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fagner L1: I have 1% yoda and 2% in ib. To hold

fagner L1: Almost everything red

placebo1977: i hope a new ieo in YO will come soon,that will be a micro ieo and give a lot of profit

alexbidel: placebo1977, micro ieo, with 2% ib for all and 10% for yo holders ;)

dankcavernsof L0: wtf alisa got dumped so bad

glowbox907: dankcavernsof, ikr fucking crazy

placebo1977: alexbidel, and YO ib BEFORE the other ib! as with ALISA YO holders had a disadvantage as their ib was after the other one

javis37 L0: will btc go up soon?

trannyc247: 10 rolls of dice for a total of $1/day is all you need to do to get paid for ALL boxes that requires ds

dankcavernsof L0: glowbox907, like do we do now?

dankcavernsof L0: glowbox907, wait for a new ico or smth?

fagner L1: javis37, maybe

shadyborai: What happen alisa we will loss our money !

ETheHedgehog L1: frejak2000, dicing every hour seems irritating but man that would've been an awesome chat

placebo1977: javis37, i hope it hit $1000

zahidlatif72 L0: Big exchange result zero

placebo1977: YO nice move

fagner L1: I want to buy a Yo, but my balance is still low.

placebo1977: the question is not will YO hit 0.20 BTC , the question is when will YO hit 0.20

usr7341 L5: dankcavernsof, cut the losses or compound down to the point where one day the decreasing pace is slower than the inflation effect

sumino88 L1: sell and buy survive each other ... haha,

fagner L1: 

usr7341 L5: dankcavernsof, basically such coins can drop every day by the % given from the ib and the market would be in equilibrium. only speculation hold this lvl up

usr7341 L5: thats what most ppl obviously does not understand here. if the supply is growing daily by amount x, so the demand has to do the same to offset the additional supply on the market so the price can stay in balance.

Pallag: HEAL up

usr7341 L5: the reasons for the demand can be different but the mechanism is always the same

wilbertson L0: I cant make a post on cryptotalk

placebo1977: usr7341, L5? what did you sell? YO?

trannyc247: fagner, I'll show you about it later. I promise. Just do Yoda for now. The smaller the price per share, the larger % gains possible.

Vaskor L1: Go to buy heal

usr7341 L5: placebo1977, nah, i closed some btc-ibs

placebo1977: usr7341, nice... buy all AIR so that i can sell at 30000sat

usr7341 L5: placebo1977, and btw L5 means >2 btc which is not so much at all

placebo1977: usr7341, but it is enough for me to sell all my coins

usr7341 L5: placebo1977, lol

fagner L1: trannyc247, I will follow your advice. You are a cool guy!

alexbidel: placebo1977, i myself even put my alisa in 7% , lol. 1% more did not attract me as a yo holder

placebo1977: alexbidel, yes, but that ib was there after the other one, YO ib should come first

placebo1977: alexbidel, so that YO holders can always sell 30 - 60 mins faster then other people

tablepiece: alexbidel, 8% you can buy and sell, huge advantage in the beginning. i am hoping for a nice dip :)

alexbidel: placebo1977, +1

tablepiece: placebo1977, if you would have bought more it was 1% more for one day lol

alexbidel: tablepiece, on what?

tablepiece: alexbidel, alisa

tablepiece: 7% no sells

alexbidel: tablepiece, at the begining yes, good to trade

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, i am checking bi finx regarding your trade. i see huge vol spike around three hrs earlier. but when i look into the liquidations board i dont see any trade around that time

alexbidel: tablepiece, infact this no sell has no affect , when users hold for 1day and then sell

tablepiece: alexbidel, i should have closed my ib 20 minutes before payment, hate those spots :)

dankcavernsof L0: tablepiece, F