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No exchanges

khurramuae4225 L1: when new ico is being expected??

2freshmedia: khurramuae4225, in a minute, buy YOBTC now!!! lol, thats wrong, sorry ignore me

tomdehauwere: khurramuae4225, random time

placebo1977 L2: Is blacksmith even on tel egram? does anyobdy know?

tomdehauwere: it's a puzzle you need to solve, break the code, and then you know when ieo is

dominikherzog: shizminer, ?

HamadaMostafa L0: goldeliteclub, Please dear here YOBIT say that the Sib Coin wallet is online in deposit and withdraw but the Last block Here is late about 1000 blocks of the last block in its blockchain So it is up to Yobit not DEVS Dear

goldeliteclub: tomdehauwere, yobit will refill the investbox when they decided to do it, maybe few months or few years :p

2freshmedia: dominikherzog, you banned him

shizminer L1: dominikherzog, thanks for banning me

tomdehauwere: lol...

shizminer L1: cant even explain him whats up...

5164202: shizminer, lol....

tomdehauwere: already back, shizminer?

2freshmedia: dominikherzog, instead of the "H" name guy I think was the mistake lol

placebo1977 L2: goldeliteclub, remember YOZI only started move up after the ib was gone for 1 month... so i can wait 1 month on QUBIX lol

ArshadAkash L0: liza removed fro ib

shizminer L1: dominikherzog, but we're still friends yea?

goldeliteclub: placebo1977, yeah i remember that, good profit :)

shizminer L1: no bad blood between us, we're like brothers

hani20980 L0: placebo1977, u think new ICO can be tomorrow ?

issie81 L1: ert pump?

HamadaMostafa L0: I am sorry that more than 50% of the wallet here is offline or Online but not work

placebo1977 L2: hani20980, i thin k it will happen random time, i'm even sure of it

shizminer L1: HamadaMostafa, if u havin difficulties withdrawing a coin thats offline, try smth else

2freshmedia: placebo1977, lol, when you get asked a stupid question, I have a meme for this, lol

goldeliteclub: HamadaMostafa, it is not yobit coin? why is it up to yobit for transaction issue?

dominikherzog: HamadaMostafa, smart peoples first check with smal amount

goldeliteclub: HamadaMostafa, best to contact the dev or do test transaction.

hani20980 L0: placebo1977, so we have to reload timer every second ?

2freshmedia: placebo1977, placebo do you think it will Wednesday tomorrow?

placebo1977 L2: hani20980, in fact i'm reloading the top page all the time lol

dominikherzog: HamadaMostafa, "Twin Peaks"

shizminer L1: dominikherzog, hey twin peaks was the shit back in a day

placebo1977 L2: 2freshmedia, wtf.... how do i know lol i even don't know how much coins etc

tomdehauwere: placebo1977, the top page?

5164202: dominikherzog, "Random Time" has been "Too Random". Will there be a another tweet before the new IEO is live ?

2freshmedia: tomdehauwere, market

tomdehauwere: 2freshmedia, ah ok lol i NEVER open that page

tomdehauwere: i think i saw it 1 time in 2 years time lol

2freshmedia: tomdehauwere, neither did I till they bought out YOBTC lol

placebo1977 L2: tomdehauwere, yeah, as it is random time then for sure there won't be a timer , else it is not random time lol

HamadaMostafa L0: I contact NMC devs and CPC devs and they told me that Yobit not want to contact them but everything is OK in other exchanges

msyed123: dominikherzog, Yobit is turning us all into Yombies.

2freshmedia: placebo1977, but, because no body will know, would it reach the top market straight away when released?

2freshmedia: because not a lot will know at that point in time, so low volume no?

sakkievt1: Wish i could get my 118k yozi oit of ib

2freshmedia: this is whats been playing on my mind, its bugging me how I will see it straight off, I dont even know the name of the coin I want to look for!! lol

dominikherzog: HamadaMostafa, you are in yobit.

goldeliteclub: dominikherzog, +1