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DOGET0.20900000+ 2.5%0.2Dogecoin
LTCT148.68086848+ 3%0.2Litecoin
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No exchanges

cmarx L1: people don't relies that yobit impacts most exchanges

cmarx L1: xrp been a battle but i getting there lol

cmarx L1: i got waves down get in there

teterouge L0: Insufficient funds in wallet of the first currency of the pair

teterouge L0: yone

teterouge L0: I’ve got the ship leaving

cmarx L1: thats what shorts are for sell high buy low , work it

teterouge L0: I can’t sell my yonne

KhehleN L1: Fool me once, but it will be foolish to try Minex3 ... anyone who invests in it will be ignorant about what happened with Minex2 ...

fearus1: KhehleN, haha you think Minex3 gonna come? ;)

fearus1: I kinda had a shred of hope they will fix the problem of what was wrong with Minex with Minex 2, seems not :D

fearus1: History repeat itself! ;)

tablepiece: fearus1, i hope minex3 and minex4 will come, those ieo's are great

tablepiece: at least an ieo were you can buy at ieo price

fearus1: tablepiece, ;)

tablepiece: fearus1, i had my yo in sell order, couldnt buy it like that was already swearing. glad i had enough time to cancel and buy lol

tablepiece: was a bit sloppy

Tron65: Why would YO need any help from any other gimmick? Lol

Tron65: Can I just start investing in YO and hope to make profits as next year or next three years?

tablepiece: Tron65, i like yo, just hate to buy and dice every day

Tron65: The other day someone said YO is at the same value in BTC as it was before. Is that true?

TheGuarantor L0: Is sell order the same thing with withdrawal?

KhehleN L1: fearus1, any Minex is a scam, it's clearly a scam ... those who come in first and take out their money before the whole thing falls flat are the only ones who win ... it's a pyramid scam

Neoxiosis L0: =(

Nufail L0: 0.01btc ~= 400$, monthly income~4.65$, to earn your capital it will take minimum 100 months(almost a light year)

nubbins7: Nufail, Lmao fun yes?

cyver: its been a long time since last update of the investbox and last ICO right? U_U

hacxx L0: The profit with free coins is almost inextent

hacxx L0: inexistent

hacxx L0: The cryptotalk campaign not working for EN?

dahadenki: yoda nice move , really cheap

bpool: XD

derxut L0: the ivestbox is good?

derxut L0: can you make a profit from there?

Danny007 L1: derxut, pwr on investboxi think is ggod

Danny007 L1: good

bpool: Danny007, it;s not godd?

gigapower: what about minex? high profits and all?#

gigapower: hahaha

Danny007 L1: bpool, why not good ?

Danny007 L1: gigapower, hahah

gigapower: what about investbox?

gigapower: invest in any coin get % check any coin like 777 there is 0 btc

gigapower: i dont understand how this platform is still working

gigapower: pure scammers#

bpool: Danny007, what is good?

notes1: bpool, 87sats away

Dgb24 L1: 2 cents is all I have

affilpymts L1: [YC]XiuPWz9edVTko6OulcmxnfejYTxpSSeHQzPVX5pWAabSKa6IV0AkAHJwY1cRvWaB[/YC]LEEP

Dgb24 L1: notes1, 420 or 1,420, if you don’t like a coin, I don’t think I even want to buy it cheap.