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Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03144600 0%0YobitCoin
ZEC0.00727997+ 1.2%749.1Zcash
ETH0.02113066- 1%715.5Ethereum
DASH0.01102197+ 1.5%446.2DASH
LSK0.00014056+ 14.2%339.6Lisk
LTC0.00923659- 2%176.5Litecoin
ETC0.00058254+ 2.8%51.1EthereumClassic
WAVES0.00013853- 2%45Waves
EDC0.00000037- 5.2%24.4EDC blockchain
BTC$10964.45+ 1.9%22.7Bitcoin
BTCR694999.99+ 3.4%16.8Bitcoin
0.03569888- 3%8.7Yo Token
ETH$233.25+ 1%4.2Ethereum
ETHR14601.10+ 1.8%2.8Ethereum
GCR0.00000603- 38.4%2.8GCR Coin
LBR0.00000001- 50%2.6LIBERTALIA
KBC0.00000298- 0.7%2.3KaratBank Coin
USDR62.83+ 0.8%2.3USD
PYN0.00000421- 1.2%2.1PAYCENT
DOGE0.00000029+ 3.6%1.6Dogecoin
WOW0.00027199+ 1.3%1.4WOWcoin
PULSE0.00000008+ 14.3%1.2PulseCoin
ECHT0.00000009+ 28.6%1.2eChat Token
LTCR6399.12+ 1.5%1.2Litecoin
ATB0.00000040 0%1.1ATBCoin
GENES0.00001256+ 13.5%1.1GENES
YO$395.10+ 0.6%0.9Yo Token
YUPA0.00000692- 2%0.8Osteria
TVTD0.00003199+ 1.2%0.8TVT
LTC$101.42+ 0.5%0.8Litecoin


New IEO (ICO) in...
ICO coins: 1,279,000,000
ICO price: 0.00000100 (100 yosat)
ICO amount: 1279 YOBTC
ICO type: micro-rocket
Buy limit: 7 YOBTC

ICO rules:

- InvestBox Plan: 9% / daily (old type)

- 100% Buy walls (you can sell after the trading start and be in profit):

0.00000500 (500 yosat) - 255.8 yobtc
0.00000400 (400 yosat) - 255.8 yobtc
0.00000300 (300 yosat) - 255.8 yobtc
0.00000200 (200 yosat) - 255.8 yobtc
0.00000100 (100 yosat) - 255.8 yobtc

glowbox907: .02 etc is lower than .03yo lol

tran247: Remember I got dumped on from 110 sat to 46 sat last week? I guess I never learned anything

tran247: Anyway I may cancel it in a couple minutes and go count coins on my doge IBs :-)

glowbox907: tran247, are you on my tele

Solomando: tran247, you'd get that at 4 YO/YONE.

tran247: Solomando, I know... like to stir up eth market a lil more.. I don’t really like Yone or Mio or Egold or atomix, anything that pays more than 7% daily. But I somehow I got tricked into them all again! Haha

tran247: Glow, no I’m not on tele

tran247: Ppl just can’t tell a generous offer when it’s in front of their eyes.

Solomando: I got you.

angad0977 L0: Come on GCR

Solomando: There you go.

angad0977 L0: buying time GCR

angad0977 L0: load more GCR

tran247: Do y’all have an H-Mart in your area? We’ve just got one recently. It’s a Korean supermarket like any other.. but they have an eatery on one side with live music! I thought it was pretty cool

tran247: Anyway, a cool coworker “Sunie” is Korean.. One morning I told him that I was going to tell him a joke bet he might not like that joke

tran247: I told him I saw one guy walking across.. to the store and I thought it was him so I wanted to say hi to Sunie..

tran247: But as soon as I got there, there were three, four other older guys coming out from the store..

tran247: And all five of them looked exactly like Sunie

tran247: They were all Sum Young Guy

tran247: He laughed but not too much.. I don’t think he liked the joke although it was all a true story

tran247: Ok, got my 6M. Thank you! That’s how easy it is making a few bucks on Yobit :-)

glowbox907: tran247, how

glowbox907: tran247, did you put in invest box

achzaini1961 L0: what is the position of the waves, are they worth buying?

Louka1596 L1: hi! EGOLD is an ERC20 token or what?

amiya30 L1: Louka1596, Yobit token

Louka1596 L1: aa ok thank you

stokariuk L0: Can't wait for the GCR TREO conversion to happen

Edward2 L1: ssup with gcr coin

joelmariano L1: egold good

Slapdatazz: hey hey

amiya30 L1: joelmariano, yes but need to long wait

glowbox907: why are these yo coins not at 100yosat to equal 1sat btc

Solomando: Hey.

amiya30 L1: Once 100 mil egold will denominated to 1 egold

glowbox907: or should it be 10

AceBoy1989: glowbox907, why they should equal 1 sat btc?

glowbox907: really dude. if they move in btc market they move in this market is that correct

AceBoy1989: IF.

glowbox907: is that correct or not

glowbox907: yo is more than eth so i would expect the tokens would reflect same values fucking traders man

tom77: glowbox907, have to look at lowest value in doge mkt

glowbox907: which coin

glowbox907: please dont say tvt im saying eth vs yo

tom77: higher side is just bots buying there own coins, lower price reflects consolidated market avg

Cgarland: Grollmeh, u sure do bet a lot on dise.

achzaini1961 L0: cheerful sunday

drprkreddy2019 L0: [link] suggestions regarding ger coin investment

drprkreddy2019 L0: Hi

altinme1 L0: HAND HAND HAND