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BTCT8751.2439959- 1.4%1.1Bitcoin
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ETCR489.00+ 4.1%0.8EthereumClassic
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shadyborai: tablepiece, satisfaction is the problem always if control all will be fine

usr7341 L4: tablepiece, i always try to keep a records just to have a clue where a break even point is to see where to set my feel-good-stop-loss if i need to. but after doing the entire export from the trade history, i can only say, was the best decision recently. no more guesstimates, pure figures. and you know, number dont lie

tablepiece: shadyborai, yeah all depends on your goals and strategy, profit is always stasisfying it is why i like good spots like invest/pony with a buywall.

shadyborai: tablepiece, yes I agree with you

WenceslaoBri L1: Hello! Can you help me. I don't know how to withdraw my daily percentage of water

tablepiece: usr7341, for sure, good point as for example i usually buy at a good price but sell to fast or think i am BE while i missed a buy. also have to take your loss sometimes wich is hard to do.

ijames42 L1: WenceslaoBri, check history tab

Bnance10: tablepiece, if you dump all your coins because you need to move your money to new things then yes, your calculation will stop there. What if you plan to still earn profits in Doge for years to come??? My Micro’s are still in btc :-)

usr7341 L4: tablepiece, yup. and btw, its really not complicated. you just need some motivation and time to perform the task. i had like 1080 pages in the trade history. took me a while to do it...

usr7341 L4: anyway. gtg now. happy water climbing...

WenceslaoBri L1: ijames42, Excuse me, I don't understand, can you explain?

ijames42 L1: WenceslaoBri, /investbox/history/

tablepiece: Bnance10, true but you also have to take your profit sometimes or move on. some old investboxes for example, dump and rebuy lower is often a good idea when the coins run out.

WenceslaoBri L1: ijames42, And now?

tablepiece: usr7341, enjoy we ll try to keep our head above water :)

Bnance10: tablepiece, as you said once.. so many options for each user to adopt the best strategy he prefers or likes best. Sometimes, I mixed them all up or going back and forth.

Bnance10: But the main thing is do whatever floats your boats..

tablepiece: Bnance10, sounds familiar, need to be active and patient, oppurtunistic but also following the trends. best is if you are a bot!

bahasaket: anyone here use yandex money ?

Bnance10: As for YODA. Of all the coins that I started in the closed IB, I already “Took them out” long ago. But they are never really out but will keep serving as a btc faucets until they run empty. Sometimes, all you need is a faith in the system.

tablepiece: Bnance10, a lot of alts are doing great on binance btw, happy about that good trading oppurtunities

Yanadia: Bnance10, +1

tablepiece: Bnance10, you jumped on it at the right time as well :)

otokoam: Bnance10, I try to regard IB coins as "miners". You buy them (put some money in the form of coins in IB) and they produce some yield. As with miners, you usally can´t sell them back for the same amount and they tend to produce less as time passes. But it is always something.

Bnance10: All p.o.s coins behave the same way..

Bnance10: The same way too *

Bnance10: “Stake until it breaks”

newgift L0: where is dice?

newgift L0: how to play dice game?

Bnance10: tablepiece, I’ll pm you about alt in a sec

tablepiece: Bnance10, thx

johnlowers: newgift, need .001 btc , to see dice game

Hybridie L0: really?

Hybridie L0: knigson make money on dice

Yanadia: johnlowers, heyyy

newgift L0: thanks johnlovers

Singlajatin65: why xvg rate is too low here?

mahee44z L0: Why weekly yopump timer is 548 hours while pony race timer is 44 hours ?

Mhyt99 L0: mahee44z, do not 4get pony is A Hourse hhhhhh

bahasaket: mahee44z, weekly yopump to pump a coin , pony race , is just a race without 5 btc pump

mahee44z L0: bahasaket, so no pony secret coin will be revealed when pony tier ends ?

bahasaket: mahee44z, yup

nottyhassan L1: i got bat buy signal

mahee44z L0: bahasaket, that sucks

otokoam: it will be nice if NAX was refilled....mostly because I hold NAX lol

Bnance10: otokoam, +1

Palopo979 L0: Ttp goo

usr7341 L4: wohooo. only 500hrs left till the next fork!

WenceslaoBri L1: You don't have any percent to withdraw now. why?

johnlowers: Yanadia, hey Yana