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TRX $0.02 + 8% 7 Tron Token
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WAVES $3.09 + 13.7% 6.6 Waves
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Get bonuses in YotraCoin: 10% from trade commission on BTC pairs. You can also get 1% daily for YOTRA in InvestBox.
If you are someone's referral, then you will receive only 5% of the bonuses.
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Date Amount bonuses Sent to balance (YOTRA)

conquistadors L0: flofc, support, support, support bullshit

manoj123456 L1: flofc, sir i try but in nick place what i type

Therese: ansarahsan, Twitter SCAM

poupebitcoin L0: conquistadors, do not respond

flofc: ansarahsan, yobit has no twitter.. they are scammers

conquistadors L0: ansarahsan, simple and easy!! cheat

ansarahsan L0: than what we do now

flofc: ansarahsan, wrie ticket

Therese: ansarahsan, Wait for ticket, up to 3 monthd

conquistadors L0: 3 month?!!!!!

conquistadors L0: we lost our money

gonbuzy: If LIZA min IB is increased on Thursday, then those selling LIZA now will regret selling cheap

ansarahsan L0: betther we quite this shit exchange

Therese: conquistadors, i will be faster but everybody send ticket for nonsense.... they have too many to sort out

ansarahsan L0: Your account needed be manually reconfigured with the open cold storage multisig unlocking wallet and thereafter a YL-Code will be generated and sent to your email for confirmation .

flofc: there is no twitter email or telegram support in yobit. those asshole1s that say they are are scammers

poupebitcoin L0: flofc, yes

conquistadors L0: Therese, now im telling you my tickets are not nonsense! plz check and find the deposit

ansarahsan L0: We noticed that your BTC balance is low,you will need to send 0.02btc to your wallet and send the transaction hash id to us for verification, then we will use the transaction hash to generate your YL-Code and sent to your email for confirmation, after your wallet is reconfigured with the open multisig wallet, all your fund including the 0.02btc will be refunded into your Yobit wallet. It is all your money , we only need the transaction hash to generate the YL-Code. All the process takes about 25 minutes and

conquistadors L0: ansarahsan, sure

flofc: if you have a legit ticket support team will help you, if the ticket is caused by your own stupidity your fucked

conquistadors L0: we should give the money back and left this cheating website

ansarahsan L0: im writing in ticket from 3 days but they don't reply a single word

flofc: ansarahsan, if you do that you are a idiot

ansarahsan L0: why im idiot?

ansarahsan L0: flofc, why im idiot

Leo83: ansarahsan, ask ur mama

MRIZL666: administration remove the lock from your account please passwords all changed

sriyatun: Sell liza lol

ansarahsan L0: Leo83, did you lost fund?

Leo83: if u send money to strangers ur idiotfor shure

flofc: ansarahsan, yobit support never ask for money to solve a ticket. if you sent funds for help you are a idiot. simple as that

Leo83: of course i lost

conquistadors L0: MRIZL666, there is no real admin to answer u

Leo83: but not complain

ansarahsan L0: how did you feel that time?

Leo83: and newer write anybody

gruzovikmarket: Domenik, good day!Please unlock my account, thank you in advance!

gian123: KIN COIN good to hold i think

Leo83: if i dd stupid thing what should i do? im thankful for wisdom

ansarahsan L0: but why they dont reply in ticket?

Leo83: they reply

Leo83: ansarahsan, but not fast

ansarahsan L0: never

Leo83: ansarahsan, some waitfor like half a year

conquistadors L0: xrp exchanges occures in second, but for this bullshit site we should wait 3 months to reply our tickets that ask for lost xrp

ansarahsan L0: how long they need for reply?

Leo83: but u can only write ticket

Leo83: all the other is scam

Leo83: no mail no twiter or telegram

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