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marinin393: tablepiece, yeah, but with these corona crisis I already have about 2,5 month homeoffice

Bnance10: tablepiece, true, even in the States is late.. almost 10 here

Yanadia: Bnance10, hey

marinin393: tablepiece, so every day is weekend and working day :D

Yanadia: tablepiece, :)

tablepiece: marinin393, now you know you never have to go to office lol

marinin393: tablepiece, or I never leave the office haha

Yanadia: Lol

Bnance10: Yanadia, what’s up? How have you been doing with crypto?

Sandeepkumar666 L0: How t

tablepiece: right you are the office!

Yanadia: Bnance10, everything doing well

marinin393: tablepiece, yeah and one hour ago I got an call from Novosibirsk lol... I fuck these timezones

Bnance10: Yanadia, good to hear

Yanadia: Bnance10, thx you :)

tablepiece: marinin393, must be 6 hours later or so, what are people doing anyway so far away lol

marinin393: tablepiece, they pumpin oil and gas my friend :D

Bnance10: marinin393, kinda like what we have here called West Texas

tablepiece: marinin393, yeah i heard Krasnojarsk is one of the richest cities these days in the countries, still a lot to be pumped

marinin393: tablepiece, and they want me there, they want that I do commissioning there... but still I even cant go to the office in Moscow and them want, that I travel thru the whole country lol

tablepiece: marinin393, take the train, comfy two day trip :)

marinin393: tablepiece, yes it iz youre right, but the richest place in sense of oil and gas is still siberia, like Tjumen and other shitholes. And ofc I was there lol, in some holes there are no rodes, so I hade to fly there 2,5 hrs with the heli...

tablepiece: think transiberian doesnt go through that one though

tablepiece: marinin393, Tjumen close to China no?

marinin393: tablepiece, no way! I never again travel with the train in russia excrpt from moscow to st petersburg!

tablepiece: damn swamp i imagine

tablepiece: marinin393, well small holdiay, maybe its just me that would enjoy that lol

marinin393: tablepiece, no not at all, its the beginning of west siberia, its kinda midle russia. Nearby china is Irkutsk and other citys

thuanico L1: Vietnam tall is do

marinin393: tablepiece, you ever been in russia and travel by traine? yeah in Europe I like to travel by traine but not in russia, it took way to long and in my opinion its not confortable at all!

thuanico L1: Every sell yoda, vietnam will buy

marinin393: thuanico, go Vietnam go! :D

tablepiece: marinin393, never been in Russia, had a 17 hours delay in the US though taking a train lol

marinin393: tablepiece, how is that possible? :D

tablepiece: marinin393, they have one track, someone even called the police cause there was a stranger walking in the town the whole day

marinin393: tablepiece, was the stranger you? :D

Bnance10: tablepiece, what town and state was it?

marinin393: Bnance10, Shithole US style :D

tablepiece: Bnance10, Grand Junction Colorado

tablepiece: marinin393, yup reading very suspisciously a book on a bench

Bnance10: tablepiece, oh, wow! Many places are full with paranoid people.

tablepiece: beautifull trip, from Denver to Salt lake, through the mountains into rough nature.

tablepiece: Bnance10, nah i can understand, i dont mind. friendly folks out there :)

tablepiece: just had enough of coffee places after 7 hours lol

marinin393: tablepiece, yeah that sounds nice! Like my working trips thru whole russia :D I was sometimes in the arctic north...

marinin393: well guy its 6:05 I go to sleep. see yall tmrw

theodorebizta L1: Yoda is dump

tablepiece: marinin393, real nature would love to take a year and travel around. 70% of Russia is basicly a sort of autonomous state no?

cryptoya11: tablepiece, how r u ghost

tablepiece: cryptoya11, doing good long days :) how about you, making some good late night deals?