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comingwealth L0: usr7341, ooo yes...i sell they pull the price out of gamee

Midoao22: Qqq big dump??

usr7341: placebo1977, btw matic droppend really hard. but it was to some extend pretty clear after that stellar rise

usr7341: comingwealth, but according to you, the price will be lower before.

Raja7 L0: Liza & QQQ down

usr7341: comingwealth, so, sell now, wait for the drop, than re-buy

comingwealth L0: usr7341, my token is already at bottom

comingwealth L0: i wont sell now

comingwealth L0: i just telling people not to buy nothing now...not to sell now

usr7341: comingwealth, so what are you talking about btc?!! and crypto lords?

comingwealth L0: read pls

comingwealth L0: usr7341, crypto lords are so rage at me ...for giving you such info for free

comingwealth L0: about discounts

usr7341: comingwealth, lmao. i suggest, you should look for some help

usr7341: jefferson386, ib is empty

tablepiece: comingwealth, wrong platform, try trading

usr7341: tablepiece, +1

tablepiece: its not investing here

usr7341: tablepiece, piece, btw, how long are you already in this game here?

placebo1977: PANDA 870M coins and trading at 24 sat... PONY 300M coins and trading at 16 sat :)

comingwealth L0: usr7341, time will tell who needs help...just take a close look about price movement

tablepiece: usr7341, in crypto 2.5 years

tablepiece: i was late lol

usr7341: comingwealth, man, although i think i might have an idea what you try to say, you combine so many weird arguments together, that it totally does not make any sense to me

comingwealth L0: usr7341, Ok i understand

wesleyn1 L0: Hello people!!!

usr7341: placebo1977, btw pony avg for ice-holders are much higher then your figures that you said earlier. according to my calc its about 32 sat right now. so pony is pretty undervalued if you look at this way. but, while panda has a direct use case, pony has only an ultra long term future

usr7341: tablepiece, and how much did you made so far. in total?

usr7341: tablepiece, for me its almost two yrs now

tablepiece: usr7341, dont know lost 80% of my ininitial crypto ordering mining equipment that was taken by customs, still did over x 5 of initial by trading

usr7341: tablepiece, wtf

usr7341: tablepiece, but x5 by trading sounds pretty nice

usr7341: tablepiece, where i tend not to trade actively anymore since based on my experience it leads sooner or later to losses

tablepiece: usr7341, imported to low energy country, was supposed to arrive in december got banned in november lol. i even did it as a favour for a friend

tablepiece: usr7341, yeah should have bought ltc last year around 22$, move to btc and other big coins

tablepiece: longer cycles. even tho i hesitated to buy mana last night at 200 sats. would have doubled so those are nice :)

Midoao22: QQQ BIG DUMP??

tablepiece: Midoao22, offcourse

usr7341: whops. what did happen to qqq. looks like a huge dump now

usr7341: tablepiece, well, but that approach sounds for me more like gambling than trading since you never know which coin might perform nicely

usr7341: btw someone said yday that volume is more important than price. well, enjoy the volume now...

tablepiece: usr7341, nah ltc at 22-25$ should always be good. it recovered first as the big coins so trading it for another big coin being low is a smart move

usr7341: tablepiece, i think even in majors you can be fukked pretty nice by strong gaping price action. i was playing on other exchange market maker for a while in btc/eth pari. worked cool and i was really earning from that. but than, eth dropped like a dead cat out of the window and i barley got my initial back

usr7341: tablepiece, so the work of almost 1.5 months were gone in one price action

jeffe96: [link]

jeffe96: Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund. InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe. InvestBoxes of AIR have a new type (no investment close, you can only get daily percent).

comingwealth L0: sad i must say this but crypto needs war to recover

jeffe96: Play and win at the Yobit Pony races! Make bets - take prizes! Win 2-100x from your initial bet! Calculations of pony speeds depend on EN chat messages, bets, sum of all bets, microtime, pony number, md5 hash of previous

Merkato: comingwealth, idiot

comingwealth L0: Merkato, crypto pump in syria problems ..ilegal funds