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Date Topic Status View

bpool: maciocia, XD of course that I'm here XD

Haruna01 L1: aishm2020, see you soon

maciocia: bpool, ahhah spotted!

bpool: maciocia, XD still waiting 10k XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, as if floki is pulling back ..!

Gonewithwind: bpool, wanna to know if you can do something to go up its price to 0.0001usdt or not!?

bpool: Gonewithwind, why you need floki to drop??? XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, floki drop!!! No floki up i need ,friend

maciocia: bpool, revising my hoped bottom to 12/14K

Gonewithwind: maciocia, be out of thinking about btc under 20k on next two years head ..frind

maciocia: this year i can do it

maciocia: 2023 or not anymore under 20K

tablepiece: maciocia, btc price isnt relevant when solana hit 8$ dot 3.5$. dont understand people being sidelined waiting for btc to drop

tablepiece: many alts did x 5 in a month and they wait for a cheaper btc :)

Vasimali: Hi

maciocia: tablepiece, am a noob at alts

maciocia: tablepiece, give me some advice

maciocia: I will throw some dollars at them

Vasimali: For best earning platform please register your id and earn best from there I have also earned 3times from this programme

Vasimali: [link]

Vasimali: www. capcon. app

Vasimali: referance id 1000008

tablepiece: maciocia, its tough they are all up now, the most solid ones that didnt really run are link/algo/dot as i can see

maciocia: tablepiece, ok thanks for sharing

tablepiece: most hype is around gaming, ai and cloudstorage are also running now

Vasimali: //[link]

tablepiece: would buy some arweave when it dips

Vasimali: https:// capcon. app/refer/MTAwMDAwNA,,

Nanowfli L0: Vasimali, you can get ban from admin

maciocia: Vasimali, get lost

maciocia: tablepiece, my man

mukesh072: HELP

maciocia: tablepiece, any reliable dex to trade thiese coins? (

tablepiece: maciocia, i would check solve or mnw. if you can catch those cheap, it is a bit like vet, they have some real life usecases

maciocia: tablepiece, want to be KYC free

tablepiece: maciocia, just check on dextools or cmc or pancakeswap

maciocia: tablepiece, cool thanks

tablepiece: on bnb chain it is cheaper

maciocia: tablepiece, you doing good profits?

tablepiece: maciocia, nah i was in many already, fresh entries did great but didnt have much usdt left. had to go deep lol

tablepiece: but yeah balance is going up steadily

maciocia: tablepiece, that is what matters

tablepiece: maciocia, yeah feels good, bit hard to position now, can still have a shake out

tablepiece: i heard on Valentines day the 14th there are some important events, so we should be good till monday

tablepiece: with stability

maciocia: tablepiece, what events you refering to?

maciocia: mavroeconomic ones?

maciocia: macroeconomic*

maciocia: btw solve today is having a sensible drop ; maybe could be a good option right now

tablepiece: think fomc meeting, kinda forgot