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0.03154500 0%0.1YobitCoin
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0.11500000- 2.5%2Yo Token
LTC$77.00- 3.2%1.6Litecoin
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LTCR4810.90- 3.3%1.1Litecoin
USDR62.80+ 1.1%1.1USD
BCHABC$413.53+ 5.5%1BitcoinCashABC
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KBC0.00000052- 3.8%0.9KaratBank Coin
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IQN$0.83- 4.8%0.6iQeon
TRX$0.02- 2.5%0.5Tron Token
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99.99999999 0.00010000 0.00999999
100.00000001 0.99571290 99.5712900
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15.00040000 0.00090000 0.01350036
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1.68907881 0.00052744 0.00089088
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0.00030052 0.41966180 0.00012611
0.00020002 0.50000000 0.00010001
0.00020001 2.00000000 0.00040002
0.00011015 2.00000000 0.00022030
0.00010022 1.00000000 0.00010022
0.00010011 14.92887763 0.00149452
0.00009000 2.00000000 0.00018000
0.00008001 1.87476565 0.00014999
0.00008000 145.00048651 0.01160003
0.00001002 9.99001996 0.00010009
0.00000002 5000.00000 0.00010000
0.00000001 40000.0000 0.00040000
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19:06:53 BUY 99.99999823 0.00008274
19:53:51 SELL 11.50000001 0.00013238
15:53:23 BUY 99.99999823 0.00013238

placebo1977: Payumoney, LIZUN hit 3 sat eth market... not bad if you bought at 1 sat, but for sure with this low orderbook it should do a lot better

Triggerrcom: Go WOW! To the moon.

achzaini1961 L0: Market REDBlues

achzaini1961 L0: Give me 700 Yoda

placebo1977: achzaini1961, give me 335 YODA :)

usr7341 L3: placebo1977, ok, enough of this brother shit, someone dropped nice chunk of pony 2hrs ago. Wondering why. On the other hand, at 2% you need 15d to compound down from 4 to 3 And 21d from 3 to 2 sat

placebo1977: usr7341, no clue

usr7341 L3: I think my calc could be a reason

jeycee L1: dont sell yoda to pump

placebo1977: jeycee, i hope people sell, i have a order at 335

Candy90 L0: I never recieved my Yoda

Merkato: placebo1977, +1 me too ihope all they sell before it became worthless like liza :p

Merkato: jeycee, it's free money sell and thanks Yobit :)

usr7341 L3: Merkato, well, but you have also thank to all the ppl who buy, bc yobit is only the creator of yoda

Merkato: placebo1977, 500 eth wall on liza yours?

Jisuri: usr7341, i just guess some1 has enough of Pony and dumped all....cause of no info etc since weeks

Merkato: usr7341, Yobit create Btc?

usr7341 L3: Merkato, Dude, i said yoda

Ijobaolu L0: Why i cant see my 700 yoda ???

Merkato: usr7341, great info thanks for sharing

Merkato: Ijobaolu, click on My investments

usr7341 L3: Merkato, np. For you always

Merkato: like i needed lol

usr7341 L3: Jisuri, i made some calc few days ago and actually pony does not make so much sense

Merkato: let me remind you: i only interested in your super math skill

placebo1977: Merkato, nope

Merkato: usr7341, -302% real or fake?

placebo1977: Ijobaolu, because you are blind?

Merkato: placebo1977, 9 is mine ;)

usr7341 L3: Merkato, Look, you said, free money, thank yobit. I just add, that the green money comes actually from ppl who buys yoda, not from yobit

usr7341 L3: Merkato, -302%? In your world real, in my fake ;-)

Jisuri: usr7341, maybe, but i am in profit so depends on future action of Pony....maybe it will go 1 sat in months but i doibt it will go any lower than thaz

Merkato: usr7341, are you an alien?

Merkato: usr7341, what planet you live in MOON PLUTO URANIX?

Merkato: "somebody else's loss is another's gain" by Merkato

Sefi84 L0: X2 very good stabil coin, buy now

usr7341 L3: Jisuri, my probl is, with every day it's more and more hard to believe that in the beginning after the wall gone the surplus pony where like 10-20 mil

usr7341 L3: Merkato, What's your point?

Merkato: invest only what you can afford to lose

Oma2good L1: Please when will Trx deposits be on back?

Merkato: silly people thinking trading is money machine ofc there loss/gain

Anas1Ali L0: Welcome, you are Eng. Anas Ali Programmer One of the famous investment sites And someone currently called for cooperation to implement Ali Yopit's strategy Anyone who has a bit of Bitcoin bought it from me and me I will do the Litecoin or the dollar because I have a large amount In Litecoin currency, I want to exchange them for Bitcoin and the Yupt site, and you work for $ 7,000 This is a large amount because my balance is large and I want to invest my balance in bitcoin I have more than one thing, I don'

Anas1Ali L0: lie about anything, and anyone who doubts about me gives me a private telegram I'm going to talk to Cole and send me a bitcoin and he'll send me bitcoin after that I will give any person a portion of the commission to sell Yupit special minimum notice PIA in Bitcoin purchase is 10 BTC and I will transfer them to 1346 LTC for the sake of it Instead of what you pay for a YouTube site, $ 7,000, pay $ 5603 per person, commission But anyone who wants to transfer a small amount of bitcoin will talk to me on the

tablepiece: Anas1Ali, damn words cant read so many

Merkato: Anas1Ali, i couldn't read it all what its say in one word please

tablepiece: Merkato, he is probably saying, give me money!

usr7341 L3: Anas1Ali, gfy you scammer

manbtc007: Anas1Ali, GFY

dankcavernsof L1: Anas1Ali, i hope you die...

Merkato: Anas1Ali, i sent you a pm with all details