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Tillkoeln: but yeah, looks much better

aalborg: Tillkoeln, /insaneinthemembrane/POPPY u famous

Tillkoeln: Stoli3liT, /insaneinthemembrane/POPPY/releases

Stoli3liT: Update released successfully

aalborg: Stoli3liT, a few teething problems, but we got there

aalborg: spent just under 4,000 euros on furniture today .. to replace furniture that we were to lazy ship when we moved

Tillkoeln:  and again saved the world ... i will go back into my shelter < hide behind my stone >

Tillkoeln: ^^

aalborg: Tillkoeln, blend some magical concoction using the art of alchemy ^^

aalborg: Tillkoeln, Green gold .. watch?v=TkZFuKHXa7w

aalborg: Poppy p.u.m.p

YobExpert: Poppy finally new chain .. i think it's good right now !!

YobExpert: aalborg, Keep it up buddy .. it's really a nice coin

aalborg: YobExpert, I have a new chain ready, but will see how things go with the old one now that I am staking it again .. ultimately, though, I would like to change it

YobExpert: aalborg, yeah, congrats !! i will try it.. looks pretty now

aalborg: YobExpert, good on you, PapaverSomniferum has only just started ..

YobExpert: aalborg, thanks bro

MihailoLev: Limbo good invest. )

samolpangan L1: lbtc low

samolpangan L1: lbtcx low 1

Humza: romar00005, cause buterin is an idot,

Humza: olshopcurhat, where you come from

Humza: aalborg, dude have you seen fcoin

superrico: Wow, Limbo sell wall was bought in split second

superrico: MihailoLev, totally agree. Limbo is the most stable invest at the moment

Humza: MihailoLev, are you in limbo box?

Humza: superrico, i wonder who bought it

Humza: limbo over 1btc where it will go

Humza: lambo can also hit 10btc again as soon as btc is stable

MihailoLev: Humza,Yes. Limbo is a good investment.

JoanxD L1: what is hifun ?

superrico: Limbo has been showing impressive stability over the last 1,5 months.

manbtc007: gfy baba gfy

raetsch: JoanxD, a trap

Japseye L1: Bunny still is not stable price decreased but lets wait it may rise again

basantarfa: BTC


superrico: Limbo is safe and stable investment

superrico: Take a look at Limbo's chart for the last month. Flat price and investbox provide great profits

Humza: manbtc007, how are you dude

Humza: superrico, go look at your pm

manbtc007: Humza, Don't Ask? That Brcott made me fall is love with pussies. Made me addicted. I'm dying for a new fuck.

Humza: manbtc007, yoh, when are you coing to South Africa, can hook you up

Humza: coming

manbtc007: Humza, South Africa too far for me, but for pussy I will plan. Give me sometime.

manbtc007: Humza, but remember no hookers. I can buy them here too. There must be little romance, some waiting and then fucking.

Humza: manbtc007, yeah we dont pay for pussy,

Humza: manbtc007, also no space for love

manbtc007: Humza, I'm talking about Romance, Flirting,

Thobzz: Hifun, volumne is good 104btc

Dice Game