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New IEO (ICO) in...
ICO coins: 299,000,000
ICO price: 0.00000010 (10 sat)
ICO amount: 29.9 btc
ICO type: micro (low risk)
Buy limit: 0.02 btc

Video of Micro-Type ICO:

ICO rules:

- InvestBox Plan: 4% / daily
- 100% buy wall (ico price)

UNEAK: Metempsyko, and i havent bought a single one and never will learnt my lesson with the original scam

tablepiece: UNEAK, there isnt so we cannot be sure. people do monitor it and no one has ever come with a calculation that proves they are messing with it. offcourse it is hard to trust anyone that can make alot of btc with self made database coins

Metempsyko: UNEAK, ok so....why talk about?

UNEAK: Metempsyko, to protect the people thatmaybe thinking about buyiny the shit

UNEAK: or at least to make them think twice

tablepiece: UNEAK, better start with lbr or yupa, now those are scams

Metempsyko: UNEAK, ok so what about who bought for example matic on binance at 500? or lot of other ieo of major exchange? is not scam?

manbtc007: tablepiece, no they are not scams. Okay shit head. fucker

UNEAK: tablepiece, i dont trust a single token that comes on here anymore they all belong to greedy people

coll1974 L0: vI will not see why

kvadrat76 L1: MIO 4th day costs 2-3 sat and the wall for 2 sat only grows

coll1974 L0: UNEAK,why ı will not see why

tablepiece: manbtc007, ok people with fake webistes and selling their coins at the same marketcap arent scammers. even when they have spamteams giving fake promisses. this means everything you say is just for your gain

Gangsentosa2: Asw asw, liza w nyangkut di ib

tablepiece: UNEAK, there are plenty of good coins, all those unknown tokens listed are trash for sure

UNEAK: Metempsyko, dont know about them dont use them but they all have same idea not happy with the millionsthere making on fees they haveto make even more by robbing there customers

manbtc007: tablepiece, whatever they do they do openly. they don't hide their total currency like all y shits. who knows what coins are burned or damped on us.

Metempsyko: UNEAK, if you get smarter you will learn how to follow the waves and profit

tablepiece: * as btc. so lbr is fine to sell at same marketcap as btc. sure you can do that but its fishy

UNEAK: tablepiece, there is a few good coins/tokens on here thats why im still here

tablepiece: manbtc007, true but building websites and promissing things you never execute its called fraud in the real world

UNEAK: Metempsyko, i cant be bothered with waves i learnt how to follow them in my firstweek of trading crypto by 3rd week it was tomuch hard work and i decided that i would make a cin that would benefit everyone

kattekop L0: Tomorrow's IEO will shine a light, between your legs.

Metempsyko: UNEAK, ok man, good luck

UNEAK: kattekop, tomorriws IEO will take more money from greedy people

UNEAK: Metempsyko, its made and in pow stage

kattekop L0: Sadly enough, yes!

UNEAK: kattekop, or desperate people that still believe in all this shit

defriedison L0: buy edrc now

djqbic L0: hola

UNEAK: not all are greedy some just need it

kattekop L0: I like twisting my feelings. I like being desperate, it's a good sign.

coll1974 L0: UNEAK, why can't I close the investbox

kattekop L0: That way, I always get what I want.

UNEAK: coll1974, becasue they have stopped people doing it nw you can only get daily interest

UNEAK: they wasnt making enough money with people cashing out there investments so now you cant lol

CRISTIANCC16 L1: kattekop, there is no IEO for tomorow.

UNEAK: playing god with peoples money

kattekop L0: CRISTIANCC16, I meant, net week. Excuseme.

kattekop L0: Next week.

coll1974 L0: UNEAK, so when can I cancel

UNEAK: coll1974, never as far as i am aware

coll1974 L0: UNEAK, vhy :?

BeAlive75: Maybe we'll have updates somedays or little change in the rules but for the moment it's totally locked

kattekop L0: It's new play of IB.

UNEAK: coll1974, its there new style ib

coll1974 L0: UNEAK, what will be my money inside

UNEAK: coll1974, now 100% safe from everyone including the ib owners haha

UNEAK: and they give everyone 2-3 hours notice lol

coll1974 L0: UNEAK, please help