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0.03148200+ 0.1%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.02166009+ 1.3%1509.3Ethereum
DASH0.00800003- 0.8%1087.7DASH
ZEC0.00424580+ 0.3%830.1Zcash
BCHABC0.03249830+ 1.9%254.5BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00697050+ 1.5%186.2Litecoin
ETC0.00054972+ 1%28.9EthereumClassic
BTCR551200.00- 0.4%11.4Bitcoin
EDC0.00000119+ 21.5%7.1EDC blockchain
AIR0.00039899- 25.2%6.9Air Token
BTC$8887.89+ 1%5.4Bitcoin
0.14147170+ 4.9%3.3Yo Token
YBCE10.69397903+ 39%2.1YBC
ETHR11899.99+ 0.7%2Ethereum
ETH$191.84+ 1.8%2Ethereum
USDR62.31- 0.9%1.3USD
KBC0.00000216+ 1.9%1.3KaratBank Coin
GCR0.00000290+ 11.6%1.2GCR Coin
XRP0.00003093- 1.2%1.1Ripple
XRP$0.28+ 2.9%1.1Ripple
DOGE0.00000031 0%0.9Dogecoin
VERA0.00000070+ 3%0.8Vera Token
ROOBEE0.00000041- 4.7%0.8Roobee
COMPE0.00000004+ 300%0.8Compound Coin
LTCR3852.00+ 0.9%0.6Litecoin
SEX0.00021000 0%0.6Sex Token
EDC$0.01+ 25.5%0.5EDC blockchain
BGP0.00001714+ 54.3%0.5Big Capital
MICRO0.00000167+ 1.3%0.4Micro
KBCE0.00010375+ 3.9%0.4KaratBank Coin

Investment plans

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
InvestBoxes of AIR have a new type (no investment close, you can only get daily percent).
Investment plans
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suykast: they sell AIR to buy some extra YO for the ieo :))

zine05: AIR to 0.00010?

Dmitrii48 L0: admin, I have a problem. help me please

kartonikpl L1: AIR nice drop lol

lestherat: Dmitrii48, open a support ticket, is the only way to get help

placebo1977: zine05, yeah, the starting price was way too high... still $4 free for a airdrop, that is a lot of money lately

placebo1977: zine05, and it is already a few days $4 for free...

Dmitrii48 L0: I wrote a lot of tickets within six months. one of them answered me what to write in the chat

placebo1977: zine05, i think when we hit $2 or so that the price will stop dropping

placebo1977: zine05, that person that bought at 46k for over 1 BTC... i still don't get it why he didn't split his order as there were no other orders till 35k or so, so he could bought his coins 20 - 30% cheaper

kattekop L0: Maybe it was the Lord. lol :) :)

sakkievt1: placebo1977, must be some kind of new crazy

kattekop L0: It's almost New Year, He starts getting alive.. lol :) :)

kattekop L0: I prefer going to hell, I will burn like a true furnace amid the pretty girls..

CoinTycoon1: xmas 2017 was best for all crypto hodlers, let's see what 2019 xmas brings.

placebo1977: sakkievt1, i'm still waiting :)

ahmedtenes L0: air?

NemoTV L0: YONE pump!

placebo1977: NemoTV, -5.7% and you call that a pump? i call that a drop

akidinho L0: placebo1977, i think he trying to say yone pump pls!

limoojahromi: Pony seems stable ;)

placebo1977: limoojahromi, yeah but it need 41.8 sat for ieo investors to hit break even

limoojahromi: placebo1977, and you hold from 100sat ieo price?

placebo1977: limoojahromi, also it dropped from 27 sat to 19 sat in 7 days... and you only get 2% so the drop is also a lot bigger then the extra coins

placebo1977: limoojahromi, nope, i sold pony with profit, and then i bought it cheaper. so my break even point is not 41.8, in fact my coins that i still have are all free as it is part of the profit that i took

limoojahromi: placebo1977, it you bought below 100 sat , then you break even point should be alot lower that 41.8

placebo1977: limoojahromi, yeap... but even after the drop , people that bought then are at 28 - 33 sat depending at what price :)

placebo1977: limoojahromi, but i think when PONY hit 13 sat or so that yobit will release something for PONY... they said that they will do something, so pretty sure that one day it will be up a lot :)

slamet005 L0: placebo1977, what do you think panda?

slamet005 L0: is there any latest info about panda?

maryozone L1: I think Yobit can make increase minimum for AIR IB, becayse can make AIR price to high again

netrockandroll L1: liza up

placebo1977: netrockandroll, nobody is buying so where do you see it up?

beekay121 L0: 47.92365185

omes12: placebo1977, when did yobit make news on PONY?

CryptoIndia: pony is dead coin it's unlimited supply

placebo1977: CryptoIndia, lol

TrongTuan L0: Why the OKCash wallet only Maintenance?

faisalshb1 L0: love edc

therapiewiese: leo scam group

therapiewiese: first projekt from them ,stoling more then 700ltc

Tomasz L1: edc is the best :)

saji42 L1: Deposit for such currency is temporary off.

saji42 L1: edc

mujibur6717 L0: saji42, YES OFF EDC

jeffe96: No yopony games spend yet on pony token

sarmad123 L0: love edc

ReMaKING L0: go yupa

akidinho L0: qqq pump

kardopanir: what happend to Yo? any new news?