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ZEC0.01103231+ 4.6%750.6Zcash
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BTCR593866.36+ 2.8%32.5Bitcoin
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KBC0.00000961- 2.7%14KaratBank Coin
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NOAH0.00000006 0%9.4NoahCoin
EDC0.00000044- 4.4%9.2EDC blockchain
NCOIN0.00004748- 44.5%7.9News Coin
ETHR17334.00+ 0.7%7.5Ethereum
BGP0.00003679- 16.4%7.2Big Capital
LBR0.00000006 0%5.2LIBERTALIA
YUPA0.00002379+ 43.9%5.2Osteria
LTC$134.00- 2.4%4.2Litecoin
WOW0.00009457+ 5%4.1WOWcoin
AGR0.00000006- 33.4%4.1Autograde
XRP0.00004949+ 3.3%3Ripple
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ETH$274.00+ 0.7%2.6Ethereum
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LTCR8500.00- 1.9%2.3Litecoin
HOMA0.00000081- 23.6%1.7Cryptohoma Token
LIZA0.00021800+ 6.4%1.5Bitcoin Liza

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Warning! For ATOMIX, MIO, SKYMAX you can’t close investment, you can only get your daily percent.

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oooRooo: Vprc

ftoz1 L1: y dream about crazy bad invest

oooRooo: ftoz1, coinpaprika

oooRooo: .com lock vp..

candyguyyy L0: So Ladies - Do you think Btc Can hit 10 k$ again and when - thanks??

raypol: candyguyyy, Just out of curiosity, how many "ladies" do you think are on here at any given time?

candyguyyy L0: raypol, not sure

raypol: candyguyyy, OK that's an honest answer

raypol: candyguyyy, Why don't you ask that from time to time?

candyguyyy L0: raypol, k - Btc will hit 10 $ again

candyguyyy L0: raypol, what do u mean?

raypol: candyguyyy, Ask if there are any ladies in the chat box

candyguyyy L0: raypol, bcz they are good brain

raypol: candyguyyy, Before you ask your normal question until later this week when it hits 10K ;)

candyguyyy L0: raypol, ok - do u remember since when i ask my famous question on here?

cointraderjoe: Candyguyyy I well finaly give you the answer you seek.....btc will follow a hundrud a day increase for 7 days when you wish will be reality

candyguyyy L0: raypol, and what was the price at that time?

raypol: candyguyyy, 10 lines up, was the last time that you asked

candyguyyy L0: cointraderjoe, well it Not wish it is - prediction

cointraderjoe: true

candyguyyy L0: raypol, , well it Not wish it is - predictio

candyguyyy L0: raypol, yes to confirm my predction for Btc price

cointraderjoe: must be a recording Raypool thats why it repeats everyday

raypol: candyguyyy, Well you DID promise not to ask any of those questions once it hits 10K, and I'm gonna hold you to it ;)

raypol: and that doesn't mean asking it about 11K :P

candyguyyy L0: raypol, yes but Btc will hit 11 $ also

candyguyyy L0: raypol, 11k $

candyguyyy L0: raypol, wel always will be new questions

raypol: candyguyyy, But you won't be asking that. I am holding you to your promise

candyguyyy L0: raypol, does it bother you here or any one ask what ever i want to ask

raypol: candyguyyy, No it doesn't bother me, but you will be better liked once you get out of that habit.;t

candyguyyy L0: raypol, it is Not habit - it is good job like reminder that is all

candyguyyy L0: raypol, and also for new chat users

raypol: candyguyyy, NOt every day it;s not. It is redundant. That annoys some folks and I don't think that you want that

raypol: candyguyyy, Try it....You got nothing to lose

candyguyyy L0: raypol, Hiya Ladies - Did any one visit Turkish cryprus B4 ( North side of the isalnd )

candyguyyy L0: raypol, that is my new question

raypol: candyguyyy, Not bad, but something DIFFERENT every day

candyguyyy L0: raypol, ok - did u visit with ur family b4?

raypol: candyguyyy, Yes, and I will again tomorrow. Thank you for asking. And did you as well?

candyguyyy L0: raypol, ok

candyguyyy L0: Hiya Ladies - Did any one visit Turkish cryprus B4 ( North side of the islnd )

candyguyyy L0: Cyprus*

candyguyyy L0: cough??

webtool: candyguyyy, Northern Cyprus is not recognized by the international community as a sovereign state

shandi66 L0: fund

egisz: Ico in any minit

cointraderjoe: that was crafty

suykast: candyguyyy, i did, nothing to see but that part of the island is a good place to gamble :))

suykast: its the LasVegas of West Asia