L4: hi guys

simonsez420: DFT 5% investbox

jamespat L2: TTC is very cheap here

CryptoDreams L1: abusalehh, everything is going to hell run

mehedi275 L4: why all coins are going to red?

CryptoDreams L1: lol

jamespat L2: TTC very low risk and high reward

Alexrichman2552 L1: That's it, all the same, the truth was that the friends were talking about PRS/BTC, I'll go back and tell them.

Britney6916 L1: jamespat, and how do you know its high reward?

AntonDukan L1: The campaign will soon be a new book "Adventure PRS/BTC: there and back"

yes2crypto L1: yo

DaEVO L1: VTY easyli up to 7 from 2 30020% + Profit chance

kriptobrodv L1: Народ не берите PRS ее группа в телеграме памперы уобит пампят, админ антон у них еще тот кидок

sibartur L1: Where does such growth come from PRS/BTC?

yes2crypto L1: lets talk about NYC

placebo1977: People will start moving out of liza and to BTC to get a lot of BCA coins

abusalehh L1: Which one TTC or KCN

jamespat L2: Britney6916, because as you can see it has a huge buy support

DaEVO L1: 320% Profit chance by VTC from 2 till 7

vinayak001: NKA :)

jamespat L2: Britney6916, and TTC has all natural growth, no bots involved

K9crypts: placebo1977, bcp mainnet launch soon

maxrosenbaum: yes2crypto no thanks

maxrosenbaum: can someone explain why GUESS isnt trading yet?

mscrypto96 L1: is there any way to export history in CSV?

NiksVO L1: To the moon туц сщшт ещвфн

gauravchawla: look at TOKc new in investbox 500sat coming 105daily

maxrosenbaum: mscrypto i was asking that exact question yesterday lol

gauravchawla: 10%

maxrosenbaum: the answer i got was no

mscrypto96 L1: oh that's bad, that's one feature they should really add

maxrosenbaum: i figured out a way though

tuanc0j L1: sell gram

jamespat L2: And TTC is cheaper priced here than other markets, it's the best time to buy

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