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ZEC0.00605002- 3.1%1062.5Zcash
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USDR69.38- 0.1%1.6USD
TRX0.00000197+ 3.7%1.4Tron Token
DICED0.00005717- 21.7%1.3Dice
ROOBEE0.00000040 0%1.2Roobee
DOGEE0.00001794+ 16.6%1Dogecoin
HEX0.00000040+ 5.3%0.9HEX Token
LTCR3145.50- 1.4%0.7Litecoin
XRP$0.20- 0.1%0.6Ripple
IQN0.00012706+ 1.4%0.6iQeon
IQNE0.00492869- 3.6%0.6iQeon
USDT$1.02- 0.3%0.6Tether USD ERC20
BTCT9150.0000000- 1.7%0.5Bitcoin
KBC0.00000042+ 7.7%0.5KaratBank Coin
LTC$45.49- 1.1%0.5Litecoin
IQN$1.21+ 2.9%0.4iQeon
TRXR1.27- 0.4%0.4Tron Token
USDTR71.11+ 0.1%0.4Tether USD ERC20
XRPR14.14+ 0.7%0.4Ripple
WATER0.00000248+ 7.9%0.4WATER
ETCR445.11+ 0.7%0.4EthereumClassic
DICER0.00- 6.1%0.4Dice
YOCHAT0.00000005+ 25%0.3YoChat Token


Time Balance change Type

shizminer L0: amansri, okay

Bobdavis626 L0: dice is only a week old

amansri L0: Bobdavis626, yup a week old and now at top 1

Bobdavis626 L0: im holding 1billion dice

amansri L0: I never seen happens like this

mamorruo L1: yoda

shizminer L0: Bobdavis626, proof or no balls

mydustbin123 L0: buy dice or regret

Bobdavis626 L0: im buying bora bora

amansri L0: Bobdavis626, that's alot of dice coin

Maznur12 L1: shizminer, noc

shizminer L0: amansri, you wish he had this many coins..

amansri L0: shizminer, he have that coin for 1 billion dice

shizminer L0: amansri, fuckin many times do i have to tell you, he doesnt have 1b dice

mydustbin123 L0: you can see wall in dice/btc 682. it was at 790 before 3 hours

mydustbin123 L0: who bought 100 btc dice coin?

amansri L0: mydustbin123, ok

mamorruo L1: YODA TO MOON SOON

Bobdavis626 L0: 421,930,203 is what i dont have in IB

BlackWins1961: mamorruo, u mean 10 sat soon

ArslanNadeem L0: Watercoin

UltraMod: Maintenance is over

stijnt L0: mydustbin123, lol nobody bought it

mamorruo L1: YODA TO MOON SOON

mydustbin123 L0: please check it out first and then talk

jj2224: UltraMod, Thank You Sir ^^

alexbidel: UltraMod, now i can deposit my 500 btc here?

djqbic L1: UltraMod, Hi Ultra

K9crypts: mydustbin123, you should thanks me i bought about 95btc

ArslanNadeem L0: Trade in watercoin

CryptoJiij: Alisa

BlackWins1961: UltraMod, anything abt nxt yopump?

stijnt L0: mydustbin123, are you serious?

Solomando: Let the games begin.

BlackWins1961: CryptoJiij, they said tiktok had a deal with alisa team!!

stijnt L0: K9crypts, thank you for buying lol

mamorruo L1: YODA TO MOON SOON

hamiiiii: leo buy and hold . its going up to 10 dollars

placebo1977: always nice to see someone wasting 2.8 ETH on SKYMAX :)

zearag L0: Yoda pump

stijnt L0: zearag, ??? Explain

mydustbin123 L0: dice coin chart big green candle

stijnt L0: mydustbin123, you will be rich soon!

pushpalatha1982 L1: Hi K9crypts what about Dice coin

ceeSharp: stijnt, will be rich too?

ceeSharp: will i*

stijnt L0: ceeSharp, of course

ceeSharp: stijnt, thank yo!

zearag L0: yoda bomb

youdedend L0: MASK good