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Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
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T0.00000747+ 2.8%4.5SHIBA INU
R2594588.60- 1.3%3.1Bitcoin
R1.00+ 5.1%2.8Wrapped Ruble
2526457.1329- 7.7%2.3Bitcoin
0.00008775+ 1.1%2.1TON Coin BEP20
0.00000232 0%1.8Dogecoin
T0.00001605+ 0.2%1.6FLOKI BEP20
WRUB0.00000040+ 8.2%1.4Wrapped Ruble
0.00000315- 0.4%1.1Tron Token
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5.92037922- 6.7%0.9Dogecoin
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LTCR6404.00- 1.2%0.2Litecoin
T26541.25- 0.1%0.2Bitcoin
ETHR155023.46- 1.4%0.2Ethereum
BTCT26356.00- 0.1%0.2Bitcoin
BTCT26434.00+ 0.1%0.1Bitcoin
0.00000070 0%0.1YOSTEP
1.00357717+ 0.6%0.1BTCB BEP20
TRX0.00000315+ 0.4%0.1Tron Token
TRXR8.19- 0.9%0.1Tron Token

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YONE 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready
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YONE 0.00000001 ready
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LIZA 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000123 ready
PAYP 0.00000200 ready
QUBIX 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready
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QUBIX 0.00000010 ready
PEO 0.00000001 ready
DC 0.00000001 ready
TOKC 0.00000010 ready
URANIX 0.00000001 ready
PAYP 0.00000001 ready
LIZA 0.00010000 ready
BITOK 0.00000002 ready
LDOGE 0.00000002 ready
XNM 0.00000002 ready
EGOLD 0.00000002 ready
ATOMIX 0.00000002 ready
WOMEN 0.00000020 ready
BRAT 0.00000051 ready
HOT 0.00000001 ready
URANIX 0.00000001 ready
TRX 0.00000001 ready
ML 0.00000001 ready
VGR 0.00000005 ready
PWR 0.00000002 ready
PWR 0.00000001 ready
QUBIX 0.00000010 ready
TOKEN 0.00000001 ready
RUBIT 0.00000001 ready
700 0.00000001 ready
MACRO 0.00000001 ready
ASAFE 0.00000010 ready
PLUTO 0.00000001 ready
GCR 0.00001000 ready
YONE 0.00020000 ready
PLUTO 0.00000002 ready
KIDS 0.00000001 ready
YONE 0.00000001 ready

linix012 L0: Ayomi01, es rublos rusos

Sosha0606 L0: How get my bunos ?

okika: Sosha0606, your what?

Sosha0606 L0: Say register to get 4700 fusdt. I register but my wallet be zero

okika: Sosha0606, FUSD story is over bro... today there is no bonus on registration.

BoastKit: okika, took me a while to realise he was talking about "bonus"... lmao

BoastKit: Sosha0606, by the way - you can buy over 4700FUSD for 45 satoshi which is equivalent of 1.2 USD cent (0.012 USD) so don't loose sleep over it.

fifoferiel L0: helo

fifoferiel L0: HELLO

fifoferiel L0: hi guys i ahve a problem where to contact the support

fifoferiel L0: where is yobit support ?

fifoferiel L0: i was to trying to withraw by i can't

cobratoontje: fifoferiel, Withdraw what? lol

cobratoontje: boYko123123123, Maybe one day you will learn to write real words........

cobratoontje: But i think it's doubtfull in your case

RealKeh L0: hi

Xon0212amirbek: unfreeze

shokolat L0: blackwindRu, hi friend, youplay dice coin can convert it to usd ? You earn good amount

MaSon1986 L0: fifoferiel, Украина

okika: MaSon1986, PUTIN huj XD

okika: MaSon1986, PUTIN coin

faysaln55 L0: what about Chatx token?

cobratoontje: faysaln55, You better check out rur market for the real value for's 7 times cheaper as btc....

tablepiece: cobratoontje, chatx chatgpt coin is the future

cobratoontje: Full info about BeeChat (CHATX)

imadovitch19 L0: Hj

valderisena7 L0: What is the cheapest way to withdraw dollars from Perfectmoney?

umar189 L0: Dice coin

jeftaj L0: L0: dice coin

cobratoontje: umar189, jeftaj, very true

BoastKit: jeftaj, are you sure ?

BoastKit: umar189, bold statement - I see you have no fear

cobratoontje: valderisena7, Just don't do it at all, simple

Hamza2000: Why I c'ant withraw ??

cobratoontje: Good question

Hamza2000: cobratoontje, c'ant confirme with mail

cobratoontje: Then stop it and try again

ramiturkmani L0: Where do you think the market will go

ramiturkmani L0: Is bitcoin price Fare enough

ramiturkmani L0: Is anyone here!

cobratoontje: ?

ramiturkmani L0: Is dice game worth it

cobratoontje: Only if you win...

ramiturkmani L0: How

cobratoontje: By not losing

ramiturkmani L0: Is there a way or method

ramiturkmani L0: Or just luck

cobratoontje: Try it

ramiturkmani L0: Too risky

cobratoontje: Playing dicegame with dice almost costs nothing