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Est. BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03165000 0%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.02611760- 0.4%1752.9Ethereum
DASH0.00773492- 0.3%1470.8DASH
ZEC0.00607632- 2%1081.6Zcash
BCHABC0.02590177- 1.4%481.8BitcoinCashABC
WAVES0.00012702- 1%441.2Waves
LTC0.00478808- 0.9%295.7Litecoin
DOGE0.00000049+ 16.7%69.8Dogecoin
ETC0.00071478+ 4.5%58EthereumClassic
BTCR650205.41- 2.1%21.3Bitcoin
DOGER0.31+ 16.4%8.5Dogecoin
BTC$9424.99- 0.8%7.2Bitcoin
ETHR16867.26- 2.2%4.6Ethereum
VRA0.00000008- 20%4.6Verasity
ETH$245.26- 0.8%3.2Ethereum
XEM0.00000501+ 3.3%2.5NewEconomyMovement
XRP0.00002173+ 0.9%2.4Ripple
DOGE$0.00+ 15.7%2.3Dogecoin
0.09349900- 0.5%1.7Yo Token
USDR69.23- 1%1.6USD
TRX0.00000195+ 1.1%1.4Tron Token
DICED0.00005696- 19.9%1.3Dice
ROOBEE0.00000040 0%1.2Roobee
DOGEE0.00001898+ 23.2%1Dogecoin
HEX0.00000040+ 5.3%0.9HEX Token
USDT$1.01- 1.3%0.7Tether USD ERC20
LTCR3133.49- 1.5%0.7Litecoin
IQNE0.00499585- 1.3%0.6iQeon
XRP$0.20- 0.7%0.6Ripple
IQN0.00012928- 12%0.6iQeon
BTCT9249.9999999- 1.1%0.6Bitcoin
LTC$45.07- 2.1%0.5Litecoin
IQN$1.23- 0.3%0.4iQeon
KBC0.00000043+ 10.3%0.4KaratBank Coin
XRPR14.24+ 1.3%0.4Ripple
USDTR70.19- 1.3%0.4Tether USD ERC20
ETCR459.88+ 2.4%0.4EthereumClassic
TRXR1.26+ 1.8%0.4Tron Token
WATER0.00000250+ 6.9%0.4WATER
DICER0.00- 8.8%0.4Dice
EOS0.00028357+ 0.8%0.3EOS Token


Time Currency Amount Status

GoodLuckCrypto: lets celebrate the love of money

godislove L0: Yes god is money

Yanadia: yusufwelo32, be patient and make good choice of coins

menad22 L0: How do I withdraw my profits from the investment

yusufwelo32 L0: Yanadia, I am patient thank god I have been here 4 years or more but what about choice?

Yanadia: IB its the secret public of Yobit to earn

Delta81 L0: Does anyone buy my DICE? :'u

joemcgwa L0: wtf

yusufwelo32 L0: Yanadia, yes IB it is good to who is have more than 1btc

stijnt L0: Delta81, why do we need to buy it?

lukeec: yupib is god dice paying 1% and falling 20% lol

godislove L0: I have dice million

Yanadia: yusufwelo32, hehehehe :)

Yanadia: godislove, u rich :)

AirdropTokenClub L1: Best it's mask, 10% and fall 0%

bparajuli: lukeec, 1% up , 20% fall , haha

yusufwelo32 L0: Yanadia, hehehehe!?

godislove L0: No yanadia i am poor i beleave dice only

Delta81 L0: stijnt, Because the are cheap :'u

Yanadia: godislove, u r rich i have two hands two eyes i sure u will not sell ur eyes even for 1 millions btc ?

Yanadia: U**

bparajuli: try to make tiktok and challenge 1 dice=1 dollar :)

AirdropTokenClub L1: Yanadia, GodIsLove, one name, one warrany

raed63 L0: DOGE !!!!!!

ceeSharp: [YC]+x2ySvKeuOld967J71KrzmQKjyk5dSKntaVQ4AJh4fyaA9r1DQft2lJRXDvkGKZk[/YC]MPC

ceeSharp: [YC]I20a/WQ39U4OSM5tZWkDo7XvQIwhoyjKJDfrFVZ+Fwg+gR+0H65WpTquZUNXnqGp[/YC]MPC

Yanadia: AirdropTokenClub, :)

GoodLuckCrypto: quick quick

ceeSharp: confirmation emails came a bit late.. instead of wasting why not sharing :) enjoy.

Shid9 L1: Tiktok baby

AirdropTokenClub L1: Yanadia, Yobit it's full of Dice's Lover, are not investor ;)

amansri L0: Wooot

ceeSharp: codes are still active.

ceeSharp: gone

yusufwelo32 L0: I see EMPC moving alittel bet lol

stijnt L0: ceeSharp, send acode in PM please lol

ceeSharp: yusufwelo32, you have bette eyes then i [link]

Yanadia: AirdropTokenClub, thats the best of Yobit will seeing Yobit be number 1 exch and the investor will coming here

ceeSharp[email protected] lol

AirdropTokenClub L1: Yanadia, I'm talking about today, not tomorrow :)

Yanadia: ceeSharp, yea but when i m doing sc than type to manualy i am being to late

CryptoJiij: alisa

ceeSharp: Yanadia, ill post more codes in the next couple of days.. :)

ceeSharp: Yanadia, check your pm

Yanadia: AirdropTokenClub,

ceeSharp: Yanadia, a sec please

Yanadia: Ok:)

stijnt L0: ceeSharp, do you post in PM?

yusufwelo32 L0: I couldnt activite anyone

ceeSharp: Yanadia, check now :)