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0.03145300 0%0.1YobitCoin
DASH0.00905750+ 0.2%1482.7DASH
ZEC0.00491872- 2.2%1071Zcash
ETH0.01856199- 1.9%311.9Ethereum
BCHABC0.03163155+ 3.8%304.2BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00719037- 1%228Litecoin
0.16900000+ 19.3%92.8Yo Token
EDC0.00000044+ 2.4%18.4EDC blockchain
BTCR700299.00+ 1.8%17.2Bitcoin
BTC$10793.72+ 1.4%16.9Bitcoin
WAVES0.00012786+ 1.3%13.3Waves
UMC0.00000012+ 100%10.3Umbrella Coin
PANDA0.00000078- 2.5%10.1Panda Token
FROG0.00000079+ 52%5.3Frog Token
YOR115876.78+ 19.1%5Yo Token
SEDO0.00000889+ 25.8%3.9SEDO PoW Token
SNR0.00000003+ 50%3.7SONDER
GHS0.00000012+ 140%3.5GHScoin
ETHR13000.00- 0.1%3.2Ethereum
YO$1809.71+ 19.7%2.6Yo Token
ETC0.00067605- 5%2.3EthereumClassic
WOW0.00008999- 19.4%1.8WOWcoin
BATL0.00000006- 33.4%1.5Battlestars Coin
NOAH0.00000002 0%1.3NoahCoin
KBC0.00000204- 0.5%1.3KaratBank Coin
YUPA0.00000851+ 19.9%1.3Osteria
ETH$200.00- 0.9%1.3Ethereum
USDR64.63- 0.6%1.2USD
LTCR5069.04+ 1.8%1.1Litecoin
XRP0.00002631- 2%0.9Ripple
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4.03504000 86.05850338 347.24950347
3.03500037 4.28336026 12.99999997
3.03500020 5.00000000 15.1750010
0.08000001 8904.10021524 712.32810626
0.05000002 200.000000 10.0000040
0.03504000 300.000000 10.5120000
0.00350400 3000.00000 10.5120000
0.00300000 5000.00000 15.0000000
0.00230000 5000.00000 11.5000000
0.00100000 25000.0000 25.0000000
0.00035040 30000.0000 10.5120000
0.00035010 30000.0000 10.5030000
0.00030126 1774367.79841333 534.54604294
0.00030123 36516.94718321 10.99999999
0.00030009 33324.33629911 10.00030007
0.00030001 1000000.00 300.010000
0.00020000 50000.0000 10.0000000
0.00010000 100000.000 10.0000000
0.00009999 110011.00110011 10.99999999
0.00006000 2000000.00 120.000000
0.00005000 1000000.00 50.0000000
0.00003501 300000.000 10.5030000
0.00003013 390380.45522149 11.76216311
0.00002004 21225405.02694611 425.35711674
0.00002000 1499999.99999999 29.99999999
0.00001017 98328.41691248 0.99999999
0.00001011 197823.93669634 1.99999999
0.00001000 1000000.00 10.0000000
0.00000999 1101101.1011011 10.99999999
0.00000501 39920.15968063 0.19999999
0.00000350 6000000.00 21.0000000
0.00000200 5000000.00 10.0000000
0.00000101 1000000000 101.000000
0.00000100 10000000.0 10.0000000
0.00000099 11111111.11111111 10.99999999
0.00000060 80000000.0 48.0000000
0.00000050 1000000000 50.0000000
0.00000040 1000000000 40.0000000
0.00000035 30000000.0 10.5000000
0.00000030 1000000000 30.0000000
0.00000020 1500000000 30.0000000
0.00000011 909090.9090909 0.09999999
0.00000010 2000000000 20.0000000
0.00000009 233333333.33333334 21.0000000
0.00000008 1250000000 10.0000000
0.00000007 157142857.14285713 10.99999999
0.00000006 166666666.66666669 10.0000000
0.00000005 2000000000 10.0000000
0.00000004 5500000000 22.0000000
0.00000003 698536261.11111122 20.95608783
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No exchanges

Solomando: And that makes sense to them.

tablepiece: Budak112, should have bought a truckload yesterday. damn thing opened just as i was leaving the house lol. still feel rich being an egold bilionair :)

howudewin: I'm holding it and not trying to pump it but i really think yobit figured out how to make YO rise...pretty pissed i sold at .0045 a couple of months ago when when i thought they were clueless with it

Budak112 L0: tablepiece, should at a cheap price buy 10 billion Egold hold 1 month and you will be rich dear

howudewin: Budak112, if he's gonna be rich buying 10B then shouldn't he buy 100B and start ordering the hookers and cocaine now?

Abidnaseem L0: Buy Egold

fearus1: howudewin, if warden increased max invest of egold i will buy 10b+...

fearus1: if he increased it to 10b

tablepiece: Budak112, i ll try dear

fearus1: or 1b even

fearus1: srtting up several invest boxes with 100m is hell.... lol

Budak112 L0: howudewin, sorry I am Muslim and my money is halal, if you want IB to remain open and earn 14% per day please keep selling at 1 price and you are the king of this world boss

Budak112 L0: tablepiece, Thank you friend

medali30 L0: hallou

candyguyyy L0: guys - does any one know till when ib for egold going to be active

Mulcomputer L0: candyguyyy, Thursday night

tran247: fearus1, your 10B is only about 2 grand. You think that lil money will move him? He only needs to print 2 YO’s to get that Starbucks money.

tran247: But in all seriousness, the max capped at 100M so that they have time to buy back coins to keep the IB open. This time, it may be much longer than every other day

alexcalmon L0: time to hold EGOLD to IB 10b plan

Mulcomputer L0: Hai traider..This is all not for wealth but in order to continue

ceyhunemanet L0: Is USDTE / USD in [link] , regular USD Tether ?

fearus1: tran247, never said anything about 10b used to move. I wont move it. But if warden increases the max invest i plan to buy 10B+

fearus1: I dont see a point in buying alot of EGOLD atm since making serveral new boxes going to be pain in ass

fearus1: l0l

ceyhunemanet L0: Is USDTE / USD in here , regular USD Tether ?

candyguyyy L0: Mulcomputer, are u sure ??

fearus1: ceyhunemanet, no its ERC token, not real

ceyhunemanet L0: OOO okay

ceyhunemanet L0: Thank you fearus1 !

fearus1: ceyhunemanet, you're welcome mate

Mulcomputer L0: candyguyyy, yes i followed him

BronchoBull2020: fearus1, What coin would you buy?? I would buy and hold my coins!

fearus1: BronchoBull2020, I will keep buying YO during the dips, and buy some QQQ

fearus1: As for non-Yobit coins, i will buy LTC

BronchoBull2020: Funny how token went to 12500 a coin when Bitcoin was at 19000 but you say egold is no good. YOBIT will be more powerful than coinbase in 2 years. Yeah ltc not bad but I thing egold is better than you think. I've searched all exchanges and my $$$$ stays with yobit. I'm loyal and faithful to my own. YOBIT brothers!

tran247: fearus1, you seemed to miss their purpose of reducing the max cap.

fearus1: tran247, EGOLD max cap has always been 100m. Liza max cap is 10b, I dont see reason why EGOLD cant have its max cap increased as well

fearus1: tran247, Creating more boxes actually creates more stress on the database compared to creating fewer boxes with a bigger max invest. But inventually a "D" will have to happen

BronchoBull2020: I'm not greedy just enough to support my family and live comfortably. If I say yobit will be the most powerful crypto exchange in the end it's true. So any token here is worth it's weight in gold;-)

tran247: 10B is not a lot. Anyone can have 10B Egold

wilsonbaque L1: uuuuuu

wilsonbaque L1: uuuuuu

fearus1: tran247, ofcourse not, its around 0.2 BTC range, but its considered "alot" for most people.

fearus1: The whole point of 10b max invest, is to remvoe the stress of openning so many boxes o.O

fearus1: tran247, imagine you were a super EGOLD billionaire with over 15B+ EGOLD, would not find it a chore to open so many boxes and to close some tog et your profit? No?

fearus1: Not only that, the site will be lagging due to too many boxes being created

wilsonbaque L1: alguien me explica con ejemplo esa de tenedor

fearus1: wilsonbaque, hablo ingles?

wilsonbaque L1: fearus1, si puede ayudarme en eso e tenedor

Chaka2002: yesterday