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0.03148200 0%0YobitCoin
ETH0.02161515- 0.4%1118.6Ethereum
DASH0.00837312+ 5.3%1009.7DASH
ZEC0.00421706+ 0.9%841.2Zcash
LTC0.00683069- 0.9%187.4Litecoin
BCHABC0.03179426+ 4.9%122.2BitcoinCashABC
ETC0.00053451- 1.1%27.6EthereumClassic
EDC0.00000403+ 46.6%18.2EDC blockchain
0.12618345+ 2.7%16.6Yo Token
BTCR532576.00+ 1.1%14.1Bitcoin
BTC$8413.09- 1%6.9Bitcoin
KBC0.00000209+ 0.5%4.3KaratBank Coin
DOGE0.00000032+ 3.3%2.7Dogecoin
ETHR11477.04+ 0.1%2.6Ethereum
AIR0.00009697- 31.8%2.3Air Token
WIC0.00000003 0%2Wi Coin
ETH$183.91- 0.4%1.5Ethereum
ENAU0.00000007+ 250%1.3NAU Token
USDR62.97+ 1.1%1.1USD
LTCR3664.90+ 1.6%1Litecoin
EDRC0.00000545+ 13.6%0.8EDRCoin
SEX0.00016900- 9.2%0.8Sex Token
MICRO0.00000178+ 6.6%0.7Micro
WAVES0.00008840- 0.9%0.6Waves
XRP$0.26+ 1.7%0.6Ripple
EDC$0.03+ 43.3%0.6EDC blockchain
ROOBEE0.00000044+ 2.4%0.6Roobee
BCHSV0.00910045- 17.4%0.6BitcoinCashSV
LTC$57.98+ 0.8%0.5Litecoin
WOW0.00001440+ 2.9%0.5WOWcoin


New IEO (ICO) in...
- Total ICO amount: 217 btc
- 100% buy-wall (ico price)
- Standart Buy limit: 0.5 btc
- If you have more than 10 Yo, Buy limit increases to 4 btc (vip)
- If you have no Yo sells last 10 days, Buy limit increases to 4 btc (vip)
- InvestBox: Percent will be dynamical - more Yo Tokens you have - more percent you will got: 1+Yo/20
(example: if you have 40 YO, yo will got 3% daily (1+40/20)
- Max InvestBox percent - 5%


mandiri88 L0: GAME OVER IN LIZA....ON EDC

notes1: liza is a slut, she goes down on everyone

notes1: the old ones are the best

easteregg69: mandiri88, Cliffhanger.

sanjivkmr L0: when EDC deposit will start tell me yobit

LilSlay3r L1: airdrop for pony holders? wot

slamet005 L0: Sholasuccess1, you can panda coin and 0.1 Yo,and invesbox panda 1%/day,,,panda time to buy

netrockandroll L0: liza up 10$ invest box

netrockandroll L0: %

netrockandroll L0: hh

jeddahjades L0: can anyone suggest to me any coin or token that has the same value on yobit and other exchanges, seems most of the tokens on yobit are heavily overpriced

LilSlay3r L1: micro has nice buy walls

Merkato: LilSlay3r, the wall gone?

rwk0806 L0: i lost deposit here...noah/nax coin

rwk0806 L0: not much...but enough for make me mad

rwk0806 L0: support not respond

slamet005 L0: netrockandroll, yes sir

easteregg69: EDC gets packed in bunches bigger than 30000 now.

easteregg69: Gotta get a hobby.

SmashDestroy: Next YoPony Race in 2 hours

Jesseywealth L0: rwk0806, that is bad for Yobit support. We paid for fees transactions why won't support active to traders, something has to be done fast

patrick1503: SmashDestroy, wich number??

SmashDestroy: patrick1503, 11

patrick1503: SmashDestroy, haha ok

Payumoney: wic eth

amran5745 L0: easteregg69, pls explain

Ovivovovivov9 L1: how to withdraw interest from invest boxing coin air?

jbrown1975 L0: whoa...btc actually made an appearance in the FreeCoins

akidinho L0: wow free 17 satoshi

jbrown1975 L0: were you expecting something startlingly huge?

akidinho L0: lol thats is huge amount for faucet

Genexone: Yovi coin... The best is yet [link]

Genexone: Buy Yovi! The best is yet to come this December

yocal: Santa Claus too

Daddymac91 L0: anyone know how long XVG wallet on maintenace?

RoadMapper: Daddymac91, xvg network was broken last year

Daddymac91 L0: last year?

cemkostekci L0: asd

RoadMapper: Daddymac91, if I dont mistake 51 attack

Daddymac91 L0: Oh ok. Hope they fix it soon. I need my coins :))

youdedend L0: EDC

jokinvipo L0: Edinar is off for deposit :(

muratbtc2626 L1: when it will be open

muratbtc2626 L1: edc

jamaah L2: edc

diegolebe: today is your day pony #1

placebo1977: diegolebe, lol

placebo1977: diegolebe, it is always pony 4..5...6...7...8

diegolebe: placebo1977, not today