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Slapdatazz: pinalizz, still stuck holding your bag from last shitcoin pump !

tplinkuser: maticaman, its also my question

pinalizz: Slapdatazz, what bag ?

Slapdatazz: pinalizz, you know the bag !

easteregg69: Dang i am glad you did not delist trx because of that dgb thing. Cheers.

easteregg69: No lynch party found.

easteregg69: Tropico6 teaches me to be a great dictator.

easteregg69: Smuggling gold in coconuts and stuff.

zochef987: tplinkuser, dont worry, the owners of all yobit erc20 tokens is yobit. they can help you

Emperorsoft L1: BGP moving

easteregg69: One trade licence is not enough.. In that game.

easteregg69: Check seedit and robominer if you want to receive/give tips when you are on telegram. Both tipping bots.

polunin2009: Emperorsoft, BGP fell asleep ! after 18 hours the price will rise or fall)))

easteregg69: Robominer has game to it.

easteregg69: It pays well for surprise. Can't live from it but it adds up.

serhan23 L0: I think FRWC dump finished selll

easteregg69: seedit paid me 5 dollars last time it checked the wallet.

easteregg69: In trx and btt.

easteregg69: Guess it's for all the typing.

easteregg69: polunin2009, BDC IB pays.

easteregg69: QQQ. Packet Dx +2223680.87238481 the bigger the better.

easteregg69: Pays to.

easteregg69: BDC Packet Dx: +70.98301743.

easteregg69: No "TOP" coin/token found. Checking pairs.

easteregg69: Abbreviation of "topless".

easteregg69: A pyramid got a top.

easteregg69: Paradoxes most often pays in time..

alican987ali L0: xrp 0.23

easteregg69: Those numbers will go "NAN" if it's not put to an end.

easteregg69: alican987ali, XRP is a bunch of hooligans.

easteregg69: alican987ali, I still have the exchange wallet the put out for a start.

easteregg69: *they.

easteregg69: Paid some 10 or 20 XRP for truthiness just to get in going.

easteregg69: One beer left..

fadli4eeer L1: can i delete CryptoTalk UID?

easteregg69: Thinking about pumping Sn!ped's dividends for a lesson.. Use his masternode.

trxcoin19: easteregg69, welcome

easteregg69: He' a crook.

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Not you.. Cheers.

trxcoin19: easteregg69, I know my dear friend

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Right. One click pays one IB?

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Beats grinding tupperware.

trxcoin19: I don’t know I don’t have enough experience

easteregg69: trxcoin19, You know what button not to click.

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Call for your financial adviser.

easteregg69: You may proceed.

trxcoin19: easteregg69, you are kidding

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Time is of no issue.

trxcoin19: Any new recommendations and tips

easteregg69: trxcoin19, Get that IB. Test your luck..