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Time Currency Amount Status

easteregg69: Know you know ragga on the tune.

easteregg69: Yet to be defined.

easteregg69: It's boya music for when you got more important things to tend.

easteregg69: Bird of prey: https://www .youtube .com/watch?v=zKEWdRPRf3I

easteregg69: "To make a a world where all gods children can live or stay in the dark".

easteregg69: You can play it backwards.

easteregg69: The video was made in a regime with no rules for it.

easteregg69: Think of one.

easteregg69: Then it's your rule and applies to you.

easteregg69: Peacemaker zipped.

easteregg69: Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]: https://www .youtube .com/watch?v=ub747pprmJ8 Fat boy slim.

easteregg69: Volcano powered bitcoins. Peak of evolution.

easteregg69: Drink water to combine elements.

easteregg69: Elon's second mind.

JuliaFortuna L1: Hi

easteregg69: JuliaFortuna, He took Trevon's doge bet on the kids savings..

easteregg69: Genesis mining.

easteregg69: Best bet is the kid wasted the moment and got caught.

easteregg69: Early.

easteregg69: Dutch mining.

easteregg69: Spree.

pgibacc L1: Invest on GUESS, huge profit expected!

easteregg69: UFO neoscrypt might surprise. Funk soul brother.

easteregg69: He hates bitcointalktoo.

easteregg69: Pulling tracks like a snail.

easteregg69: I think he hates it for the censorship.

easteregg69: Ying and yang.

eko321 L0: tcr

easteregg69: "Praise you like i i should". Censored. Double confetti.

easteregg69: Read it right.

easteregg69: You wish is stuborn.

easteregg69: You think the government cares what the government means?

easteregg69: They wanna sling weights.

easteregg69: And explain "you".

easteregg69: Fire the ego.

easteregg69: Asimov.

easteregg69: Science fiction. Angels of luck.

easteregg69: Conservatives. Shop is open.

easteregg69: Heritage. Go.

easteregg69: I play a song for the birds with open windows:

easteregg69: Squarepusher - Terminal Slam (Official Video): https://www .youtube .com/watch?v=GlhV-OKHecI

JawadG L0: Wow npxs are awesome

zakidollar97 L0: i won 210$ from doge lol

nhTElalmis L0: i was scammed :((

nhTElalmis L0: do not use Pancakeswap!

masgaahl89: why DICE Wallet status: Maintenance ??

Brodaxdeep L0: NANOX wallet maintenance too

usr7341: so, contract settled -0.0538btc. but the vola was quite low around the settl time in opposite to previous contract as far i remember

usr7341: hmmm... not the best trade here ;-)

usr7341: but yeah, sometimes you lose, sometimes others win XD