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0.03161500 0%0.1YobitCoin
ZEC0.00489041+ 0.4%1506.9Zcash
DASH0.01024717- 1.3%1463.8DASH
ETH0.02076139+ 1.3%1117.9Ethereum
WAVES0.00015268+ 19%587.4Waves
BCHABC0.03443773- 2.5%505.3BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00608333+ 0.3%303.1Litecoin
ETC0.00076439- 1.2%73.1EthereumClassic
BTCR526800.00- 3%24.4Bitcoin
BTC$6683.56- 2.1%11.6Bitcoin
EDC0.00000739- 5.2%6.6Every Day Coin (ERC-20)
CJC0.00000001- 66.7%5.5CryptoJournal
ETH$139.80- 0.3%3.8Ethereum
INVEST0.00000104 0%3.1INVEST
ETHR10918.00- 2%3Ethereum
USDR78.91- 0.8%2.1USD
WOW0.00000211+ 16.6%1.8WOWcoin
WAVESR82.81+ 19.6%1.4Waves
AZE0.00000004 0%1.2Azbit
MICRO0.00000182- 0.6%1.1Micro
0.10050000- 0.3%1Yo Token
WAVES$1.04+ 20.8%0.9Waves
LTCR3192.25- 4.2%0.9Litecoin
XRP0.00002770+ 3.8%0.8Ripple
DOGE0.00000028- 3.5%0.7Dogecoin
IQNE0.00841630+ 0.3%0.7iQeon
TRX0.00000183+ 1.2%0.7Tron Token
CNB0.00000017- 10.6%0.6Coinsbit Token
IQN$1.20+ 2.1%0.5iQeon
EDCE0.00032649- 17.7%0.5Every Day Coin (ERC-20)

Investment plans

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxeаs can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
InvestBoxes with «new» type - no investment close, you can only get daily percent.
For X100 daily percent D = Yo*10% / daily (max 100%)
For Corona daily percent C = (amount of Corona-BTC buy orders) / 10. Max percent = 10%
Investment plans
Coin Percent Period MinInvest MaxInvest Action Status  

easteregg69: tablepiece, Self evident aka real life.

fratrad L1: dalc going up

easteregg69: tablepiece, Gonna watch El Labirento Del Fauno.. The movie.

fagner: tablepiece, nice, man

Slapdatazz: trump coins seems to be in play today..lmao

fagner: Slapdatazz, No!

Slapdatazz: fagner, haha

fagner: Slapdatazz, :)

fagner: Where is Solomando?

fagner: Placebo gone.

fagner: I do good graphic analysis, but I'm moved by emotion. This is boring :(

cyver: placebo with covid O_O

cyver: he got too many CORONA xD

Solomando: Where is fagner?

fagner: cyver, really?

cyver: fagner, dunno

fagner: Solomando, hi, dear. :)

fagner: cyver, hahaha

fagner: Solomando, i miss u

tablepiece: placebo1977 is just my spam account

fagner: tablepiece, lol

Jepos1 L1: CJC scammers

fagner: tablepiece, are u robot?

MrHeragon212 L1: yoda pump

wassim83 L0: look is pumping

tablepiece: fagner, people used to accuse of that years ago

Payumoney: Jepos1, in eth 10sateth coming

tablepiece: when i was killing it in poker :)

fagner: tablepiece, *_*

Payumoney: Jepos1, cheack coin supply first

wassim83 L0: LOOK pump

Yigit21 L0: Yoda pump

Jepos1 L1: @payumoey yes i will stick with EDC from now on

MrHeragon212 L1: yoda to then moon

kattekop L1: He has razors on his hand..

kattekop L1: :) beware of tablepiece, he'll get rich in time.

kattekop L1: Stinked rich... If we hodl, and the halving is nearby.

kattekop L1: Does it take much money to make a lot? No. :)

trannyc247: I wish Yobit had BTC 0.1% (new) Daily!

naskalnik L0: lanacoin

alexbidel: trannyc247, you mean, yobit add Pony for 0.1% btc ib ?;)

trannyc247: alexbidel, that would be good too. Make Pony useful somehow. Lol

maciocia: what is that toilette paper token on CMC??? is that a joke or what?

easteregg69: maciocia, Aprils fool.

easteregg69: Tradition..

maciocia: ouch , true lol

maciocia: wasnt payint attention to the date

easteregg69: maciocia, Ass'et.

maciocia: easteregg69, lmao

naskalnik L0: lanacoin