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Name Price LV Vol24 YP
DOGE-BTC 0.00000487 - 3.0% $21.38m $0.54m 0.9%
TRX-BTC 0.00000215 - 1.4% $14.36m $0.56m 1.4%
ETH-BTC 0.07029241 - 1.1% $14.04m $0.12m 0.3%
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USDT-USDC 1.00058867 - 0.1% $4.12m $0.30m 2.7%
YO-BTC 0.05244312 - 0.4% $3.38m $0.08m 0.9%
ETH-USDT 3296.20 - 3.3% $3.07m $0.12m 1.4%
BTC-USDT 47058.52 - 1.7% $2.35m $0.12m 1.9%
DOGE-ETH 0.00006964 - 1.0% $1.77m $0.02m 0.4%
USDTe-USDTb 0.99963652 - 0.1% $0.97m $0.04m 1.8%
ETH-USDC 3294.05 - 3.4% $0.97m $0.02m 1.1%
BTC-RUR 3483753.08 - 1.1% $0.90m $0.03m 1.4%
DOGE-USDT 0.22935318 - 4.4% $0.78m $0.12m 5.7%
ETH-RUR 244963.43 - 2.0% $0.70m $0.01m 0.6%
USDT-USD 1.04636822 + 0.5% $0.55m $0.002m 0.1%
USDT-RUR 73.71 + 0.5% $0.49m $0.006m 0.4%


Time Currency Amount Status

nbil2 L0: dice coin down?

ThaddeusB L1: nbil2, not today

nbil2 L0: ThaddeusB, thanks

cobratoontje: nbil2, dice goes up and down all the time

Merkato: dice is shitcoin?

cobratoontje: LSK is shitcoin

Merkato: cobratoontje, shut up

cobratoontje: lol

cobratoontje: xvg is shitcoin

cobratoontje: dogecoindark

cobratoontje: not verge, lol

Merkato: lsk is shitcoin? googling...

Merkato: cobratoontje, why i can't sell my dice on btc market?

Merkato: is there a trick to catch that 0.07btc ! !

cobratoontje: 1) coz ur stupid, 2) there is no 0.07 btc to be found

Merkato: trezor delist lisk lol it's sound a shitcoin cobra finally said something has a mean

Merkato: i'm looking at it now Est. BTC: 0.07 BTC

cobratoontje: Keep looking then

cobratoontje: Its all u have

ThaddeusB L1: cobratoontje, XVG actually is Verge... it is just the original version of it and thus the wallet will never be fixed

cobratoontje: I know

cobratoontje: !!??

Merkato: cobratoontje, how did you know

cobratoontje: Im just Smarter then u think ?

Merkato: you don't need to be smart to look on coinsinfo!

Hybridie L0: market rur dice.. if dont dice twice.. BOOM

cobratoontje: Why am i so smart.............

manbtc007: COBRA O COBRA your milk is ready

cobratoontje: I want coco

cobratoontje: manbtc007, ur diaper is ready

cobratoontje: All boiled out and so.........

cobratoontje: Ready to throw on those pinky Buns

cobratoontje: No Dicers ???

cobratoontje: Ur kiddin me !??

cobratoontje: They dried out or what ???

cobratoontje: Evaporated is the word i guess

cobratoontje: Just in to thin air.............woooooshhhhhhhhhh

cobratoontje: Nice havin convo to myselfy

cobratoontje: Im all alone on this globe ?

MasteRing: in this niche a bit

cobratoontje: Im not there....

cobratoontje: U can just disregard me

cobratoontje: Lurkin in the background.........

cobratoontje: Playin a Bot

cobratoontje: Oooopsss..i am a Bot

cobratoontje: Who let tha Doges out ??

robocop L0: Y

robocop L0: I m get banned lol...

robocop L0: yay L0

abualmjd44 L0: Minex