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Masdimnet L0: Mask dump

mojho123 L0: Masdimnet, sell mask

mojho123 L0: mask the moon

alexbidel: صاثد ِخ ذشزا فخ ۰.۰۵؟

marinin393: alexbidel, what thaaa :D

Merkato: Jisuri, you look smart, can you answer my question above about FAITH it has only 25mln and the price 1 to 2 sat

alexbidel: it means When will you back to 0.05? ;)

remcoVdv L1: Merkato, look in doge market

Merkato: remcoVdv, doge market for idiots with$1 to $10 max

marinin393: Merkato, did someone already say you that you talkin shit?

Shapon121 L0: hi all friend

kikiardian L0: my withdrawal is pending to long what should i do please help

Kodistrb: Merkato, not evrebody have millions like you

Masdimnet L0: Mask dump...sell

yusufwelo32 L0: alexbidel, what kind of language is this ? ;)

Rangga28 L0: buy mbak Alisa

marinin393: yusufwelo32, looks like italian!

alexbidel: yusufwelo32, Afghanistan people language

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, is these letter look like italian !

marinin393: yusufwelo32, xD no I was joking

Jisuri: Merkato, sry did read too late. I dont have any info about Faith, but 1-2 sat is questinable depending on the Coin. I never heard anything about Faith so far, and i am on the Phone right now :D. But most low sat Coins with low amount are mostly dumped projects....maybe Faith is like that too?

yusufwelo32 L0: alexbidel, nice move i want to invest my money in Afirca than Afganstan lol

Shapon121 L0: buy alisa go 500% up

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, planing to move to Italian ;)

Darkelf11: Shapon121, another loser xD

alexbidel: yusufwelo32, very good, so i will send my btc address to you , i am a poor Afghanistanian man with 4 wife

Jisuri: alexbidel, really? You too? :D

Shapon121 L0: Darkelf11, stupit

alexbidel: Jisuri, ;)

Jisuri: alexbidel, you know what happened with Warden and Blacksmith? Are they on Holiday or maybe Kodnapped?

Jisuri: Kidnapped*

Darkelf11: Who's going to mars

quotedbull L0: cng sux

Shapon121 L0: alexbidel, you look for alisa few hour

marinin393: Jisuri, why, what you want from them?

dominikherzog: Jisuri, all are online and work hard

alexbidel: Jisuri, i thought they are affected by conona-virus situation, work but not like 5-6 month ago

yusufwelo32 L0: alexbidel, i would do that if i be you lol , and i waiting for btc adress i accept 0.4 btc that is will move me from syria to German i will thank you all the road if i dont die ;)

ayaedewa L0: Rangga28, lembut guys

xR31GNyDAYz: Jisuri, is Codnapped code for sleeping with the fishes?

Rangga28 L0: ayaedewa, Apane....>

ayaedewa L0: Rangga28, silite

bree00: dominikherzog, Well they choose not to answer me if they are online

Rangga28 L0: ayaedewa, wkwkkwkw....

Rjohn1987 L0: Buy mask soon pump hhaha

bibifook L0: go yone

ayaedewa L0: Rangga28, hahaha this is taek brow

ayaedewa L0: hahaha

Rangga28 L0: ayaedewa, wkwkkw..... bro omahmu ngendi....?

ayaedewa L0: at pluto brow