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hani20980: placebo1977, it's not shit it's the truth how much BTC need ALISA to hit 150 lol

Bnance10: Sell your Alisa while you’re ahead

hani20980: Bnance10, why so the peoples like u buy it cheap lol

placebo1977: hani20980, but why say it when nobody will do it? BTC only need $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 to hit $1M

easteregg69: Wab95, contact email claims to be vitalik(at)iethereum dot trade

Wab95 L1: there is a few investors saying they are buying 3.5 million iETH. apparently wall street guys. wonder what they know that we don't?

Solomando: No it doesn't.

hani20980: placebo1977, go for it then pump BTC to 1M$

Solomando: BTC only needs $10.5T to hit $500k.

Bnance10: hani20980, not planning on it. Too many millions coins sitting around..

IAMSORRY: Alert: One of the serious promoter of Panda is missing from limelight since Yoda Airdrop.

Solomando: And that's including dead coins.

placebo1977: hani20980, that is the same craap as you are talking

Bnance10: Solomando, that’s too

Tomasz L1: ML stays even :)

Wab95 L1: I guess I have difficulty understanding buying tokens with a billion outstanding when a person can buy 10% of 18 million tokens and just hold

usr7341 L2: luckily we are now in the middle of the night in middle east. less yoda talk here...

hani20980: ALISA is the only coin going up all coins red lol

klasjoha L1: usr7341, Oh yes

YzMan L0: Buy Yoda before it’s too late

Wab95 L1: these investors affiliated with iETH are saying they estimate only 4 million will ever trade again

Solomando: They'll say whatever to get you to buy them.

klasjoha L1: Wab95, Good luck buying them then

easteregg69: Wab95, Quoting a Cambridge study.

Wab95 L1: if they are correct 100k investment into iETH makes about 5 million dollars

Bnance10: Actually, I’m only joking around.. Whatever you says on chat will upset one side... just wanted to point out the kind of pump talk, “It only takes so much btc to go to whatever” is the kind of pnd talks

easteregg69: Wab95, Vitalik? Does that name ring a bell?

hani20980: that whale still waiting in 103 why he didn't make his order higher

usr7341 L2: Wab95, dude, nobody really care here about. if like to invest, just do it and stop promoting that shit

Wab95 L1: vitalik? why you ask

Bnance10: Just be careful

Payumoney: 8400$

easteregg69: Wab95, Vitalik is the name of the ethereum founder.

hani20980: Payumoney, a??

Wab95 L1: i am not promoting. but cant find any info on iETH? wondering if anyone has opinon

easteregg69: Wab95, You have the email now.

Wab95 L1: yes I know who vitalik is

easteregg69: Wab95, Might as well have written Santa Claus.

Wab95 L1: iethereum com website. opinions?

tablepiece: Wab95, sure, dont visit

Wab95 L1: i think it was a slow launch on purpose possibly? vitalik was used to make airdrop look shady? possible ?

easteregg69: Wab95, Someone pays the bill. Its on.

IAMSORRY: Erc tokens - Frog, Panda. Awaiting for IB. Please bring them to front line!

Wab95 L1: someone pays the bill?

usr7341 L2: whops. the bid queue in sex is super thin now

ulasmineulas L0: Yoda buy start again

klasjoha L1: ulasmineulas, oh i thought people still sold

Wab95 L1: ok well wall street guy I talked to said they are holding x 2 years and will hold 5 million in total iETH

thechust07 L0: marinadan, hello

muzhaky L0: ulasmineulas, nope its Shitcoins