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BTC 0.00000000
LTC 0.00000000
DASH 0.00000000
DOGE 0.00000000
YOVI 0.00000000
ETH 0.00000000
LSK 0.00000000
EBONUS 0.00000000
USD 0.00000000
RUR 0.00000000
Est. BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03147000 0%0.1YobitCoin
DASH0.00989506+ 5%1282.7DASH
ETH0.02109000+ 1.1%1043.3Ethereum
ZEC0.00500119- 0.9%870Zcash
BCHABC0.03208889+ 0.5%247.7BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00761600+ 2.4%187.9Litecoin
EDC0.00000053 0%61.5EDC blockchain
0.12109997- 0.1%24.3Yo Token
WAVES0.00010917- 5%22.6Waves
PANDA0.00000077- 2.6%18.1Panda Token
BTCR646312.31- 2.7%15.4Bitcoin
BTC$10264.99- 3%13.1Bitcoin
ETHR13699.99- 1.3%7.3Ethereum
LAIKA0.00000022 0%7Laika Token
DOGE0.00000027+ 3.9%6Dogecoin
ETH$215.51- 2.1%5.9Ethereum
SEX0.00165031- 10.8%3.3Sex Token
WOW0.00006839- 18.2%3.2WOWcoin
KBC0.00000300+ 1.1%3.1KaratBank Coin
XRP0.00002991- 2.5%2Ripple
FROG0.00000043- 15.7%1.5Frog Token
USDR63.14+ 0.3%1.5USD
LTCR4881.53- 1%1.5Litecoin
YO$1239.99+ 1.7%1.4Yo Token
LTC$76.33- 2.4%1Litecoin
XRPR19.04- 7.1%0.9Ripple
XRP$0.30- 7%0.7Ripple
ETCR397.00- 4.4%0.7EthereumClassic
SEDO0.00001932- 1.6%0.6SEDO PoW Token
ETC0.00061401- 0.1%0.6EthereumClassic
  • Last: 0.00000000
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  • 24Low: 0.00000000
  • 24V: 0 DOGE
Balance: 0.00000000 DOGE
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Balance: 0.00000000 POLY
Fee (0.2%):
Buy order
21.00000136 20.91319782 439.17718266
21.00000134 1.00000000 21.00000134
21.00000131 1.50000000 31.50000196
5.01000121 10.00418608 50.12098436
5.00600034 76.74621494 384.19157808
5.00600033 2.59688356 12.99999995
5.00600015 5.00000000 25.03000075
5.00600014 7.00000000 35.04200098
5.00000000 5.00000000 25.0000000
4.01000121 6.25211241 25.07097832
3.01000121 8.32922533 25.07097832
2.01000121 12.47311604 25.07097833
1.01000121 24.8227211 25.07097834
1.00000000 10.0000000 10.0000000
0.99999999 11.00000011 10.99999999
0.41000121 61.14854722 25.07097834
0.40000002 1300.38461138 520.15387055
0.31000121 80.87380804 25.07097834
0.21000121 119.3849233 25.07097834
0.20000005 499.999875 99.99999999
0.11000121 227.91547792 25.07097834
0.09999999 110.000011 10.99999999
0.01100012 15402.75683265 169.43217348
0.01000014 1000.00000 10.0001400
0.00999999 1100.00110 10.99999999
0.00100000 20000.0000 20.0000000
0.00099999 11000.1100011 10.99999999
0.00080009 473049.23767326 378.48196456
0.00080005 1249.92187988 0.99999999
0.00070001 15714.06122769 10.99999999
0.00050002 10199.59201631 5.09999999
0.00010000 100000.000 10.0000000
0.00009999 110011.00110011 10.99999999
0.00001000 1030925.22099999 10.3092522
0.00000999 1101101.1011011 10.99999999
0.00000100 10000000.0 10.0000000
0.00000099 11111111.11111111 10.99999999
0.00000014 32313943541.48845 4523.9520958
0.00000009 122222222.22222222 10.99999999
0.00000002 501005000000 10020.1000
0.00000001 6100000000 61.0000000
Trade History
Time Price
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Time Price POLY
No exchanges

DukeEuphoria L1: Solomando, if volume went up a LOT

Solomando: DukeEuphoria, when the wall hits a certain amount, I've seen 30BTC walls just disappear on Yobit related coins.

DukeEuphoria L1: Solomando, oh my

DukeEuphoria L1: that would be a) a sight to behold, b) terrifying

Solomando: DukeEuphoria, a lot of people have a certain "mark" to sell at.

Solomando: But then again, it could last another 5 days. I've seen it go either way.

Bulek70 L1: Panda....volume hard, price small

Solomando: But to cite another moment, TRIX wall was 51BTC, then 35 minutes later was gone.

DukeEuphoria L1: Bulek70, I'll be delighted if I avoid making a colossal loss

DukeEuphoria L1: Solomando, Wow, what happeend there ? Someone just went "sod it, i'll have the lot"

Solomando: DukeEuphoria, it went to 40 and that was everyone's cash out number.

DukeEuphoria L1: Ah

Bulek70 L1: DukeEuphoria, yea,, next day patien

youdedend L0: PANDA wall

bkrahmet: dominikherzog, Thanks for helping me recover my account.

Solomando: Big shout out to the sidewalks, for keeping me off the streets.

Muhammet123: 0xd

emreem2019 L1: I expect to climb again BTC

trannyc247: bkrahmet, +1

tablepiece: Solomando, lol i have something semi interesting and a question. Shall i pm?

Solomando: tablepiece, ok. Or ask it in the open. I feed off the excitement of an audience.

tablepiece: Solomando, Dont know it could be a x 100. Not so large volume.

Solomando: Yeah that's one for PM.

tablepiece: In general sometimes i can't find any info for some weird coin.

Muhammet123: 0xd up 20 $

kishanmadhesiya: Muhammet123, lol

tusherss7 L1: placebo1977, what you mean 40 coin than back egold btc market !!! you all time say moer dump coin given more profit now what is your [link] egold 620

gerrskie88 L1: yo=btc sex= bch eth=panda etc=frog nextyear

youdedend L0: livecoin WITHDRAWAL Fee: 108 PANDA

trannyc247: tablepiece, some info you just simply can't find it. Like in the Breaking Bad TV Series, about who was the main guy with idea and who actually took it to the bank

youdedend L0: Yobit WITHDRAWAL Fee: 0.01 PANDA

tablepiece: trannyc247, Lol but he was a chemist.

trannyc247: tablepiece, remember his buddy Elliot? Not only banked on his idea, the guy took the girl he loved

tablepiece: Pinkman is a big fan of YO i reckon.

emreem2019 L1: Go Back BTC

tablepiece: trannyc247, True it is not the one with the best idea that makes the money. All about execution

trannyc247: Crypto related.. my son told me thru his close friend.. about one crypto..

trannyc247: The guy who helped Coinbase in the begging went on and created something else. But you could never find any info of their relationship until this day

trannyc247: placebo1977, he also said if you get so much money why you would mess with it? "Scam" is a relative word. Sometimes ppl meant to say "Sucks!" because they lost money on it. He didn't say Yobit is scamming him

yanzie09 L0: Why I can't make any trade it always say that

trannyc247: Gotta go to work to make that money

tablepiece: trannyc247, Have a good work, we ll try not to crash the markets :)

trannyc247: Y'all enjoy your Yobi day!

yanzie09 L0: Why I can't make any trade it always says that total transaction amount is less than minimal of total 0.0001

Solomando: yanzie09, I think the total transaction amount is less than 0.0001BTC when you do it.

Solomando: yanzie09, try DOGE market, it's only 0.0000026 for a minimum trade.

yanzie09 L0: Thanks

morten: yanzie09, 0.000101 works

Shinkudo: do some swap coin or IEO please

Solomando: Trade without it, that's where the real patience comes in.