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E0.00005275+ 0.9%0.6Dogecoin
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LTCR10353.49- 3.3%0.5Litecoin
0.05980201- 1%0.5Yo Token ERC20
HEX0.00000473- 4.1%0.5HEX Token
USDR72.51+ 0.1%0.4USD
USDTR76.20- 0.3%0.4USDT ERC20
LTC$142.00- 4.7%0.3Litecoin
BTTOLD0.00000006 0%0.3BitTorrent
T0.99997443+ 0.5%0.3USDT ERC20
0.00000023 0%0.3Frog Token

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usr7341: well... not really...

Tron65: usr7341, no? You should try a few bucks in a few coins

Tron65: Coins and exchanges all are like a large mutual funds to me. Whichever doesn’t perform, I’d drop them like a bag. Like losing in dice. No emotion

usr7341: Tron65, the problem is, the assets that are lp-ed. are more or less only yboit coins. means, inifite supply vs demand. so, if you go very long then you will suffer impermanent loss. so, its a huge risk. if it goes to $1 dunno. but its not like your $500 will stay the same

usr7341: my impression, ppl simply underestiate the IL risks here in the pools

Tron65: usr7341, I understand

usr7341: i do only the yo-btc pair bc I see the risk ok-ish for me in yo

usr7341: all other are not worth imho

usr7341: and on top, you have no idea where yofarm will trade to offset potential IL losses from the defi-pools

Tron65: You’re right. All of them are shitcoins. I have some in YO for sure

usr7341: tl;dr I dont think it will go $1. but, I also dont think, you gonna make huge profits if you go into the pools bc of the huge risks of IL

Tron65: In fact, most of my money, if I decide to use YoFarming, will be in YO

Tron65: However, in crypto, don’t joke about a joke coin too long (Doge) and never shit on any shit coin too soon (SHIB). Lol

Tron65: Y’all enjoy!

usr7341: Tron65, yup. I personally try just to "value" the trades. and all of us have different models, approaches, ideas and so on

usr7341: Tron65, so yeah, what might be a good trade, can turn later in a total disaster. and vice versa

usr7341: Tron65, btw if you like to hear an idea: by crv on fatnom and profit from the curv-war's theme. then, park them in tarot to earn on top currently ~30% apy while having super cheap fees on fantom.

usr7341: buy crv...

usr7341: Tron65, the clue: you can do single sided liquidity provision on tarot. NO IL

Virions2 L0: hi all

easteregg69: usr7341, Master.

easteregg69: Single sided liquidity providing.

scaryhamid L0: whats the minimum amount to add liquidity?

easteregg69: No impermanent loss. Single sided.

usr7341: easteregg69, ?

easteregg69: usr7341, Compounding synth's. Does it have a name?

easteregg69: usr7341, You got it right. Noted.

usr7341: XD

easteregg69: Time for an ass wash. Check the sweat.

fateh07 L0: Hi

fateh07 L0: DLRS

fateh07 L0: .

easteregg69: Got hair growing out the ears? Cut it!

easteregg69: How can we make you rich if you can't have your own?

easteregg69: Shady call office.

easteregg69: The boss spends the money.

easteregg69: Could be a colored person.

easteregg69: I am clean.

belenyurt1 L0: LIZA?

easteregg69: Laundry and dish washing. Get on with it. It's cheaper that way.

easteregg69: Check your dividends for comfort.

easteregg69: You know it goes down a couple of clicks if you reinvest.

easteregg69: SO new strategy is to not invest like a degenerate and push reinvest till dividends is decimated. If you ask me.

easteregg69: Pause.

Alternative L0: you sons of bitches!

izedin L0: belenyurt1, not swap

Alternative L0: waiting for blocking. because yobit can't even close or delete my account. dirt club.

easteregg69: Check the e numbers on the bridge.

easteregg69: Swap

easteregg69: "Hello Moto".My new phone speaks to me. Funny.