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shadyborai: trannyc247, yes but 10 same time you will loss man too if some of them dump

placebo1977: trannyc247, i think the secret 10 coins will be the same list as now the 10 coins that were in the list before lol

alexbidel: why Yomi is so strong?

placebo1977: trannyc247, there is 0.0 reason to change the list

placebo1977: alexbidel, because it will win yopump in 1 month

shadyborai: placebo1977, yes I agree with you about water it's little supply

alexbidel: placebo1977, you hold your 150k dailies? ;)

easteregg69: alexbidel, 1% of 10000 wont make a sale. That's why.

shadyborai: placebo1977, what the total supply of Yoda until now can you estimate

placebo1977: alexbidel, pity that this 1% hourly is destroying the good money for YO holders ;)

placebo1977: shadyborai, 4M - 5M available supply

shadyborai: placebo1977, are you sure pro

placebo1977: shadyborai, WATER will be like 200k - 300k

easteregg69: alexbidel, Gonna let it build up.

placebo1977: shadyborai, it won't be higher, for sure

shadyborai: placebo1977, very good man it's little supply too

shadyborai: placebo1977, oh my god water will reach 200 k sat realy ?

placebo1977: shadyborai, 200k supply, not sat lol

shadyborai: placebo1977, hehe yes that's ok

shadyborai: placebo1977, water very little really

placebo1977: shadyborai, it can move back to 5000sat if it is one of the 10 coins for yopump, and if it win then :)

shadyborai: placebo1977, then 10k sat

placebo1977: alexbidel, i hope next fork would be a lot less coins, 10 YO for 1 new coin, and 1M INVEST for 1 new coin, so that it can stay at a high price and don't drop to 3 sat in 4 days

alexbidel: placebo1977, +1

shadyborai: marinin393, you agree that water is 200 k total supply

trannyc247: placebo1977, Yobit heard us. People were too focusing on the removal of a coin than continue to support the past winners. Like YOTRA is still perfect a good coin to buy

placebo1977: alexbidel, it is always the same problem with the yobit coins, the starting price is way too low, and it drop to 1 st and it is all done

alexbidel: placebo1977, starting price should be like Air

shadyborai: placebo1977, what you mean all done

placebo1977: trannyc247, i would say, make yopony simple, put all the yobit ieos and forks in the yopony race, have 30 horse or whatever and use 5 BTC for the horse that win, allow people to bet on several horses to

placebo1977: trannyc247, it will keep certain coins high in price as that 5 BTC can be the whole supply of a coin

placebo1977: alexbidel, yeah... starting price at 1 BTC or whatever... so that it take years before it hit 1 sat

placebo1977: alexbidel, new ieo of 2 coins price 1 BTC :)

placebo1977: alexbidel, 2% for non YO holders, 5% for YO holders that didn't sell YO for at least 1 month

placebo1977: alexbidel, and after 1 year it will still be higher than 1 sat :)

trannyc247: Yobit didn't have to do anything. But they spent 5 BTC a week to stimulate the economy and now.. we will have to wait a bit longer. At least once a month is still better than none

shadyborai: trannyc247, what if happen and pump 10 coins same time poom Waw that will be great for all

youdedend L1: WATER 20 buy trades

youdedend L1: I love that

trannyc247: shadyborai, Yobit is known for surprises. Don't expect too much, but don't underestimate the Team

shadyborai: youdedend, yobit is a great platform and I wish always better even I loss alot of money here but still hope

youdedend L1: shadyborai, yes

youdedend L1: yobit is a great platform

shadyborai: youdedend, yes and hope always the better from them and safe as much they can the coins from dump , I wish always the better on this platform

youdedend L1: shadyborai, yes You can up

ensync2005: any admin on?

shadyborai: youdedend, you know good idea to increase sell lots and orders I think will help

trannyc247: I have many other coins too, so I don't just want to pump Yotra. But didn't Yobit pump it with 10 BTC? I bet you it was an official exchange coin. Still gives you small amount as rebate for trading. A bnb in a sense

alexbidel: placebo1977, +1

ensync2005: where can i find admin?