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LTC $83.45 - 2.6% 1.7 Litecoin
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USD R63.87 + 1% 1.4 USD
TRX 0.00000466 - 5.7% 1.4 Tron Token

salahdaoud L0: thx for who said that cbc is a good coin you made my day

egisz: omes12, New ico and price up

omes12 L2: egisz, so?was there no new ico 5 days ago?

Hayme1990: When iwill GO wallet maintenance end?

Hayme1990: UltraMod, When will GO wallet maintenance end?

dominikherzog: Hayme1990, next few hrs/weeks.years...probably

Hayme1990: ok

pinalizz: dominikherzog, when info about new ico ?

dominikherzog: pinalizz, soon

KeyzerSoze: dominikherzog, BTC investbox is empty

salahdaoud L0: somekind of guy dumped CBC with his 1$

salahdaoud L0: am calling the guy selling cbc: stop being a looser

SantonioT L1: Someone had any idea that why is CL volume so down ?

salahdaoud L0: SantonioT, because its a future dead coin

pleasehelpme L0: salahdaoud, This is so very funny nobody not trusting to Yobit product coins and no body inter buying their coins like LIZA TRix their new ICO

ishan1011 L1: YOZI is going DOWN

salahdaoud L0: pleasehelpme, here you trade only on profitable coins but whatever you do don't trusrt any of them

pleasehelpme L0: Seems almost of peoples are leaving this exchange

salahdaoud L0: pleasehelpme, because they don't trade on the right coins

stijnt L0: pleasehelpme, your ban is over... welcome back!

dominikherzog: new ban ...coming soon

jameshardy: dominikherzog, lol

pleasehelpme L0: salahdaoud, YoBit Signature Campaign (BitcoinTalk): [link] ★ Sr Member: 0.00012 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). ★ Hero Member: 0.00016 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). ★ Legendary Member: 0.00020 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day) read this -this is have note behind it -the note is yobit need more customers

jameshardy: Ban Part 2

Earbuzz: Big BANan coming

Elton23: should put a timer on it lol

salahdaoud L0: dominikherzog, I wonder who it is

dominikherzog: 13

dominikherzog: 12

Elton23: lol

salahdaoud L0: i wish its not me

pleasehelpme L0: YoBit Signature Campaign (BitcoinTalk): [link] ★ Sr Member: 0.00012 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). ★ Hero Member: 0.00016 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). ★ Legendary Member: 0.00020 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day) this is not good for advertising-almost of shit peoples are in Telegram and Instagram Yobit need Go TAG game in INSTAGRAM and Make Channels with +30 Language on Telegram

Kali123 L1: dominikherzog,hii

manbtc007: pleasehelpme, Okay

pleasehelpme L0: Shit peoples are in Telegram and Instagram

dominikherzog: Kali's earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces..source:wikipedia

pleasehelpme L0: Telegram and Whats Up are two shit Messengers with shit useing and Half of shit peoples in the world are using Whats up and Telegram

dominikherzog: Kali123, hi

pinalizz: dominikherzog, how to apply to be an admin in yobit ?

dominikherzog: pinalizz, use photoshop

KaraK L1: CRM?

pleasehelpme L0: Instagram is Other Shit Like First days of the Facebook and now many shit peoples are using Instagram - i think yobit need go make many pages on instagram with many languages and need shit peoples coming to this exchange -Bitcointalk is just for some users are working in the computer and software and hardware using -but there are a few peoples are in Bitcointalk and Reddit -and also many peoples on bitcointalk saying finger fuck to yobit and not submit yobit -i think yobit need using Instagram and Telegram

manbtc007: pleasehelpme, okay

ukyqory L0: What coins are good for trading?

TrissFC: pleasehelpme, man you need some english lessons dude ,

Elton23: ukyqory, lol

ktraynor: YOZI / waves

hakonji L1: ukyqory, Yozi/btc

Mridul25 L1: yozi looking good

pleasehelpme L0: TrissFC, Why you are here ? if your English is okay why you are not going to Bitcointalk and other soical for helping to yobit and come new customers to here?