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No exchanges

lestherat L1: tran247, soon people cant buy bitcoin, thats will be the time for shticoins

duongphamvphp L0: tran247, hú ở đâu đấy

hb2022 L0: Aska001 thanks

tran247: Who were scared of crypto are now may start getting into it because FB wants to use blockchain to help the 31% unbanked world population

pleasehelpme: lestherat, if peoples can not buy bitcoins because of expensive price- so how shit coins and alt coin can be rise ?when no bitcoins inject to them?

Aska001 L1: OROX To Expensive

nitingund92 L0: any help me how can withdrawls LINDA coin is wallet is on maintenance

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, doge market, litecoin market, eth market

usr7341: pleasehelpme, it your omlets are the same shit as you tak here about, nobody will buy your coin

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, people can buy a whole litecoins or whole eth

tran247: I never liked FB! But now, anyone who is friend of btc is a friend of mine! Heheheh!!! Just my theory! I don’t know jack shit

pleasehelpme: lestherat, but in yobit you can not buy Liza coin because there is no market for Liza ?what about it?

usr7341: kevtay6886, and next time, before you freaking out and calling an exchange scam, just control everything

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, yobit is totally different from all other exchanges

pleasehelpme: lestherat, liza just trading with bitcoin

nitingund92 L0: help me about LINDA coin

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, i hate yobit and i love yobit

lestherat L1: i made good money on yobit, but i lose a lot of money here too

pleasehelpme: lestherat, you can not buying liza coin from another pair market dog eth also same what happened to liza if bitcoin rise and peoples can not buying?

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, wait for 1 sat liza, then yobit for sure made a denomination again

lestherat L1: lot of coins at good price

pleasehelpme: lestherat, but when ib lock and 1 sat break there is no huge market sell orders for it this going like yozi -because need 20 buys and when peoples saying there is no benefit mine ib coin under 1 satoshi they left or leave that ib and market supply going stable or low and no need deominations

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, ib coins will never be stable

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, use your brain

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, and yobit never leave liza die, they can open other markets or reduce supply with denomination, already they did 3 times

usr7341: lestherat, he is talking so much nonsense during the day, you could make an HBO series out of that

tran247: *legistimizes, validates, endorses, guarantees, etc.. it what FB has done! Instead of calling it rat poison

usr7341: lestherat, earlier that day he was talking about ppl who try to sell old yobit accounts for 500/1000$with bots and api access because you can do it in new accounts...

usr7341: lestherat, which let me think, why is he looking for this kind of shit, which is probably 99.99% scam

usr7341: ...because you can't do it anymore in new accounts...

lestherat L1: usr7341, thats awesome,

Amoni L1: pleasehelpme, btc will touch 20k in no time now

lestherat L1: usr7341, i want to sell my account with 4 million skymax

lestherat L1: haha

duongphamvphp L0: OROX / BTC

pleasehelpme: Amoni, i think btc going expensive so much and only big companies like google can buy it -that time is ETH come to help alt coins and crypto world and ETH going like jesus for saving alt coins-but yobit need update all the alt coins just trade with ETH or there is going no investors and no volume

lestherat L1: pleasehelpme, in few years people will only trade with doge

usr7341: lestherat, dont worry, you will got your money (almost) back. my feeling is, since yobit blocked some ppl here, suddenly you see the buy wall more stable and more important, the offer side is becoming smaller and smaller. my sell orders from 14/16 days ago are sold and i am now "only" 10 away...

pleasehelpme: lestherat, dog is weak ness coin just eth can help alt coins

lestherat L1: usr7341, i bought at 20 sats, so still need weeks to roi, but i hope we will see skymax alive at 4-5 sats

Illefec: where buy dog with paypal

usr7341: lestherat, dont give up!

pleasehelpme: yobit need change all market pair to eth soon because bitcoin is expensive and no body not buying yobit coin with btc

Illefec: 1001 crypto names and 0 shop 4 accept these crypto.

lestherat L1: damn, Lisk, Waves, Doge, Litecoin, Xrp, Eth, good good price

usr7341: lol

usr7341: dominikherzog, that was freaking fast

usr7341: dominikherzog, to much coffee this morning?

lestherat L1: usr7341, i bought some qqq, i miss like 3 ib payments on skymax

lestherat L1: usr7341, qqq no task is cool