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easteregg69: [link] is the most crypto adopting country in the world.

easteregg69: Turkey..

arunkrsingh: observing here from last 2 years...if he said anything good about any means he have a lot of that coin and waiting you guys to in...and then dump hard

easteregg69: arunkrsingh, Know the drill.

arunkrsingh: now he have too much ixi,zxz,yobtc few yone and

arunkrsingh: so stay away from these coins

usr7341: arunkrsingh, well, sometimes is really interesting to argue with people and he knows very well the tricks. yet, after few months here, i realized, even its done very decent, he tends to be biased on coins. in that case you really know what the positioning is.

gaboprada8 L1: Xup die?

usr7341: arunkrsingh, i slightly disagree. i have these coins too, probably even longer then him and i dunno see nothing wrong with them. they average my losses in ybotc right now down...

gaboprada8 L1: Token?

arunkrsingh: i remember when liza born ..first ib yobit coin

usr7341: arunkrsingh, but i am with you, if we see him praising them high, he is probably trying to sell.

arunkrsingh: and he earn a lot from that just fudding here ...and a unexpected hard dump

bparajuli: arunkrsingh, liza was great last year but YOBTC is looking shit

Alex1888: bparajuli, right... YOBTC is just a tool to get BTC from you :/

arunkrsingh: no he not selling that time ..really too smart ..he try to pump that coin few hours,may be few days..he knows the reallty and new trader always traped

bparajuli: Alex1888, exactly. 100% agree

arunkrsingh: so i have 0 of all coins which promoted by placebo here..for your safety and my experience..always stay away from these type of fudder,scammer...good day,good luck

K9crypts: arunkrsingh, you also victim of placeboo?

GILLBATES L0: anyone got some spare eth to push Sato over the edge

gerhardc: stop talking about wankers and focus on making money, if you guys listen and make decisions based on what is said on this chat box, its your own problem

svarughese2: When was EKT coin added? By looking at history it looks like yesterday and touched 24hour high of 19 btc

svarughese2: EKT coin added yesterday but somehow no tweet from yobit. Yesterday coin has already touched 24 hour high of 19 btc and now again ready to fly

usr7341: gerhardc, +1. yet still, its also good to warn others...

sarah6013: What should i do? I am in loss at yobtc and still wait

sarah6013: Very bad feeling

jameshardy: sarah6013, hi jackB

sarah6013: jameshardy, what?

splendid0412: sarah6013, why

splendid0412: sarah6013, ok

sarah6013: I invested 0.3 btc in yobtc

gerhardc: usr7341, yeah agreed

K9crypts: sarah6013, how much your profit

gerhardc: K9crypts, at 0.2% and dropping daily, what profit? lol

K9crypts: gerhardc, normal

K9crypts: gerhardc, like liza last year daily 10% but drop 30% daily

sarah6013: K9crypts, 0.1btc loss. I bought for ico but now in a very bad loss

K9crypts: sarah6013, i loss 0.42btc

easteregg69: I made profit on Lina. Can be done.

gerhardc: K9crypts, yes exactly, thats why I ask what profit?

gerhardc: easteregg69, yes agreed

btcKing199: about bcp

K9crypts: gerhardc, minus profit also profit

easteregg69: gerhardc, Picking up on kin and btt.

K9crypts: Everyone loss not just me lol

gerhardc: lol

gerhardc: what you guys say about libra coin, what a joke, but a welcome BOOST to btc/crypto

gerhardc: easteregg69, how has kin treated you?

easteregg69: gerhardc, No idea.I think it is loss due to sale under price so far. Back for more anyways.

easteregg69: gerhardc, It ranks high on doge market.