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fame01 L0: I shared that on telegram channel as well with various guys who had questioned me just like you guys do :)

scottsummers L0: tablepiece, They have nothing they can say. It's a blatant scam. And then they got scammed. I mined this for ages when it was profitable and solf up days before the red bull sponsorship. It was obvious one of them would screw everyone over. Its a dying coin it even has any use at all now.

yocal: where egold is cheaper for a purchase?

yocal: 5 millioner +-

tablepiece: scottsummers, must be it, one member dumped his premine. devs didnt step up and trust is gone. try to repair that.

yocal: millions

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, don't worry. You guys have dev soon here :)

Slapdatazz: fame01, you are full of shit

tablepiece: fame01, lol ok, gonna be a tough crowd..'

Solomando: I hope he or she has a cool name.

tablepiece: sleepingbeauty?

scottsummers L0: tablepiece, I think that pretty much sums it up. I was 100% sold on it. But as soon as the huge stores of coins start going to other people and it becomes a game of chicken. One will go and then the other. And everyone else loses. Its sad to see how much effort I went to for 5 coins before. Now I can buy them for a dollar. Nobody will ever trust them again. I hope.

Slapdatazz: tablepiece, well ..there ya have it...I guess

YeahBTC: GCR noobs

tablepiece: scottsummers, true and probably all preventable. it was even over 22$ once. went straight from 15$ to 0.15$ or so.

tablepiece: Slapdatazz, i suspect pleasehelpme :)

glowbox907: looks like pony lost a leg lmao

scottsummers L0: tablepiece, I guess sit started out with good intentions, and so one must have wanted it to work. But someone wanted to get rich quick more. Getting your name on an F1 car is a big feat for an altcoin. It could have been good. And yes I think around $9 was where it bacame pointless and obvious it wasn't happening. But I wouldn't argue that number.

Solomando: That's when you get more chicken wings.

scottsummers L0: Sorry that's long haha. The other thing was that they could control the difficulty to manipulate the price by slowing the hash rate which made it totally unfair and unpredictable. That's why else I stopped. Anyway I'm over fto now. Sorry for the rant guys.

tablepiece: scottsummers, maybe they want to sponsor the mustang :)

fame01 L0: @Slapdatazz, crap always see crap. What else can I say

bparajuli: MACRO/ETH pump?

alexcalmon: buy PLUTO

chlutud L0: Azbit dumper

bparajuli: nice PONY

scottsummers L0: tablepiece, Wouldn't put it past them. I bet they can hardly afford to sponsor a yo pony. Or even a donkey. Anyway. Goodnight and good luck people of yobit. I'm away for a bit while my fiance has a baby. So, Sex to 690000 and Micro to 30 please. Thanks. See you soon.

Bolank L1: Micro on fire

fearus1: another happy pump on YIO?

LFLevy89: Bolank, micro smoldering

fearus1: Bolank, Micro bubble popped

LFLevy89: I sold at 170 :)

adnyana L0: cancel tvt sales so prices can go up

fearus1: adnyana, buy now and profit when the maker bot starts buying later

LFLevy89: Oh hell ya go yo

LFLevy89: Micro fire spread to yo. Ieo announcement takes it to .15

Solomando: Well.

dh767660: sale liza pair YO little left

pasomoaikai L0: The maintenance status of the wallets when will it be done its taking like forever

bparajuli: nice PONY

fearus1: .

nottyhassan L1: good time to hold micro

Dickiez90: Micro best

nottyhassan L1: micro is cheap to hold for investbox

secretcash L1: @ops: is [link] still active?

maker9215: Something Big for Liza came for Sure

samantha76 L0: adnyana, tvt up?

Caligraphy1 L0: how can i withdraw IXI?

Payumoney: zxz in yo market only 0.0753 left

Payumoney: dh767660, liza denom soon may be see