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Ilanjaafrass: Jmangler19, they is ico is a scam

Jmangler19: Alot of big financial institutes are getting into crypto one way or another

Ilanjaafrass: Jmangler19, Sorry they said his ico is a scam....

Jmangler19: gazader, well it is the best way to transfer money overseas instantly

Jmangler19: For very cheap

gazader: Jmangler19, yeah i guess, to be honest there is not much to discuss at this moment I was just asking if you ever got bored of talking about yobit coins lol

placebo1977: omes12, watch out, as they can close your account for that

placebo1977: omes12, and then don 't cry and say that you don't know what you did wrong....

eddieamp: placebo1977, :-)

placebo1977: yocal, ASAFE can be v ery interesting if it break the 1 sat ETH wall

placebo1977: yocal, infact i have bought a lot of ASAFE coins on doge market and waiting for the big move up... one day it will happen, it happen with KARMA and DIME too, so ASAFE will move up too

gazader: placebo1977, lol considering people are buying every 2 days it will be awhile

Solomando: The real strange thing, I've doubled up on AMA 4 times this week. Anyone know anything about it?

omes12 L1: placebo1977, I already became silent,why they dont close your account for fudding?

placebo1977: omes12, fudding what?

eddieamp: stating facts is not fudding

gazader: is work any good?

omes12 L1: placebo1977, keep your mouth shut and trade instead of taking role of admin

placebo1977: eddieamp, indeed... that is what i'm thinking too

omes12 L1: eddieamp, asking us to quit yozi and buy trix and lizun is not fudding?

eddieamp: FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a marketing term that is often used to cast a shadow over a competitor's product when your own is unable to compete

placebo1977: omes12, i don't ask anybody to sell YOZI... but for sure one day it will drop it cannot move up x26+ forever lol

jackbower1: omes12, yes, he fuuding, fuuck, every time i listen to him i made x2-x3, fuuuck i cannot make x10 buy placebo advices

placebo1977: jackbower1, lol

placebo1977: jackbower1, like that person from yesterday, some people will never learn

omes12 L1: jackbower1, congratulations

eddieamp: omes12, he doesnt have to fud it, look at the chart. hes stating the obvious

eddieamp: jackbower1, ya what a prick

jackbower1: placebo1977, let losers loss and winner winn ;)

omes12 L1: placebo1977, i know,i just wanted to buy more yozi

omes12 L1: i have order at 1432

eddieamp: omes12, lol there it is. now you seem like a better guy

omes12 L1: yobit is the best

gazader: omes12, you know some people win and some people lose

placebo1977: omes12, look, you can do whatever you want, but saying stuff like ib gone tomorrow etc is dangerous game, and i'm pretty sure that admin doesn't like it. so just keep it with the facts ;)

eddieamp: i think we all got orders lower, but it keeps going up

omes12 L1: placebo1977, i dont say that again

omes12 L1: i love anything Russian,i stayed in russia for 10 years

omes12 L1: and i can speak too

omes12 L1: nice potatoes and shashlik

CryptoYas: WGR

eddieamp: when dice tells you to wait 20 seconds, does it think your a bot?

jekecoin L1: are you using a bot?

recai72 L0: asafe

eddieamp: jekecoin, no but after about 20 rolls it tells me to wait 20 seconds

eddieamp: was just curious if thats why. to much clicking or something

Implux84 L0: I need support

jekecoin L1: eddieamp, then your too faster

Razzly L0: ama

rawal1978 L0: Meme now go moon

Dice Game