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easteregg69: GILLBATES, Ethereum Lite. Got it.

GILLBATES: easteregg69, yep , 1337 29 291 520 471 1337 coins - too many for my liking

vestor L1: aborawya, Ok,i have opened my ib [link] which number should i see and sell please?

HammadAli: Hello. Kiya haal hai

aborawya L1: vestor, open ib history u will see the payment number

HammadAli: asimpk48, Asim how are you?

vestor L1: aborawya, I appreciate your help so [link] which one is the payment number please?

nottyhassan L1: HammadAli, hi pakistani ho ap

easteregg69: GILLBATES, Announcement says fraud. Gonna buy some for 3x sellorder.

kattekop L0: what's it with MACRO?

vestor L1: aborawya, Is it the number under the Packet Dx with the,lets say +10000 in green color?

aborawya L1: vestor, no its beside the payment

easteregg69: Done.

HammadAli: nottyhassan, Yes

HammadAli: easteregg69, What is in your portfolio?

easteregg69: Made it 5x because its so cheap. set and forget.

HammadAli: Babu je zara dheere chalna

HammadAli: Bare dhoke hai crypto mein

easteregg69: HammadAli, Lots of different [link] times iust buy in alphabetical order. TRX pays the divs today.

HammadAli: easteregg69, What is divs?

easteregg69: HammadAli, Dividends.

wakos76 L1: morning all, how are you guys ? there is any admin active ? i need to report a problem with scammers who try to steal people money presenting them self as yobit employees. i think is important for all users here on yobit

HammadAli: easteregg69, Really? How much percent?

wakos76 L1: important as well for the admins for avoid people to be scammed, i think an announcement or a post form admin is required

JD2dany L0: Why in IB, Btc does not require Actions and the doges instead?

easteregg69: HammadAli, 0.0* Depends on how much is lost on the casinos and stuff. I win when people lose on that one.

naskalnik L0: LANA COIN :)

vestor L1: aborawya, Forgive me,but i do not know which one is the payment please.

easteregg69: HammadAli, It pays for staking.

HammadAli: easteregg69,Can you PM me a link which includes the relevant information regarding how to get eligible for dividends and ho to get them?

vestor L1: aborawya, I can see Date,Event,Packet Dx,Packet Before,Packet After,Balance Dx and Balance [link] which of these,can i find the payment please?

easteregg69: HammadAli, dappreview. TRX google

smartspender L2: so how do u beat a bot ? xD wish they were banned

aborawya L1: vestor, ok give seond plz

easteregg69: HammadAli, So many different options.

at007 L0: its time for 0xd to pump

vestor L1: aborawya, Yes [link] you.I am waiting please.

easteregg69: HammadAli, No PM.

aborawya L1: vestor, the number in Packet Dx

vestor L1: aborawya, Oh ok,so thats my profit in green?

HammadAli: easteregg69, So idea is to paly the game and get dividends?

aborawya L1: vestor, yes it is

easteregg69: HammadAli, [link] some coins that pays dividends. Get in early.

vestor L1: aborawya, So,I have to go back to my trade and sell that amount after closing my investment?

aborawya L1: vestor, yes u will

vestor L1: Let me try and see.

vestor L1: aborawya, Can we please private chat anytime i need help please?I can give you my whatsup number and if you dont mind,I can have yours [link] you sir..

aborawya L1: vestor, ok

easteregg69: HammadAli, Those TRX casinos burns a lot of TRX. It might come scarse some day.

vestor L1: aborawya, i just sent you a PM