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Investment plans

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxeаs can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
InvestBoxes with «new» type - no investment close, you can only get daily percent.
Investment plans
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YzMan L0: What’s happening Yoda !!?

Bnance10: KngHil, you got me mixed up with someone else. I always encourage ppl to average buy. Unless you assume 1M Yoda at a time is my average :-)

Tsarjim L0: When will qqq finally pump!? And YODA,what's happen??

KngHil: Bnance10, Buy micro! Bye!

Bnance10: Tsarjim, every time Yobit try to help with no max IB on qqq, someone put a trillion coins in it and made it empty? How will qqq get another chance with greedy traders??

Bnance10: KngHil, Micro is for amateurs. But I’m not against it

Bnance10: Bye! Lol

KngHil: yoda is for prostitutes

Daaave: Bnance10, YODA is for fools

KngHil: oh auto correct! 'pros' or not

KngHil: I kinda prefer prostitutes

KngHil: everytime you dice you are shaking for yoda bills!

KngHil: work dat azz

earnbuzz L0: why my ltc withdraw cancelled! yobit?

GILLBATES: Yoda now showing on fast ex bot Market prices , what does it mean !

Oleg1991: Yoda duy

KngHil: GILLBATES, will be listed on big exchange?

dominikherzog: earnbuzz, write ticket

maciocia: dominikherzog, morning Dom

GILLBATES: dominikherzog, when will Yoda also be able to be traded using the Fast EX bot?

Yunden L0: how can i withdraw NAS

trannyc247: There seems to be a few who don't enjoy to trade on Yobit. What are you really doing here? Or you either hate some coin or users who believe or invest in a few of them! What is it to you? If I wee Dom I'd send you to a permanent vacation so you can be happy again! Heheheh!!!

trannyc247: *were

carlos234901850: dominikherzog,

IAMSORRY: Alert of the hourly: Trannyc247 is back into action! Hardtime for spammers!

BrolySSJ L1: Trading is hard though.

Markjurk12: Infx coin when touched 343 sat? :(.

easteregg69: Good to know: One S19 machine could have replaced all the mining power back in 2013.

manbtc007: Why don't you GFY

ktraynor: ONEK / DOGE !

moneywire: any impact of Corona virus on YODA?

polunin2009: luna/usd

fatihtasti L0: why not deposit all closed

ahsinawan77 L3: moneywire, yes its sick

moneywire: ahsinawan77, will he die?

ktraynor: moneywire, outside of both being engineered reductions, no

moneywire: ktraynor, are u sure becoz i heared Corona virus has no cure

ktraynor: moneywire, colloidal silver

aaron76 L1: yoda come to the dark side

widiastuti L0: when alisa pump?

widiastuti L0: why alisa not pump like macro?

easteregg69: manbtc007, TRX has removed hardcap. Unlimited coins now. Inflation 2 bill a year for start.

easteregg69: Love that!

easteregg69: Means CZ is gonna shovel money in with his stake.

easteregg69: Could pay a BNB wallet i assume.

easteregg69: manbtc007, Grand funky yasper..

easteregg69: That dude has 55% votes and votes like a democrat. How hilarious is that?

Sayeed687 L0: Hello

easteregg69: Sayeed687, Hello

placebo1977: widiastuti, becase micro have strong holders and alisa has weak dumpers