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0.03164300 0%0YobitCoin
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ZEC0.00501765- 0.8%1564.6Zcash
DASH0.00797787- 3.1%1550DASH
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ETC0.00073264- 1.7%71.4EthereumClassic
BTCR657000.00+ 1.1%15.7Bitcoin
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0.10050959+ 1%7.6Yo Token
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HEX0.00000051- 2%4.9HEX Token
ETHR14702.06+ 0.7%2.6Ethereum
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WOW0.00000059- 15.8%2WOWcoin
TRX0.00000159- 2.5%1.7Tron Token
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BTCT9110.0000000+ 0.8%1.6Bitcoin
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EOS0.00028278+ 0.3%1.4EOS Token
WATER0.00001509+ 27.4%1.3WATER
ZONTO$0.30+ 11.4%1.2ZONTO Token
ETH$208.60- 0.2%1.2Ethereum
XRP0.00002135- 2.2%1Ripple
XEM0.00000697- 18.3%0.8NewEconomyMovement
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LTCR3100.99- 0.1%0.7Litecoin
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KBC0.00000040+ 17.7%0.5KaratBank Coin
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IQN$0.91+ 3%0.4iQeon
CJTW0.00026169- 7.4%0.4ConnectJob
XRPR14.18- 1.6%0.4Ripple
IQN0.00009639- 0.8%0.4iQeon
YOMI0.00000002- 33.4%0.4Yomi Token
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ETCR476.99- 0.6%0.3EthereumClassic
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110.21456460 0.10000000 11.02145646
110.21456457 0.10000000 11.02145645
110.10000000 0.10000000 11.0100000
110.00000000 0.00909090 0.99999900
0.01000001 1008.00000 10.08001008
0.01000000 2100.00000 21.0000000
0.00999999 1100.00110 10.99999999
0.00330100 5000.00000 16.5050000
0.00231000 5000.00000 11.5500000
0.00100010 10000.0000 10.0010000
0.00100000 11000.0000 11.0000000
0.00099999 11000.1100011 10.99999999
0.00050000 30000.0000 15.0000000
0.00035010 30000.0000 10.5030000
0.00020100 50000.0000 10.0500000
0.00010001 100000.000 10.0010000
0.00010000 110000.000 11.0000000
0.00009999 110011.00110011 10.99999999
0.00003501 300000.000 10.5030000
0.00002010 500000.000 10.0500000
0.00001000 2100000.00 21.0000000
0.00000999 1101101.1011011 10.99999999
0.00000350 3000000.00 10.5000000
0.00000201 5000000.00 10.0500000
0.00000106 943396.22641509 0.99999999
0.00000100 3440000000 344.000000
0.00000099 11111111.11111111 10.99999999
0.00000035 30000000.0 10.5000000
0.00000020 50000000.0 10.0000000
0.00000011 91818181.0 10.09999991
0.00000010 6100000000 61.0000000
0.00000009 122222222.22222222 10.99999999
0.00000005 20000000.0 1.00000000
0.00000004 3010000000 12.0400000
0.00000003 403333333.33333339 12.1000000
0.00000002 5000000000 10.0000000
0.00000001 3210000000 32.1000000
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youdedend L1: IAMSORRY, Everyone have the invest

youdedend L1: And need to do a BTC: 20 ds

youdedend L1: That's why ALISA rose

youdedend L1: Is my analysis correct?

IAMSORRY: youdedend, It rose coz, YOBIT insisted to hold 100k of alisa to buy X100

youdedend L1: IAMSORRY, Imagine ALISA in the race

youdedend L1: It will be the happiest days of my life

IAMSORRY: youdedend, Dream does t cost anyone though it delisted from race once.!

youdedend L1: My imaginations caused me a lot of loss

youdedend L1: I'm crazy

IAMSORRY: youdedend, Imagination is the key for the invention.

youdedend L1: IAMSORRY, +1

IAMSORRY: youdedend, Its important have higher profit % than lose % in the long-run.

slamet005 L0: Get well soon Micro

olegshalun L0: waves up

rpowrpow: Dont chase those points unless u have the fuel to waste!!!

duongphamvphp L0: The amount I bet is only 1,000 sat and someone has put 15,300,000at my bet in one bet .. I don't know why

rpowrpow: It's also on other places

duongphamvphp L0: Yobit help ?

Mctombiz: slamet005, The only scenario that will make micro recover or get well is if it is listed in yopony race

cyver: market bleeding today 9_9

mkon2017 L1: if seller dont come back today we will see rebound on micro and yoda

Mctombiz: cyver, it's a red world on yobit

usr7341 L4: well, water is moving nicely last two days. looks like ppl who like ibs with no action move from micro to here

youdedend L1: watch?v=fyMtQbr_17g

bryan120603: usr7341, +1

bryan120603: usr7341, water will be stable for long time too

otokoam: likely until next fork, and beyond that if the next fork coin is not so good

usr7341 L4: i am not sure about the long time. but would be nice to see it improving a bit over the next few weeks. timer says ~480hrs

kattekop L1: The sound of our toilet at my place seems to be equal like the tune of: "Don't go mad if your mind can't work". Very annoying. The sound is plugged into my head for three days now.


kattekop L1: :)

trannyc247: Man, how did he know?

duongphamvphp L0: Does someone control my game? and cost me money

kattekop L1: duongphamvphp, make no mistakes, everything gets ripped to shreds

trannyc247: duongphamvphp, Consult the Oracle. He will tell you when to submit you're

trannyc247: *your payment

usr7341 L4: duongphamvphp, as far i read the chat, some ppl complained about such things in the past. as far for me, i did refresh with the browser and played few times with the default .01 btc dice for example. i guess, you switchted between "show my bets only" on/off and in that case the page refreshes and set up new defaults. and, mods always say, its your fault, when you play since you need to look which bet you set when you play.

trannyc247: I'll just do the opposite to stay in profits I guess? LOL

trannyc247: This is gonna be the last time I made that withdraw. Got so old to not let my funds pile up at Yobit wallet

easteregg69: trannyc247, Pennies doubling?

easteregg69: Means no one gives a fuck and you try being nice they will start stealing.

duongphamvphp L0: kattekop, So, is it the fault of yobit? .. the player is not at fault that is the mistake of yobit. ... yobit should fix

usr7341 L4: duongphamvphp, no. its always players fault if you dont check the amount of the bet BEFORE you press play

bryan120603: usr7341, +1000

easteregg69: duongphamvphp, Reimbursement is the word you are looking for.

tablepiece: players get player, pimps get..

tablepiece: palayed

trannyc247: There are many bag holders trying to coach others. How do you explain all these coins that were dumped for dirt when they could have sold them 20 times higher not long ago?

usr7341 L4: cmon guys, i am playing here every day at least 20 times with dice and nothing similar happen to me. its like around 10k rolls right now