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rogonz L1: tablepiece, thank you. Its dead but today is +25%

tablepiece: rogonz, wallet is offline so it is an easy pump. might not be a coincidence it is at the same time as edc pump

tablepiece: wish i bought more saw that pump coming

tablepiece: or hoping lol

rogonz L1: tablepiece, thanks

tablepiece: rogonz, no problem, can always check coinsinfo and bitcointalk to read up on coins.

tablepiece: on top.

rogonz L1: tablepiece, do you have EDC?

tablepiece: rogonz, no i did some pos mining on the old edinar. missed the boat and think price is a bit high to re-enter. at least you guys make some money, enjoy :)

tablepiece: and dont spam so much, doesnt really help it.

rogonz L1: well, make money..i lost much money with old edinar, now with leasing i recover my invest...i supose with trading i could learn more thn 11% but i m not an expert...

tablepiece: would cash a little out now but am not really following it so i could be wrong there. for trading you can always start small see if it works or not. takes alot of time, buying crypto when it dips might be better.

CyberFrog L0: how do you cancel a withdrawal that has been stuck since april?

CyberFrog L0: I've asked support for help since april with no response at all.

tablepiece: CyberFrog, what coin?

CyberFrog L0: muu

tablepiece: ok dont know that one, i would just write it off.

CyberFrog L0: I pretty much have already , just thought I would give it one more try.

CyberFrog L0: Thanks

tablepiece: np anything except ltc/eth/btc i make small withdraws and always test.

eduarssss L0: change 1 yovi for 0.016 btc

placebo1977: eduarssss, lol

placebo1977: eduarssss, who want to pay that price?

Slapdatazz: eduarssss, lmao...good luck kid

sakkievt1: eduarssss, that was a dumb move man

IAMSORRY: Pimp can pay it......

IAMSORRY: pleaseboooo also pay,if he wants!

eduarssss L0: yes

Slapdatazz: IAMSORRY, what did you do ?

eduarssss L0: I deposit 1 yovi, in exchange for 0.016 btc

Solomando: Slapdatazz, let him type more. You'll see who he is.

eduarssss L0: any interested?

Slapdatazz: Solomando, I believe I alreadt know

Slapdatazz: y

sakkievt1: Solomando, is it please help me?

placebo1977: eduarssss, just put it on the market and wait

Slapdatazz: sakkievt1, yup

sakkievt1: Slapdatazz, hmm multiple accounts..

eduarssss L0: Anyone interested in changing 0.016 btc for 1 YOVI?

placebo1977: 7M PONY till 108 sat, there are only like 60M coins available, the 7M guys don't want 2% daily? lol

Slapdatazz: sakkievt1, seems like it

placebo1977: eduarssss, you will get banned for this, you know that

Solomando: placebo1977, no I don't. My set in stone orders are set in stone.

sakkievt1: eduarssss, dude you cant reverse your rookie mistake by tryimg to convince people who told you that you made a mistake to buy your mistake at cost price..

sakkievt1: placebo1977, i just need a bit more then im in ib with my pony

sakkievt1: Edc going down again, glad i sold haha

Slapdatazz: sakkievt1, it will pop again

fearus1: sakkievt1, why did it spike to 109? wow

fearus1: I want it to "correct" to 70 sats

sakkievt1: Slapdatazz, true but not now. It will drop more and then we buy gor the next pump. See it had a good rise in the usd market aswell