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XRP0.00003000+ 16.8%2.6Ripple
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MAY0.00000004+ 100%1.8TheresaMay
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LTC$77.53+ 3.5%0.9Litecoin
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Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
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Investment plans
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king1002: [link] kindly help

king1002: i already submit a support ticket

Makingmatter86 L0: Are wallets really under “maintainence” or is it a catchphrase to stop you funnelling in coins or raking out coins?

Makingmatter86 L0: The exchange loses appeal with a lack of transparency in that regard

Makingmatter86 L0: Or is the issue with the Devs?

Shinkudo: Makingmatter86, because it's not the same coins with your

easteregg69: Good morning.

easteregg69: Landlord comes by..

Shinkudo: what happened to panda?

easteregg69: Shinkudo, Someone has a bigger bag than you happens.

Shinkudo: easteregg69, hahaha.....

easteregg69: So it can be dumped faster than ROI. Just a guess.

Shinkudo: admin do some swap coin

easteregg69: Shinkudo, TRX and XRP makes headlines today.

Shinkudo: easteregg69, oh i know

king1002: @Makingmatter86 : DGB wallet shows working well that why i made a withdrawal and then it's not going

Shinkudo: king1002, don't use contract address

king1002: any one have this issu before " transfer from cold storage"

manbtc007: come on a SHIT COIN must rise. I command you shit coin rise and salute me.

Yunus32 L0: Enau buy today

Yunus32 L0: price will fly soon

HammadAli: Hello

easteregg69: king1002, Trick [link]

easteregg69: Buy tried. Beware. DGB wallet is deff..

mandipbar L1: YO is old man now . don't have power to live on higher price.

easteregg69: I once got banned fro DGB telegram. By the boss himself. To much time on those hands.

easteregg69: Was a big fan back in the days.

foolad L0: easteregg69, tanx

zochef987: buy SEX and enjoy your life ;)

golemansansoria: zochef987, +1 sex is great

golemansansoria: as much as Yo wont move and slowly drop or stable , more people will join Sex for 2% profit

asadghorbati: golemansansoria, +1 plus many users think that there is big plan and purpose behind Sex fork

asadghorbati: maybe no usage for sex for a while. but at one point it can go up fast

sanchesDinho L1: with only 0.9 btc at SEX we are again above 0.002

arifdmrr L0: how is egold volume what do you thinks about egold future price

Jisuri L1: arifdmrr, egold will be around 100 or less cause of the billinos of coins

arifdmrr L0: Jisuri, ı wait for this price

aborawya L1: Mio and Yone greaaat

netrockandroll L0: ncoin up?

tokaaa2: hello crypto friends :) whan egold open for BTC? how do you think?

Aska001 L0: samkorsel0024, why lost much?

Scooter L1: come on YO what are you doing???

EdgardMan8: Sex is the future

Aska001 L0: samkorsel0024, fine the person then to take responsibility

Aska001 L0: EdgardMan8, buy sex at. 0.0056

EdgardMan8: Aska001, you bought at 0.0056?

UltraMod has banned samkorsel0024 until 19.09.2019 10:33:35.

Aska001 L0: EdgardMan8, yes I do

manbtc007: Again a useless ban. O God save us.

EdgardMan8: Aska001, you bought at high price. should wait for news from yobit, then if you add daily more 2% Sex, you will be in a good profit