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Virtual Mining

- Buy a virtual miner and get income in tokens every day!
- When buying a miner, 90-85% of btc funds goes to buy support for the Minex in Minex/BTC trade pair
- Minex/BTC support price is fixed - 10 sat
- 10% of the cost of the miner goes to the buyback of the Yo token (in the Yo/BTC pair)
- Get 5% from all Miner Purchases of your referrals in BTC:
- Post screenshots of your miners in this topic!
- YoPower: you need to buy power for miners (YO) for every miner, cost: 5% from сurrent miner cost in Yo Tokens
Next order price: 0.00000010
Mining history
Date Event Miner Mined Dx Balance Dx Balance Before Balance After

notes1: Yanadia, I won't do it again

Yanadia: notes1, thats u ????

marinin393: xD

marinin393: notes1, was it an dickpic?

notes1: Yes

marinin393: lol

Yanadia: U got my block

marinin393: notes1, now you have marry her! xD

Yanadia: Hahaha shamed on you 'OmG why ? Ughhh

notes1: I thought it would cheer you up

Yanadia: notes1, i m to old for kinds of it 'sorry if i m so mean but never ever do that again 'i have bad mouth when mad

VVTS2018: you have bad mouth when mad? Ain't no good

Yanadia: Ok forget it ... i m sorry too

notes1: Just sent you another

Yanadia: marinin393, lolz

notes1: Yanadia, I'll ask Greg to send you a pic aswell

Yanadia: notes1, dont make me mad i hate dirty boy/kids remember u coming from woman and u r nothing when u couldn't resoect woman

Yanadia: Respect*

notes1: Don't panic

Infantaria L1: cripto dice

maxrosenbaum: there is a lawyer ruining my life in my day job

Yanadia: I m might ugly but i m not a slut

notes1: Yanadia, I'm not asking you to throw keys in a bowl

Yanadia: Watever now u ruins my mood :(

Yanadia: Now i know why i must stop chat n talking 'thx you its bad but good sign for me

notes1: Yanadia, oh dear

Slapdatazz: Yanadia, Hey sis

notes1: Why/how would I know where to send a pic too?

lamarni L0: respect women please

Slapdatazz: Yanadia, Notes is just funning with you hun..

notes1: I'd want 100000doge to send pics

Alek55S55andR5: SHIBA2

notes1: [tumbleweed]

alexdorokhov L0: doge

Jamsidra L0: SHIBA2

camicas L1: notes1, send some tip PM

notes1: Peniscoin?

Slapdatazz: Lmao..a tip

notes1: Slapdatazz, lol

notes1: World's gone nuts

vahantiktas L0: how to cancel a sale.

InternetUser99 L1: what's with that stupidly high withdrawal fee on ETH

maxrosenbaum: go to orders and click the X

notes1: vahantiktas, orders top of page

vahantiktas L0: how to cancel a sale.

Slapdatazz: vahantiktas, go to of page and X out to close

maxrosenbaum: My friend who swore doge off based on "fundamentals" isn't replying after I told him Coinbase was adding Doge

notes1: maxrosenbaum, coinbase just missing out on fees

maxrosenbaum: Yes and now anyone can buy doge

maxrosenbaum: well in 6-8 weeks