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0.03164300 0%0.1YobitCoin
DASH0.00829622+ 1.8%1926.4DASH
ETH0.02305910+ 1.8%1650.7Ethereum
ZEC0.00516887+ 0.8%1646.4Zcash
BCHABC0.02599892+ 1.2%496.7BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00485413+ 1%340.3Litecoin
WAVES0.00011598+ 0.3%337.4Waves
ETC0.00075690+ 4.6%56.6EthereumClassic
BTC$9094.99- 3%24.7Bitcoin
BTCR644147.00- 3.6%15.3Bitcoin
ETH$208.63- 1.1%2.5Ethereum
ETHR14788.35- 1.7%2.5Ethereum
DOGE0.00000029+ 7.5%2.1Dogecoin
XGTC0.00000002- 33.4%1.9GirlsTokenCoin
WOW0.00000120- 5.6%1.7WOWcoin
HEX0.00000044- 2.3%1.7HEX Token
0.09990000- 0.5%1.7Yo Token
ZONTO$0.24- 4.2%1.6ZONTO Token
BTCT8808.4235749- 5.5%1.3Bitcoin
EOS0.00028194+ 0.7%1.3EOS Token
USDR71.37- 0.1%1.2USD
ZONTO0.00002740- 13.2%1.2ZONTO Token
PONY0.00000003 0%1.2Pony Token
ROOBEE0.00000043- 4.5%1Roobee
INVEST0.00000118- 3.3%0.8INVEST
XEM0.00000460 0%0.7NewEconomyMovement
YOMI0.00000005+ 25%0.7Yomi Token
XRP0.00002199+ 0.9%0.7Ripple
WATER0.00001105+ 0.4%0.7WATER
ETCR485.88+ 2.3%0.7EthereumClassic
LTCR3142.29- 1.3%0.6Litecoin
MICRO0.00000063- 7.4%0.6Micro
IQNE0.00430000- 0.9%0.6iQeon
TRX0.00000164+ 0.7%0.5Tron Token
XRPR14.45- 1%0.5Ripple
IQN0.00009445+ 1.1%0.4iQeon
IQN$0.91+ 1.5%0.4iQeon
YODA0.00000128- 6.6%0.4YoDollars
LTC$43.83- 2.7%0.3Litecoin
USDTR72.45- 0.8%0.3Tether USD ERC20
DOGER0.18- 0.8%0.3Dogecoin
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15.00010000 16.0000000 240.001600
15.00000001 0.66666733 10.00000995
15.00000000 25.0000000 375.000000
12.01299301 22.67229322 272.36209997
12.01299300 30.77966573 369.75590895
3.00322243 123.58698389 371.15920207
3.00322223 110.000000 330.3544453
0.01000000 5000.00000 50.0000000
0.00350100 5000.00000 17.5050000
0.00322223 276922.23971597 892.30714847
0.00230100 5000.00000 11.5050000
0.00225003 500000.000 1125.01500
0.00220481 13606.61462892 29.99999999
0.00220470 4989.34095341 10.99999999
0.00129930 8000.00000 10.3944000
0.00120462 100000.000 120.462000
0.00120460 8302.51086667 10.00120458
0.00120456 8302.78653616 10.00120454
0.00100010 10000.0000 10.0010000
0.00100006 10999.34003959 10.99999999
0.00100000 31000.0000 31.0000000
0.00054561 1222590.40470299 667.0575507
0.00054560 100000.000 54.5600000
0.00054558 56820.26467245 30.99999999
0.00054492 100000.000 54.4920000
0.00050101 11975.80886609 5.99999999
0.00020010 50000.0000 10.0050000
0.00012993 80000.0000 10.3944000
0.00010006 10000000.0 1000.60000
0.00010001 100000.000 10.0010000
0.00010000 106911.61176646 10.69116117
0.00004004 24975.02497502 0.99999999
0.00004001 24993.7515621 0.99999999
0.00003000 337000.000 10.1100000
0.00002010 500000.000 10.0500000
0.00002000 537000.000 10.7400000
0.00001001 1019980.01998001 10.20999999
0.00001000 1100000.00 11.0000000
0.00000201 5000000.00 10.0500000
0.00000150 1000000000 150.000000
0.00000101 10000000.0 10.1000000
0.00000100 21064348.5518962 21.06434855
0.00000020 50000000.0 10.0000000
0.00000010 1000000000 10.0000000
0.00000005 1200000000 60.0000000
0.00000002 3500000000 70.0000000
0.00000001 9110000000.99999905 91.1000000
Trade History
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No exchanges

tabgold1 L0: When will this be resolved? Do I need to do anything special?

yazal L1: eid mubarak to all and happy trading on yobit

youdedend L1: tabgold1, it may work after a while, but now not work

dadica L1: if its maintence, it means yobit will loose cash, if i where you find a different coin my friend

youdedend L1: yazal, +1

tabgold1 L0: youdedend, But this site is not exchanged, so this is why. I really don't understand

dadica L1: tabgold1, theres always more bang to the buck, find a different coin to withdraw

dadica L1: save you many headaches

usr7341 L4: dadica, lol

tabgold1 L0: dadica,what

usr7341 L4: tabgold1, which coin? once again...

maciocia: I'm yobit masochist

tabgold1 L0: usr7341, rdd

dadica L1: i have been here since the placebo days, and the first release of liza at 10% in the investbox, trust me when i say if its in maintence it will stay there

dadica L1: you wanna withdraw, find a different coin to withdraw

ijames42 L1: dadica, yeah you can come and count em anytime you like......but they can never leave

dadica L1: ijames42, nope they wont, unless its a popular coin, for example, btc, eth, doge, usd

dadica L1: ijames42, its funny cause my name is james lol

usr7341 L4: tabgold1, as far i could read here in the chat, RDD is offline for a while here. and i dont think it will be online anytime soon

ijames42 L1: dadica, yeah i know lol i was taking the piss, there is no more than 10 coins i think which you can withdraw

gokul L0: When i try to invest in RUR i am getting foloowing erro

gokul L0: It is impossible to create an investment because there is not enough reserve funds for the first payment.

ijames42 L1: gokul, no coins

dadica L1: ijames42, 10 would be a blesiing hahaha

usr7341 L4: tabgold1, did you buy here RDD?

ijames42 L1: dadica, lol

gokul L0: james but i have coin

ijames42 L1: usr7341, it aint the same rdd

tabgold1 L0: usr7341, yes

dadica L1: gokul, you know you can check before hand, even if you dont have the coins, just click min and see what it says if not enough in wallet, you can invest, anything else lol move on

gokul L0: Alright gotcha

dadica L1: gokul, words of wisdom and money saved my friend

gokul L0: yup thats correct

dadica L1: I love yobit, dont get me wrong. ive made my profits, but like i said theres always more bang to the buck

gokul L0: yup up and downs will be there

dadica L1: always, welcome to the internet version of the stock market lol

gokul L0: yeah but more unstable compare to thst

gokul L0: that*

dadica L1: well its like the war times, buy bonds and sell stocks

gokul L0: do u have email or something bud to contact u

dadica L1: you can always find me on facebook lol james souliere, be a pic of me infront of a laptop, many people on here have me added

dadica L1: i got nothing to hide :)

gokul L0: cool ll ping u up there

dadica L1: sounds good my friend

usr7341 L4: tabgold1, in that case, you can only sell it here and withdarawal the btc

alexbidel: please dont buy my Pony ;)

patrick1503: alexbidel, please put your 3 sat sell order away

dadica L1: goku

rpowrpow: Seven Days n the Legacy Miner goes off-line

gokul L0: dadica, yes mate