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0.03164300 0%0YobitCoin
DASH0.00788072+ 0.4%1676DASH
ETH0.02347400+ 3.6%1653.1Ethereum
ZEC0.00497463- 0.3%1630.9Zcash
BCHABC0.02521826- 0.1%460.8BitcoinCashABC
WAVES0.00011497+ 0.6%353.1Waves
LTC0.00475600+ 1.2%297.9Litecoin
ETC0.00076637+ 7.6%64.9EthereumClassic
BTCR662142.76- 2%21.4Bitcoin
BTC$9417.72- 0.4%9.4Bitcoin
ETHR15500.00+ 2%8.1Ethereum
ETH$220.45+ 3.2%4.6Ethereum
BTCT9358.7512389- 0.7%3.2Bitcoin
WOW0.00000064+ 16.4%2.1WOWcoin
USDR70.11- 0.7%2USD
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0.10040001- 0.1%1.6Yo Token
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TRX0.00000161+ 2.6%1.3Tron Token
XRP0.00002112+ 0.2%1.3Ripple
ZONTO0.00003998+ 23.5%1.1ZONTO Token
ROOBEE0.00000048+ 11.7%1Roobee
WATER0.00001495+ 6.5%0.9WATER
MICRO0.00000016+ 23.1%0.9Micro
LTCR3149.00- 0.3%0.9Litecoin
INVEST0.00000118- 1.7%0.8INVEST
USDT$1.00- 1.2%0.7Tether USD ERC20
IQN$0.92+ 0.2%0.7iQeon
PONY0.00000002 0%0.6Pony Token
DOGE0.00000027 0%0.6Dogecoin
GCR0.00000005+ 150%0.6GCR Coin
IQNE0.00416480- 3.3%0.5iQeon
LTC$45.00+ 0.6%0.5Litecoin
USDTR71.04- 0.5%0.4Tether USD ERC20
YUPA0.00000356- 1.2%0.4Osteria
IQN0.00009631- 1.3%0.4iQeon
ETC$7.20+ 4.7%0.4EthereumClassic
ETCR502.00+ 3.9%0.4EthereumClassic
XRPR14.07- 1.8%0.3Ripple
DOGER0.17- 1.5%0.3Dogecoin
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2.02933410 0.00028290 0.00057409
1.00018648 0.00019996 0.00019999
0.05000001 0.00849999 0.00042499
0.05000000 1.00000000 0.05000000
0.04000005 0.10000000 0.00400000
0.00100000 1.00000000 0.00100000
0.00000115 100.000000 0.00011500
0.00000064 160.000000 0.00010240
0.00000063 162.25429208 0.00010222
0.00000021 500.000000 0.00010500
0.00000002 65000.5000 0.00130001
0.00000001 1230000.00 0.01230000
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No exchanges

ozgurozkan L0: ijames42, thanks

ijames42 L1: ozgurozkan, short term tho

Janus2020 L1: gefest316, I'm not sure about this coin, it seems to me that it is scam

ijames42 L1: Janus2020, pick a coin that isn't, there aint many

tablepiece: Janus2020, its a 100% scam, we all know. it trades well at times but never hold longterm

gefest316 L0: Janus2020, There are all scam coins on this exchange, so you need to control the rise and fall, and WOW from time to time shows good results

ijames42 L1: tablepiece, was just about to type something similar

tablepiece: ijames42, yeah it is annoying tho seeing these trolls pushing it so hard. just very stupid lol. it did trade well but i am always scared to buy too much.

Janus2020 L1: I will follow this coin, maybe take it

gefest316 L0: Janus2020, You follow, of course, but it seems to me that the coin will grow quickly and you will not have time to buy at a low cost

nycoin L0: Reward Offered: 100,000,000 NYC (or 0.1 BTC, your choice) to get Yobit to permanently re-open NYC Withdrawals.

Janus2020 L1: gefest316, Well, I can’t take my word for it, I need to calculate all the options myself. But your opinion, I also take note)

ijames42 L1: nycoin, 100,000,000 NYC = 0.0 BTC !!

Jisuri: nycoin, 1 btc and maybe they will consider it :)

tablepiece: Janus2020, sure take note of paid trolls lol

nycoin L0: Jisuri, If you contribute 0.9 BTC, then we can offer 1 BTC! ;)

nycoin L0: ijames42, hoodrat math?

Jisuri: nycoin, the thing is such a bad coin, no1 is interested in it and wont be with your only Spamming it. so there is no reason to even promote that coin

nycoin L0: Jisuri, Too many clowns hang out in trollbox...

nycoin L0: NYC is an improved version of Litecoin. NYC is more valuable than LTC. Market inefficiencies... :(

ijames42 L1: nycoin, just re-calculated it and it's no error it works out 0.0 BTC

gefest316 L0: tablepiece, What makes you think that they pay me for this? advise a coin that is worth buying, otherwise you will only have one criticism and no suggestions ;)

nycoin L0: ijames42, sorry, that's your value :(

nycoin L0: 0.0 BTC

ijames42 L1: nycoin, consider it has no value then there is nothing to multiply

nycoin L0: ijames42, you?

ijames42 L1: nycoin, you multiply the buying price not the selling price, as there are 0 buyers then that is what it is valued at

Jisuri: he was the only buyer months/years ago i guess and wanna sell em somewhere else etc ;D

sellbuy25: What is wring with the NYC wallet? There is no reason for withdrawals to be banned.

sharpmen786: dump is coming on micro

igor10: WOW is finally growing + 8.7% I hope to sell soon)

ijames42 L1: nycoin, 100,000,000 has a BTC value of 0.03642964.... did not see doge market for useless coin

gefest316 L0: igor10, We all hope for this and wait :)))

igor10: gefest316, Who is all this?) LOL

youdedend L1: sharpmen786, I hope

gefest316 L0: igor10, At least you and me)

igor10: gefest316, Participate in invest boxing?

gefest316 L0: igor10, Yeah, I went in a few days which with the entrance to 7500 WOW

gefest316 L0: Therefore, the value has fallen, LOL, as I exit, immediately the price will rise))

igor10: gefest316, So come out, let people earn money)))

gefest316 L0: igor10, Yes, of course, right now) I also want to earn)

nycoin L0: ijames42, you're a Wall Street whiz-kid. You shouldn't be wasting that rare talent here in the trollbox of small bit-players and "really covert" G-terds...

nycoin L0: I love Crypto :)

nycoin L0: NYC is the earliest lightning-fast, no fee crypto in existence! Since 2014.

nycoin L0: NYC enables Free Worldwide Remittance.

nycoin L0: It is *NOT* a "low value transmission" system - you G-terd...

nycoin L0: it's FREE!!!

nycoin L0: exhaustive audit (and 2014 code updates) courtesy of the other G-terds proved that FACT!

nycoin L0: NYC appreciates your contributions ;)-

nycoin L0: updated github, code updates, active "Community"... quality Help.