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MrQuackQuack L0: dude whats up with the bnb

cobratoontje: urockradio, qqq is yobits own !!

urockradio L0: Notice, all the L0 come here, they do not know yet, this is a waste of time

MrQuackQuack L0: the bnbbsc is like 1 sat lmao

cobratoontje: urockradio, Ur a bad comedian

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urockradio L0: cobratoontje, not trying to be funny

cobratoontje: urockradio, Yet u are.......

urockradio L0: cobratoontje, that's good, I'll put that under other skills

cobratoontje: urockradio, Sadly.......

MrQuackQuack L0: how do you get bnb from bnbbsc?

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alexbidel: who remember yozi with 7% ib? ;) squid2 can do even better

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