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To add New ERC20 Token - please fill the Listing Form.

We will add new tokens every 1-7 days.

Listing price: 2.79 btc (all bitcoins will be spend to Yo Token buys from market)

- Yobicode - you can create it here:
- Token ID example - 0xebf4ca5319f406602eeff68da16261f1216011b5
- Etherscan link example:
- Ticker example: YOT (3-5 symbols)

- unlimited supply for tokens - FORBIDDEN (fixed supply only)
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin, you can activate Yobicode anytime
- all accs of dev in Yobit can be blocked with balances if price of his coin falls by 50-90-150% because of his dump
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Payment Yobicode
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Comments/Additional Info

Hamzeh L0: Does anyone work with localtrade?

GILLBATES: EDC 1300 sats on coin bene

easteregg69: nottyhassan, One goes "edc-exchange burnt 180 000.000 EDC" and it keeps burning more.

easteregg69: I wonder about the people sending themself coins on there. Whats the gain?

Hamzeh L0: Someone answer me

easteregg69: Hamzeh, I don't.

tablepiece: Hamzeh, dont be scared, thats called a '"conversation".

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, local trade doesnt give withdraw any more

Hamzeh L0: choudhry54,why?

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, they gce last year to withdraw edc further no longer available for withdrawave noti

Hamzeh L0: choudhry54, wtf.i have EDC there

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, same i was also butt they didnt give yet

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, no only one way buy new from bitribe and again lease

Hamzeh L0: choudhry54, and support not answer

Hamzeh L0: this is really bad

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, yeah bro i was also request in telegram group butt they are not responding butt lot of scamer also reply

choudhry54 L0: Hamzeh, how much do you have there?

choudhry54 L0: mine was 132000

hollateejay L0: 132000 edc or 132000 edc token

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, there was edc coin not tken

samkorsel0024 L1: Edc will pump...

choudhry54 L0: samkorsel0024, :)

hollateejay L0: choudhry54, Be sure u will receive your edc...edc is not not a scam...

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, yeah man edc is not a scam butt they gave prior notice before closing and i was not bother that notice thats why i didnt get

hollateejay L0: choudhry54, which exchange platform is that

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, localtrade

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, my coin was in local trade mining

hollateejay L0: choudhry54, oh no....localtrade... i c

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, yeah

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, we are talking about local trade

anita01 L1: edc about ?

choudhry54 L0: anita01, wait and watch

isnu128 L1: buy edc

aslan1973 L1: super coın EDC

hollateejay L0: choudhry54, you will have to continue to write local trade... i also lost 7000 edc to locat trade too

choudhry54 L0: hollateejay, butt they dont reply anywhere now i leave

GILLBATES: Next stop 1350 EDC

slamet005 L1: Sell gcr

frexchanger L1: Edc old, No problem

saefudin17 L0: Edc edc

anita01 L1: old edc = how much new edc

choudhry54 L0: 20=1

Rohit86388: pLease help support is not replying. i made a cnb withdrawal to my etherwallet. it is still in process. supoort is not replying

Rohit86388: it is more than 5 hours from now..

anukol52y L0: Edc price Will be go 1600 satoshi minimum fixed price with in few days. So hold and buy EDC more

durbnpoisn L1: anukol52y, Can I come to you for payment if I lose a bunch?

MoZubair: anukol52y, do you guarantee?

Jisuri: Listening to Chat is Autolose...remember that :)

Dikii27 L0: хахаха накопил 804 биткойна а выехать никуда не могу

easteregg69: durbnpoisn, Get in to ECRO fund if you wanna do EDC.