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DASH0.01125221+ 0.6%386.2DASH
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EDC0.00000037 0%17EDC blockchain
BTCR676000.00- 2.4%11.5Bitcoin
BTC$10923.72- 0.8%8.7Bitcoin
0.03822222+ 7.1%7.6Yo Token
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ETC0.00060203+ 5.4%4.1EthereumClassic
ETHR14175.20- 3.3%2.8Ethereum
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USDR62.12- 0.7%2.1USD
BCHSV0.01551279- 11.1%1.7BitcoinCashSV
GCR0.00000548- 9.2%1.7GCR Coin
NOAH0.00000002 0%1.4NoahCoin
GENES0.00001400+ 21.7%1.3GENES
DOGE0.00000029 0%1.3Dogecoin
KBC0.00000301 0%1.3KaratBank Coin
YUPA0.00000708+ 0.9%1.3Osteria
LTCR6263.52- 3%1.1Litecoin
ATB0.00000039 0%1.1ATBCoin
XRP0.00003096- 0.1%1Ripple
TVTD0.00003188+ 1%0.7TVT
FTO0.00006690- 13.2%0.7FuturoCoin
AGR0.00000007+ 16.7%0.6Autograde

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Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
Investment plans
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samuelmessi: UltraMod, do have IEO on this week? :))

Terranova870307: Fake ico news and YO jump straight away :)

maciocia: Terranova870307, whre is fake news?

dominikherzog: samuelmessi, for news check Yobit twitter

maciocia: UltraMod, May you please have a look at my open ticket?

maciocia: dominikherzog, or may you ( dont know who is in charge)?

SantonioT L1: Dude just buy CL its so cheap now

sholi01 L0: dominikherzog, link

dominikherzog: sholi01, for?

sholi01 L0: yobit twitter

maciocia: sholi01, look just right below this chat

mindbank L1: egold move

mindbank L1: i need u to grow to 0.0007 todday

mindbank L1: pushkarmore, ofcourse

KngHil: dominikherzog, scammer username EliasKlein

zakariaboughouf: why bcd wallet mentennse

kostek999 L0: UltraMod, when ZUR coin wallet will be online? stands on block 2674010

dominikherzog: KngHil, user blocked long time ago

KngHil: dominikherzog, sent me a pm today

gazader: good morning crypto world!

splendid0412: In a peace... In a peace... In a peace...

azizjaani L0: i deposit my DGB Coin when site is under maintinance

TheForceFul L1: dominikherzog, pls can u answer? Why my acc is freezed?

azizjaani L0: till i have no balance add in my current balance

TheForceFul L1: dominikherzog, can we decide it together?

KngHil: TheForceFul, maybe you applied too much force. Lol

TheForceFul L1: KngHil, ))

dominikherzog: KngHil, check username again.impossible

TheForceFul L1: dominikherzog, man, why do you ignore me?

dominikherzog: TheForceFul, write ticket and wait

gazader: dominikherzog, is yec wallet open?

TheForceFul L1: dominikherzog, how long? I am waiting about 2 monts

KngHil: dominikherzog, correct, didn't check the date properly

blueelephant6000 L0: dominikherzog, is there a way to close my mio investmrnt for ever

splendid0412: blueelephant6000, Just close your investment and sell all your MIO coins

Tamer505: splendid0412, why sell

serkan48 L0: @bkahmet hahahaha

ressammurat L0: amk lol :))


zakariaboughouf: yobit open btg wd

Terranova870307: Nice move Yo

CichelloEdgard L1: yo will hit 0.04?

CichelloEdgard L1: yo very good for trade and invest

Terranova870307: CichelloEdgard, I think it will dump back soon

Terranova870307: :)

CichelloEdgard L1: Terranova870307, you sold and want to rebuy cheaper? lol

CichelloEdgard L1: ok maybe you find some point to buy , and maybe you cannot and hit 0.05

Terranova870307: No I plan to sell

Adityaindra68: where is ieo

Terranova870307: Adityaindra68, not yet