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ijames42 L1: alantaj, you mean you want to invest in a coin then leave it months, come back and see the coin 5 times higher in value ....

LFLevy89: ijames42, who wouldn't?

ijames42 L1: alantaj, the higher the % the higher the risk as with any investment

emmah: LFLevy89, LIZA for me is blue.... everyone ask yourself, who is blue for you?

Solomando: emmah, mine is showing LAMBO with the blue box.

ijames42 L1: LFLevy89, any risk takers would, i advise to spread your investment rather than choosing a single coin

Solomando: It's probably just a scripting error with no real meaning behind it.

emmah: Solomando, I suspect it's got something to do with the resolution of each person's screen, and what appears at the top of your second page of Investment Plans///

Solomando: Yeah I changed mine and it changed.

emmah: I managed to change mine to Skymax.. basically, whatever is top of your 2nd page is shown with a blue square... ignoring it probably a good idea

s0ldi3r: emmah, i ignored YO

ijames42 L1: emmah, skymax...... need few thousand invest boxes for 500 doge coins?

tablepiece: ijames42, yes was def worth it some months ago, x 2-7 easily.

tablepiece: when prices drop its really a lot of work lol.

emmah: s0ldi3r, ignore YO at your peril

ijames42 L1: emmah, oh i see didn't see that 4% one but still a lot of boxes and games of dice..... infact if you loose 7 out of 10 in dice that would mean no profit

emmah: tablepiece, +1 play safe, consolidate////

tablepiece: emmah, it had like 0

tablepiece: * 0.3 btc marketcap at some point

ijames42 L1: sorry ignore me i missed a 'zero'

emmah: sorry everyone about the /// all th etime... I have four screens and two keyboards, one of them Portuguese, so when I am reaching over to type on that one, I quite often get the wrong keys! LOL

ijames42 L1: maximum IB is 66 doge and i thought it was 6.6

ijames42 L1: emmah, you can reconfigure keyboard

emmah: ijames42, yeah, but what's printed on the keys is still the same, I have to remember UK layout... and besides, had a few beers!

s0ldi3r: ijames42, it should have been 666 - number of man

Solomando: French is ridiculous.

s0ldi3r: Solomando, English is charged with negativity

Solomando: s0ldi3r, I'm learning French right now.

Solomando: "A ripe blackberry murmurs to a wall" translates to "Une mure mure murmure au mur".

s0ldi3r: Solomando, why English speakers learn other languages? All languages are useless except English..

Solomando: s0ldi3r, I know a lot of languages.

s0ldi3r: Solomando, that's nice

Solomando: As to why, I've seen how non-English speaking people are treated here (bad). I'd rather not be one of those when visiting a foreign country.

emmah: All Romance languages are ridiculous... the concept of masculine, feminine, neuter... why? The word "the" is "the" don't need a different one for eery bloody object in the world! And why from a child should you have to remember every single thing, whether it#s masculine, feminine or neuter... completely unnecessary.

s0ldi3r: Solomando, thanks for letting me know

s0ldi3r: emmah, because every word equals a number value. When you invent a language you have to follow rules which are hidden to ordinary people

Solomando: Are you a linguist?

s0ldi3r: Solomando, no I'm a freemason

Solomando: Cool.

emmah: s0ldi3r, I was going to give another example of how ridiculous it is, but your reply was even more ridiculous! Now I'm confused, dont know which one to criticise first! LO

emmah: LOL

Solomando: His reply is factual.

s0ldi3r: Solomando, +100

yusufwelo32 L0: s0ldi3r, what does freemason mean?

emmah: s0ldi3r, every word is npt a numerical value, but it is a shape... has been proven that providing the first and last letter of a word are the same, and the other letters are present (though not necesariley in the right order) your barin can figure it all out. And I deliberately put a few mistakes in thier to povre it! Ha ah!

Solomando: Shapes can be represented by numbers as well.

s0ldi3r: emmah, it's both numerical and geometry. But in its basis it has numerical value.

s0ldi3r: Solomando, exactly +1

Solomando: Like 2L1W4(90) could mean rectangle.

tablepiece: i hate shapes, every iq test i fail them so that s the reason i am not that smart.