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placebo1977: Aleksi235, it is already up 100X and you talk about more rise lol

placebo1977: Aleksi235, and who is saying that 700 YODA would be worth $30?

placebo1977: Mahe1, why talk crap? if the wallet is not active then it doesn't matter if on another exchange it is even 1000 BTC

tohid6 L0: love zec

Mahe1: placebo1977, talking crap becouse i sit on 862k ponzi, coinmarketcap says supply is 861k and also another exchange based on same blockchain

placebo1977: Mahe1, coinmarketcap is wrong for a lot of coins, the only correct value is the supply that is displayed in your wallet

Mahe1: placebo1977, the value i can sell

meneghino L1: why EOS wallet always in maintainace?

newus2017 L0: no doubt every wallet is under maintenance

anank L0: hello admin, is there a problem for the withdrawal of btc on yobit,

Merkato: newus2017, x10 wallet?

Armandinho69 L1: i want to trade btc to x, but its chapear and get more coin from ethereum almost three times the coins, somebody knows why?

tablepiece: Armandinho69, its a free market, prices arent fixed. usually depends on volume, people get tired sell cheap.

stylesx L0: please bring okcash wallet to life so I can withdraw :(

elijoel L0: here bytecoin ?

johnlowers: good evening gentlemen

raypol: johnlowers, Tawk about a Blast from the Past. Hi John

johnlowers: raypol, Ray Ray..whats up buddy

johnlowers: raypol, Happy Bday kid

raypol: johnlowers, How the hell ya been?

johnlowers: raypol, doing well , how about yourself ?

raypol: johnlowers, Besides still in Jersey. Real good

johnlowers: raypol, 28 degrees here last

raypol: johnlowers, I can see that "ozone hole from here lol

rphuisman77: raypol, i read that Jersey has 0% vat i that correct?

johnlowers: raypol, lmao..your looking towards Phila..

raypol: All directions. Accordign to AOC we got 12 yrs so its gotta be everywhere lol

raypol: rphuisman77, vat?

rphuisman77: vat = Value Added Tax (tva)

johnlowers: jersey

raypol: rphuisman77, they RAPE us for Property taxes, gas taxes, so vat not needed.

raypol: rphuisman77, I think thats more of a Canadian thing

raypol: vat and G & S

rphuisman77: vat or sales tax i think 60-95% of world gov doing already

raypol: johnlowers, I guess you heard that Governor Cherkov made us a sanctuary state

raypol: rphuisman77, Not like Jersey.. NJ, NY, and Cali are just retarded

Hullk99 L0: Tes

johnlowers: raypol, yea guys are fucked !

johnlowers: raypol, try that shit down here

raypol: johnlowers, It's always the blue states that do that shit

johnlowers: raypol, well , anyway..enjoy your new voters..

raypol: johnlowers, simplemente siguen viniendo

raypol: = They just keep coming too

johnlowers: raypol, I actually read that

Solomando: Aren't the blue states great.

raypol: Solomando, I'll let them be their own friggin country. Bup bye

johnlowers: Solomando, they could be..right now , there a couple bad apples

johnlowers: theres *

johnlowers: theirs *

johnlowers: whatevva