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0.01844300 + 0.3% 0.6 YobitCoin
ETH 0.05495440 + 11.9% 3462.4 Ethereum
DASH 0.05360000 + 16.7% 1424 DASH
BTG 0.07350000 0% 1365.3 Bitcoin Gold
WAVES 0.00069006 + 16.8% 669.4 Waves
LSK 0.00089418 + 13.2% 445.4 Lisk
ZEC 0.04000007 + 16.6% 411.9 Zcash
BTC $5401.25 - 11.5% 395 Bitcoin
LTC 0.01046854 + 12.3% 373.2 Litecoin
BCC 0.05874620 + 7% 291 Bitcoin Cash
ATB 0.00019401 + 4.3% 144.4 ATBCoin
BTC R307597.07 - 10.9% 129.5 Bitcoin
DOGE 0.00000019 + 11.8% 116.3 Dogecoin
ETH $296.10 - 1% 78.5 Ethereum
BTG $400.00 0% 76.5 Bitcoin Gold
REC 0.00696858 + 2.8% 59.1 Regal Coin
DFT 0.00008370 + 4% 38.4 Draftcoin
LTC $56.56 - 0.4% 25.9 Litecoin
FRST 0.00249856 + 2.9% 23.3 FirstCoin
ETH R16984.80 + 0.5% 22.2 Ethereum
ETC 0.00204426 + 18% 19.3 EthereumClassic
BTG E1.31720000 0% 16.1 Bitcoin Gold
DGB 0.00000165 + 10.8% 14.8 DigiByte
USD R57.35 + 2.2% 13.3 USD
NLC2 0.00003989 + 6.9% 12.6 No Limit Coin 2
SW 0.00000640 - 18% 11.1 SkyWay Coin
VTC 0.00064789 + 15.8% 10.1 Vertcoin
BTG R22581.00 0% 8.2 Bitcoin Gold
ONX 0.00000916 - 8.3% 7.5 OnixCoin
ZEC $219.33 + 3.8% 5.4 Zcash


Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
To get InvestBox Payments for BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, WAVES, BTG - you need to Play minimum 5 Dice Games / day at these coins.
Click here: PLAY DICE
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cyphaloit L1: crowetic kills dumbledore page 542

helpingtutor L1: when is hitbtc going to take snapshot for btg

helpingtutor L1: how to earn frombtg on hitbtc

thuhanguyen L1: btg dump =)) i said =))

uveys2011 L3: when will open withdraw btc

silverbullet: How long will the BTC wallet be in maintenance?

uveys2011 L3: how long??

zizicz86 L2: please dump btg i want buy more..haha

otleitao L1: btg = btc soon

zizicz86 L2: ithink btg will rise soon

HARPREET L1: otleitao, great

otleitao L1: ok

Clarettea L2: buy btg cheaper on bleutrade

zizicz86 L2: btg on bluetrade is token

kyungho L5: Kkk

leader512 L0: btg 0.05 at blue trade

zizicz86 L2: look dft very nice,,time to buy

otleitao L1: doge goin up

zizicz86 L2: doge will hit at 25

otleitao L1: much more

zizicz86 L2: why etc here very expensive?

zizicz86 L2: dash eth?

Su100 L5: finex trading btg at 0.02887?

zizicz86 L2: bitter will open btg tonight?

zizicz86 L2: bitterx

cryptogeek123: i have sent ethereum from my wallet to yobit but its still not received in my yobit wallet

davidputra18 L1: cryptogeek123, ask support

mickycob: cryptogeek123, checkthe tx id online

cryptogeek123: mickycob, i checked txid on blockchain it is confirmed on blockchain

mickycob: cryptogeek123, how many confirms?

SoulSoulja L1: BTC 3x pm for details

ybmuskan11 L4: Be careful with DFT guys

cryptogeek123: mickycob, 72 confirmations

yasirZ L1: when is bittrex goona open btg

bitxag L1: bcc is bitcoin connect or bitcoin cash?

mickycob: bitxag, cash

bitxag L1: its not withdrawn to my account yet

bitxag L1: but it went through from here

mickycob: bitxag, it will give it time

vinhansok1 L4: BTG in Bleutrade price only 0.057btc

bimo2003 L1: When We Can withdraw Bitcoin from yobit?

bitxag L1: i had withdrawn dash but its not showing on orders ?

Tan111 L1: Hi. Anybody know after deposit bitcoin disable I buy btc but not receive btg or receive btg

iakkii: ybmuskan11, why? any reson?

topgun77 L1: how many hour till wd is available?

markkabbabe1 L1: guys buy doge coin ?

bimo2003 L1: topgun77, i don't know

bimo2003 L1: markkabbabe1, don't buy doge

SoulSoulja L1: Increase your BTC x3 only two hours left

markkabbabe1 L1: bimo2003, his price in high

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