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Virtual Mining

- Buy a virtual miner and get income in tokens every day!
- When buying a miner, 90% of btc funds goes to buy support for the Minex in Minex/BTC trade pair
- With every purchase of a miner, the Minex/BTC support price increases by 0.1% (except for Micro miner)
- 10% of the cost of the miner goes to the buyback of the Yo token (in the Yo/BTC pair)
- With every purchase (except Micro) cost of all miners increases by 0.1%
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tablepiece: comingwealth, does it matter? if you knew crypto and were trading in 2015 you should have been rich and could have been doing something meaningfull with that money

tablepiece: same goes for this year

comingwealth L1: tablepiece, yes iits matter..they could to do to make crypto is here to is oppoosite

comingwealth L1: i said long time ago...crypto world will enter genius book as best ponzi scheme ever

tablepiece: comingwealth, plenty of nice projects still, problem in general is some dev suddenly gets rich. no incentive to continue serious. so you have to research or lose emtions and just make money trading/hodling

Santos350 L0: Mask ib 10% daily now is open again

marek103 L0: Santos350, was closed

makinmoney: Santos350, yes it is

Hitman2847 L0: hey everyone , is the vmining safe?

cobratoontje: Hitman2847, as safe as anyting

placebo1977: unbelievable how dice is performing so terrible

Hitman2847 L0: cobratoontje, thanks

placebo1977: for a coin that only give 1% daily and dropping so hard... i think without any questions this most be the worst coin ever added on yobit

Merkato: lol

makinmoney: haha

Merkato: placebo1977, what about $1700 is it real or not?

placebo1977: where do you see $1700?

cobratoontje: Merkato, dumb question

placebo1977: Merkato, i see get 1700 free dollars, i don't see $1700 at all

cobratoontje: Merkato, no idiot question

Merkato: you don't see Gift in front?

Merkato: cobratoontje, come on placebo is not a idiot he is smart

cobratoontje: Merkato, an asswiwe can also be a gift

Merkato: very smart

cobratoontje: p

cobratoontje: asswipe

Merkato: cobratoontje, lol

Merkato: cobratoontje, by the way TPT was also his shitcoin ;)

cobratoontje: anyting applies as a gift

cobratoontje: Merkato, made some mony off it tho

Merkato: $1

cobratoontje: Merkato, bit more

Merkato: $5 :)

cobratoontje: Merkato, psstt.... i am not telling

cobratoontje: my lttle secret

Merkato: lol don't be shy. last time i made free money was from Yo dollars i made $10

cobratoontje: Merkato, i am not shy , just secretive

Merkato: cobratoontje, you work for FBI too?

cobratoontje: Merkato, on the other hand , dice made way more bucks than that

cobratoontje: Merkato, dont work at all

Merkato: retired

YaX100: TOP, rackets!

cobratoontje: Merkato, back ake

lavdim1: getmydice,

Merkato: dice almost 40% down nice prediction

lavdim1: getmydice, your playing btc dice is very much sum ,how mutch btc you have

Merkato: yusufwelo32, ihope you didn't buy any dice :)

makinmoney: thank you Mask buyer.

ctunbosun L0: Merkato, how do one make it here? Where everything goes down never comes up again

dimaflw L0: а когда easy торговаться будет?