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CLTW1.17096150+ 39.3%1CoinLoan
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No exchanges

Layons4357 L0: Buy yoda

tablepiece: marinin393, lol would be my guess as well

apitico L1: placebo1977, r you singing?

dartech L0: tablepiece, The process can be simplified

marinin393: tablepiece, so then must be true :D

tablepiece: dartech, i am all ears

tablepiece: nubbins7, wish i got more you dogemuncher :)

dartech L0: tablepiece, Is the number exceeding a billion?

nubbins7: tablepiece, Lmao :)

nubbins7: DOGE him much love

nubbins7: Way Crypto! lol

cryptoya11 L0: tablepiece, it's not funds, I'm in their campaign, my balance is zero hehehe

cryptoya11 L0: They won't find thing to take

tablepiece: dartech, really no clue, just calculate back from ieo - 10% ieo times days minus 10 days it was empty

tablepiece: cryptoya11, you ghost lol

cryptoya11 L0: Yes, always!

tablepiece: cryptoya11, i received ghost, new Mcaffee token today :) but do try to get a little funds here, trade a bit should be easy :)

apitico L1: tablepiece, were can one buy ghost?

tablepiece: apitico, check the mcaffee page, his dex but fees are big i heard. we are waiting for exchanges to open.

apitico L1: tablepiece, ok, thank you isit at his exchange? idk how to trade there,

apitico L1: tablepiece, i recived the other coin whac... and now i totaly forgot how and where they are?

tablepiece: apitico, have to connect mew for example, i am waiting for an exchange to open

tablepiece: apitico, one sec will pm, always scared am freezes my ass using certain words

apitico L1: tablepiece, ok thank you, must be afk for a while

tablepiece: apitico, np will send a pm now, might be interesting have no clue how it will play out lol

wildbilldavis21 L1: anyone willing to answer a rookies question?

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, can always ask :)

wildbilldavis21 L1: Why dont the bals on the left match the bals in the center?

wildbilldavis21 L1: Wa

wildbilldavis21 L1: Looking at the "Wallets" screen

tablepiece: lol ok i was making a balls joke already.

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, you mean reserved in order/balance ?

wildbilldavis21 L1: No, "Balance". right next to "Currency"

wildbilldavis21 L1: BTC there shows .00000121

wildbilldavis21 L1: On the left side I have .00389344

wildbilldavis21 L1: The left matdhes "[link]

wildbilldavis21 L1: [link]

wildbilldavis21 L1: [link]

wildbilldavis21 L1: It won't let me type it right. est BTC

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, because you balance is your free btc, middle what you have in orders and on the right estimated btc your total btc

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, can also click 'dash' on top of the page to see your btc balance and timeline. or how much in usd you have.

wildbilldavis21 L1: Seems if orders are complete they should match. Maybe they will in a day or so?????

medawest L0: hello

medawest L0: why can't i deposit coins on my IOC wallet ???

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, click on orders next to wallets to double check if orders are completed. on the pairs trade history is actually your orders. sometimes new users think orders are completed but they arent.

wildbilldavis21 L1: OK that helps some. Thanks Tablepiece

tablepiece: wildbilldavis21, no problem, good luck!

johnlowers: tablepiece, +1

tablepiece: johnlowers, enjoying the market? some nice movements today and yesterday :)

johnlowers: tablepiece, yes sir..alot going on lately..everywhere