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Dgb24 L1: Merkato is brave

Mazari776 L1: Btc update

BoastKit: Dgb24, You're free to express your opinions. Don't put your opinions in the mouths of others.

Yanadia: Hahahahahaha

Dgb24 L1: BoastKit, read your own lines

Dgb24 L1: Scam is when… what?

tablepiece: Dgb24, merkato cant read, he sometimes tried to buy the ieo with ethereum, doesnt kow an ieo from airdrop and cant calculate compound interest lol

BoastKit: Dgb24, You act like a kid (or idiot)

Dgb24 L1: BoastKit, you are the biggest idiot around here with full of advice

BoastKit: Dgb24, Ok. off then.

Dgb24 L1: Even advise people how to make money on the Internet! Lol

Yanadia: Wowpss wat is all about why turn to beat eacothers

Dgb24 L1: on a troll chat!

tablepiece: it is hard to win the 'who is the biggest idiot competition' here. i am always trying but never feel like i have won

Dgb24 L1: BoastKit, how do I make money from the International customers on the Internet? Lol

Yanadia: Ehmmmm

Dgb24 L1: We all are. Boast just needs someone to put a stop on his boastful bs

Cotwolds L0: sacrifice all your alts now for pulsetokens 2 days left

Dgb24 L1: Give others some space!

tablepiece: Dgb24, i boughet some celo i see, will i be rich now?

Yanadia: tablepiece, lolzz

Dgb24 L1: tablepiece, it has been a coin with many actions

Yanadia: I need 1 lt-c lolzz than i ll say i m rich :p~

tablepiece: Dgb24, i noticed :) had the same thing with xvs for example but that one is tanking. terra (luna) is doing great tho

tablepiece: so much to buy and trade today, i am buzzing

bpool: tablepiece, only btc market ;)

Dgb24 L1: tablepiece, I have too many coins. They are mostly either stagnant or trailing BTC

tablepiece: bpool, yeah trying to catch some cheap alts, added some vet and atom

bpool: tablepiece, +1 but someone thing that btc will hit 60k soon XD

tablepiece: Dgb24, same here but past weeks there were quite some pumps. lot of work keeping track. just stake and trade some

tablepiece: bpool, very possible, we have a nice floor at 30k it looks like and people are more conditioned to these prices

tablepiece: and suddenly many people i know have crypto and i see so many crypto commercial every day lol

tablepiece: during the European Championship there were crypto commercials during every break. means 80% of the country got spammed by it :)

bpool: tablepiece, +1 same... that mean something XD but too soon to hit new ATH XD

bpool: tablepiece, what will be after new halving XD

tablepiece: bpool, great, fomo everywhere :) it could go to 100-120k, as long as all the money doesnt flow into new bitconnect projects or the governments dont ban or overregulate

Alex230588: Guys,what Visio ?

gauravchawla: heyy

gauravchawla: domin?

Tron65: tablepiece, you use the savings account for cUSD in the app?

Tron65: I do. Only $0.96 earned interest per week. But it is one of the very few sure things from crypto world :-)

tablepiece: Tron65, i havent yet, might be a good way to send money to friends

tablepiece: instead of using the bank :)

Tron65: tablepiece, gift cards. Yeah, if you must have cash somewhere else other than banks, $1,000 is the max to earn 5%. Why not?

Tron65: tablepiece, I have 5 iPhones. I’ll just take $5 a week from them just for supporting their cause :-)

Tron65: But people, the coin is CELO. Their stablecoin is cUSD. And the app is Valora. Have a blast with them all.

tablepiece: Tron65, i actually need some money on the bank lol, the broker suddenly asked questions how i got my crypto

tablepiece: been a bit lazy to send history to prove it is from trading and not criminal activities

Tron65: tablepiece, lol

Yoelmarcan: That is why 90% of people lose in trading, they did not buy at 31,000 but now at 41,000 if they are buying, they will swallow the natural price decline as idiots. I mean only those who trade, not holders