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Solomando: Alright let's do this.

sssohaib: lock down

sssohaib: I'mnot keen to buy though, just playing around

fmagustina L0: che, no me da los tokens, no me valida el twitter

fmagustina L0: a alguien mas le pasa?

cyver: en

easteregg69: Cheers.

Hitmancro L1: whats the best way to cash out sold btc?

samkorsel0024 L0: Edc lockdown

cyver: Hitmancro, to a bank account? i guess

Hitmancro L1: sure

fatTimmy L1: can't really cash it out if you sold it

Hitmancro L1: i didnt

Hitmancro L1: i still have btc

Hitmancro L1: and im thinking what to do to earn some profit

fatTimmy L1: oooh. i see

cyver: Hitmancro, from here you mean?, theres options on withdrawal to do that

Hitmancro L1: yes but all are not good

Hitmancro L1: no sepa

Hitmancro L1: high fees

cyver: Hitmancro, ¬_¬ you want SEPA if theres no KYC?

cyver: you better use other exchanger then... cex or coinbase or kraken, you need KYC there and have SEPA on them too

Hitmancro L1: then what do you do with sold btc to usd?

easteregg69: Hitmancro, WD. You could go for BTT, TRX or DGB. Low fee's and lots of exhanges.

easteregg69: Hitmancro, For prfits you just wanna be sitting on that BTC for years to come. Make a no-trading account for it.

easteregg69: And then trade for the fun of it.

samkorsel0024 L0: Edc will i don't know

Hitmancro L1: well ill just withdrav my btc

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, That one belongs in ecro fund. On auto reinvest.

cyver: Hitmancro, if you are not agree with the fees here, you then move your coins to an exchanger that allows SEPA withdrawal and sell there, theres no other choice

Hitmancro L1: i see

cyver: Hitmancro, remember telling us when you are selling because it will go up ... sadly it aaaalways happens

Hitmancro L1: :D

Hitmancro L1: move my btc to ledger

easteregg69: cyver, Don't complain about the fee's is top. Make a better choice if the conditions don't suit you.

samkorsel0024 L0: Edc ?????? Nothing future

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, see ecro dot net. There is a shop for it.

samkorsel0024 L0: Shop for what?

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, EDC coin. Infinite shelf life products. ecro dot net

cyver: easteregg69, LOL when did i complain?, i was talking with Hitmancro about what he said of the fees, and i do use payeer here, just to let you know

easteregg69: Clothing and other goods.

easteregg69: cyver, Had you stopped before you started. Forget about it.

cyver: easteregg69, ¬_¬ yeah sure, before stopping something you better read more of the conversation before...

samkorsel0024 L0: No,,i just want edc up...for what buy clothes?

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, You can buy guns on there. For recrational use.

easteregg69: Gotta have some purpose to it i assume.

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, Stick with the coins if that is your plan.

easteregg69: cyver, K. Tipped you the 3 best i know. Fee vise.

easteregg69: *wise.

easteregg69: samkorsel0024, Who needs cloth anyways.. Now you know where to get some ;-)