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BTCR3677000.00+ 0.1%7Bitcoin
BCHABC0.00056701+ 3.7%7BitcoinCashABC
BTC$50651.00+ 1.9%7Bitcoin
ETH$4160.76+ 11%6Ethereum
DOGER40.60+ 17.4%5.7Dogecoin
ETHR299000.00+ 7.5%4.4Ethereum
XCH0.03299900+ 40.5%3Chia Coin
USDT$1.01+ 0.5%3Tether USD ERC20
ROBO0.00000074+ 1.4%2.5Robo
XRP$1.40+ 4.3%2.4Ripple
BTCT49628.000000+ 0.2%2.2Bitcoin
ETC$106.39+ 25.2%2EthereumClassic
USDR72.89- 0.8%1.9USD
LTC$333.00+ 7.4%1.9Litecoin
XRP0.00002777+ 4.1%1.8Ripple
LTCR24036.00+ 3.7%1.5Litecoin
DOGET0.52000013+ 18.2%1.1Dogecoin
TRX0.00000248+ 2.1%1Tron Token
HEX0.00000122- 2.4%0.9HEX Token
0.03719480+ 1.1%0.9Yo Token
ETHT3950.0000000+ 12.2%0.9Ethereum
DOGEE0.00013103+ 9.9%0.8Dogecoin
ETCR7678.46+ 22.5%0.7EthereumClassic
XRPR103.27+ 3.6%0.7Ripple
TRXR9.18+ 1.8%0.6Tron Token
MICROT0.00007998+ 100%0.5Micro
TRX$0.12+ 1.2%0.4Tron Token
DASH$382.90+ 8.8%0.4DASH
USDTR74.46- 0.6%0.4Tether USD ERC20

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750dollaman: demonrunner, that’s net right? Still $600 a month, not bad at all.

karime99 L0: My account is freezen since 2018

pauliloabuchi L0: BoastKit, you don't really have to be angry am new here bro still trying to get use to here

karime99 L0: How to unfreez?

750dollaman: I’m telling you, not to lead you on, but Yobit is full of intelligent and wise guys.

750dollaman: “Wise” in a good sense

750dollaman: Brb

Infantaria L1: Dice

airliner L0: DICCCEEE

Infantaria L1: Dice 2

djqbic L1: Infantaria, what is dice0.2??

djqbic L1: d(*..*)b

Rachtommy L0: Hello

djqbic L1: hi

Rachtommy L0: Back from 2018

Blackmask01 L0: DFT NO COIN? WHAT

zaf942501 L0: Hi who much Time for sell mi dice?

djqbic L1: Rachtommy, You lost a lot by not being here for three years

surjyakantapaul L0: how will i sell my dice?

djqbic L1: surjyakantapaul, ask cobra or easter

surjyakantapaul L0: @cobra you there

djqbic L1: surjyakantapaul, how.. yopu dont know to sell or buy?

wojciechg L0: Dice coinmarket???

djqbic L1: zaf942501, all tyopur life

djqbic L1: your life*

zaf942501 L0: Why

djqbic L1: think

pauliloabuchi L0: Ada $2

zaf942501 L0: I have just 7000000

wojciechg L0: Yes

djqbic L1: zaf942501, you have nothing

zaf942501 L0: 2 day IS ok

wojciechg L0: ???

djqbic L1: two days sell your dice:))) not possible:))))

zaf942501 L0: djqbic, who much day?

djqbic L1: wojciechg, czesc Wojciech

wojciechg L0: Cześć

zaf942501 L0: djqbic, 1 week?

wojciechg L0: Pójdzie ta sprzedaż?

adelmelleh L0: whats the min coins to send in bianonce

dastor: wow chrat btc is manipuled

wojciechg L0: Wahts coinmarket Dice?

djqbic L1: zaf942501, you know where you are

djqbic L1: wojciechg, to nieten dice

cobratoontje: zaf942501, DICE : 24 hour volume 0.00050 BTC so multiply that by 36500 (100 years) = 18.25 BTC and there is already more than 9350 BTC on sell order. so check back in 51232.8 years !?

djqbic L1: this dice is yobit token

wojciechg L0: Ok

zaf942501 L0: cobratoontje, ok thanks you

zaf942501 L0: Ok IS not possible sell other exange

zaf942501 L0: cobratoontje, IS not possible sell in other exange