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USDR72.89- 0.2%1.9USD
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ETCR7600.00+ 23.2%0.8EthereumClassic
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anwarmajidii L0: water

pauliloabuchi L0: Please what is this 777 doing

pauliloabuchi L0: They don't pay the interest in investbox

pauliloabuchi L0: Can any one help me

cobratoontje: no

cobratoontje: pauliloabuchi, did u play dicegame with 777 ???

htmcom L0: Guys, Is it true Elon Musk buying Shiba Inu heavily

pauliloabuchi L0: cobratoontje, no I didn't play

cobratoontje: pauliloabuchi, U must do 20X ! see action column

Razabukhari110 L0: what about Ethereum Classic

Leoncioserpa: htmcom, why would he do that. He could mint his own coin if he wanted to. Doesnt make sense

BigDaddy23 L0: Is the DICE/BTC the Etheroll

cobratoontje: BigDaddy23, Are u really that dumb?? to think yobit gives many thousands of people that much btc for free?????

hamadov: guys what us SHIBA 2 ?! i cant seem to find useful info about it online !?

BigDaddy23 L0: So which DICE/BTC is it

cobratoontje: BigDaddy23, YODICE

cobratoontje: BigDaddy23, DICE/BTC wont happen

redsgarage36 L1: google dice coin look at differences

redsgarage36 L1: why you ask here a wealth of information on WWW

serkan1412 L0: XCH will rise

serkan1412 L0: To moon

pauliloabuchi L0: cobratoontje, please can you explain well for me

redsgarage36 L1: dice was airdrop, free coin and has no value

redsgarage36 L1: now will you all please shut th fugg up

drkhaled L1: what about Doge ??

VVTS2018: redsgarage36, right!

serkan1412 L0: Doge will drop until monday

SasoSaric L0: Waiting for eth income for two years, please advise!

SasoSaric L0: Eth transaction succesfull but has not come into my yobit eth wallet, what should i do?

patricksmeets L1: be happy

pauliloabuchi L0: Please am having problem with 777in investbox please can someone help me

patricksmeets L1: most crypto you cant withdraw anyway

takuocean L0: please give me 10000HEX

patricksmeets L1: no problem

VVTS2018: pauliloabuchi, if you haven't done the task (play 20 times), do that first, see what is required

VVTS2018: going offline

pauliloabuchi L0: Please am new on yobit

pauliloabuchi L0: VVTS2018, play what

Danny007 L1: takuocean, play dice maybe you win 10000HEX

VVTS2018: pauliloabuchi, read the task in the InvestBox for this coin, it says: 777: 20 ds (=20 times)

youdedend L0: pauliloabuchi, You did not say what is the problem ??

VVTS2018: pauliloabuchi, I don't invest there, you should know better

Lady11 L0: Pauliloabuchi click on the dice menu at your top screen and play with your 777 tokens. You need to roll the dice game 20 times once every 24 hours to get the reward of that day.

pauliloabuchi L0: Lady11, before they will start paying the interest

monkeybone87 L1: will the unavailable wallets be available again? or is maintenance just a way of saying you're screwed

youdedend L0: Lady11, yes

VVTS2018: monkeybone87, no one knows, but some coin wallets must be functional, see first if you're able to conduct a withdrawal by checking the wallet status of your coin(s)

VVTS2018: monkeybone87, I mean you can pick another

crypto1127 L1: ADA is so close to $2. Come on ppl lets give it the final push and take it to it's all time high!!

crypto1127 L1: Happy crypto trading:-)