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kattekop L1: invest-boxing :)

usr7341: George5, just from the experience here by reading comments from other users, a reply from yobit support depends mostly on the question you ask. if its a stupid question (ie why does not my deposit arrive while the wallet is in maintenance) or its a serious question. so, what is your question?

dominikherzog: usr7341, he is dev on few coins

usr7341: dominikherzog, and still wondering why his deposit did nor arrive, while he messed up the chain? ;-)

tplinkuser: dominikherzog, scammers pmed me to fix my deposit problem

dominikherzog: tplinkuser, username?

dominikherzog: tplinkuser, User blocked. PMs deleted

dominikherzog: tplinkuser, thanks

tplinkuser: dominikherzog, thank you too, i hope real tech team solve my problem soon.

dominikherzog: tplinkuser, hope is free

sarinaaa: dominikherzog,both frog and Yo wallets are in the control of yobit. its not possible to solve his problem?

sarinaaa: tplinkuser, how many Yo yo send to frog wallet?

tplinkuser: sarinaaa, around 26 Yo tokens,

usr7341: tplinkuser, whops

sarinaaa: tplinkuser, fuuck, that is 3.5 btc worth

tplinkuser: sarinaaa, yes, its all my money. i hope yobit tech team back it to my balance

usr7341: tplinkuser, if warden is here around, try to catch him. and promise him to give a nice yo-tip. maybe it helps

tplinkuser: usr7341, i hope warden see my ticket,

usr7341: tplinkuser, the problem with such tickets is always the same, yobits stand is, you should pay attention what you do, means, they dont even bother to open that kind of tickets when they read the subject line

usr7341: usr7341, my mistransfer from contract to wallet in eth was open for more than one a half year

tplinkuser: usr7341, but if everything goes well , what is the usage of tech team? they have control of all yobit erc20 tokens, they can fix if they want to do

alexbidel: tplinkuser, technically you right, they can fix if they want , this is a big IF ;)

Payumoney: sato

usr7341: tplinkuser, well, when i was once a support team member, ofc we did care of all tickets. but it was different business and it was said to do it that way. but i would also had like to not take care of stupid tickets, so i woudl have more time to do serious stuff

tplinkuser: usr7341, my friend send BCH to BTC address in bitfinex, and they fix his problem in a week, ok , long time but finnaly they help their users, i hope yobit also do it with any delay

usr7341: tplinkuser, its simply depend on how the biz-runner define the jobs. yobit seams to be very straight forward on that one. your fault, your problem. but yeah, i hope it for you, they solve it.

usr7341: tplinkuser, i mean, i did read here during the moths from time the time this one guy who is saying, his btc wd is stuck now for a year. wouldnt be a big deal at all if that would be a low amount (at least from my pov) buts around 58 btc!

tplinkuser: usr7341, you know, if it was 10-100 $ i dont care, but ist 25k $ , all my money , yobit should care at least big money

usr7341: tplinkuser, yeah, i am kind of with you. though, some ppl from arabic countries, for them even 100$ is a fortune

alexbidel: usr7341, its not hard for Warden to fix his problem, he has access to all yobit wallets i think

alexbidel: dominikherzog, really tech team said they can not solve his problem?

usr7341: alexbidel, ofc they have access to all wallets. but access is not equal, there is a technical solution. i remember, there are some contracts to handle that kind of biz, once they are deployed on the chain and do not include re-direct functions, that coins are stucked for ever, because you cant amend the contract once it is in production

usr7341: alexbidel, btw did you grabbed again all the yo few hrs ago?

alexbidel: usr7341, everyday i add a little number of Yo to my stack ;) somedays like today alittle more

usr7341: alexbidel, hehe

usr7341: alexbidel, at one point you are the majority holder

zakariaboughouf: buy rcct

alexbidel: usr7341, the good point of erc20 tokens and wallet is that, the owner can send and receive any erc20 tokens, so i think Warden can help him if he want ;)

usr7341: alexbidel, i hope for him too

alexbidel: usr7341, 5% of all Yo is enough for me, not that big ;)

usr7341: alexbidel, 5 or 10, who cares, if you are alex?

alexbidel: usr7341, lol

usr7341: alexbidel, or better said, it doesnt matter

mehrabshima: usr7341, it is important that a big stack of Yo are in hands of holders who know how to play with it, and not drop on bad time

usr7341: mehrabshima, actually no, its more important, that yobit will stick to their current biz-strategy, which for me means, once the month ieo, in between some airdrops and btc-ibs. i would be happy with that

f3rgcod3 L0: why TVT/DOGE balance so high to do trades. Have it low so all can trade min amount to create volume like Yone/Pair pair

arifdmrr L0: pluto at rur market

pivenson15 L1: if the one who is throwing down the BGP was wanted to lower the price to 1satoshi it was done ... but he just wants to fuck the hangover  

pivenson15 L1: The manipulation of a YOBIT market should penalize it.

usr7341: pivenson15, what?