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0.00000201 5000000.00 10.0500000
0.00000150 1000000000 150.000000
0.00000101 10000000.0 10.1000000
0.00000100 21064348.5518962 21.06434855
0.00000020 50000000.0 10.0000000
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No exchanges

usr7341 L2: djqbic, i think most of the wall street addresses are trying to get into crypto space by making stable coins

usr7341 L2: terryqwin, you need to wake up earlier. than you have the entire middle east to talk about yoda

djqbic L0: yes I know but I mean exactly etf

terryqwin: usr7341, by yoda I don’t know, stably brings not big income

usr7341 L2: djqbic, yes, i know, but i dont really think it does any matter. we have btc futures on cme for example for a while and still nothing more happend in the old world of finance. on the other side you have like every bigger exchange offering leverage trading because ppl get bored by low volatility in btc

usr7341 L2: few weeks ago i discovered places where you can trade all kind of shit which was/is previously offered on regular exchanges like knock out certificates based on fancy indexes created by some exchanges... they just copy the real financial world and move it into crypto because its much easier to do this than get the approval by sec to create an eth

usr7341 L2: etf i mean... lol

djqbic L0: yes, right +

usr7341 L2: and, the best part is, ppl still fall into this kind of products and pay the premiums

usr7341 L2: while most of the time you could just go long and short btc at the same time but with different strike prices just to grab the premiums if you have a good system to calculate the price disparities between the maturities and strike prices

usr7341 L2: thats where i am really dumb at. it would be so cool if i could code programs to get this data via api and let the bots trade simultaneously to grab the premiums. its standard biz on the wall street and thats why you have almost no price differences across places and assets btw

easteregg69: terryqwin, Name an object you can hold in our hand.

easteregg69: Dang. our=your*

djqbic L0: usr7341,yap,, it would be supper....

djqbic L0: I regret that I still did not study in programming languages, I finished with basic language :))))

djqbic L0: we learn from our mistakes :)

raed63 L0: B3 coin go go go

djqbic L0: usr7341, you trade here privately for yourself or for business

rogonz L0: EDC goo

quotedbull L0: x10

Mirian30 L1: como funciona alisa

fagner L0: [YC]SxqiNU1qlq39LWl0b3oa+l9LXg9sS95aXxmg5JeuSCjrz0RLvhCnn9SoPxT839Me[/YC]HRG

sodpassagem L0: meus yodas nada e isto aki continua sendo um lixooooooooooo

fagner L0: sodpassagem, O site não tem culpa de você não saber usá-lo.

sodpassagem L0: ze ruelaaaa

sodpassagem L0: eu nao recebi meus yodas e vc e um ze ruelaaaaa

sodpassagem L0: e isto aki e um lixooooo

fagner L0: sodpassagem, no

fagner L0: Eu recebi os meus

Makosoft L0: if Someone is not happy with Yoda ok You earn some satoshi for free everyday Next thing is you Have ppertunety to accumulate more yoda Right now coin is on consolidation Mode Is your choice fellas Just do you own research

Nur24 L0: Pump yoda

fagner L0: Makosoft,

trannyc247: Makosoft, it is and it doesn't have to be. When you get about 25 to 30, feel free to sell it for a dollar :-)

trannyc247: Over 10,000 sat Bitcoin

trannyc247: Where do your friends can get free Bitcoin?

marielos7 L1: alguien a podido ganar en FreeCoins

trannyc247: Yoda can go up. Yoda can go down. Do what you've gotta do. Don't hype it so much it won't change its direction

Mirian30 L1: amigos

Mirian30 L1: como puedo ganar en investbox

Mirian30 L1: uno inbierte y automaticamente cuando pasa las 23 horas paga

Mirian30 L1: o como funciona

helenadenazareth L0: en invest box que recomiendan invertir?

sodpassagem L0: Mirian30, apos o periodo determinado do seu investimento vc tem q fazer o saque

hani20980: ALISA going to moon ?

sodpassagem L0: cade os meus yodas cambada de pilantras

sergeysuaib L0: hani20980, +1

sergeysuaib L0: Alisa slowly but surely hit 200 sats

hani20980: sergeysuaib, agree

fagner L0: Mirian30, Tienes que comprar las monedas que están disponibles en IB. La cantidad mínima al menos, y mantener

rogonz L0: fagner, cuanto tiempo tienes que mantener la ineversion?