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0.03023510 + 0.1% 0.1 YobitCoin
ZEC 0.02899762 - 1.1% 580 Zcash
BCC 0.13228310 - 0.1% 463.8 Bitcoin Cash
LSK 0.00094347 + 0.6% 405.5 Lisk
ETH 0.07989021 + 1.4% 393.3 Ethereum
DASH 0.03964716 + 3.9% 310.2 DASH
WAVES 0.00054190 + 3.9% 189 Waves
LTC 0.01453692 + 0.2% 157.8 Litecoin
LIZA 0.02310000 - 31% 109.5 Bitcoin Liza
AGR 0.07497448 0% 49.2 Autograde
BTC $6813.00 + 1.1% 40.7 Bitcoin
BUNNY 0.00000654 - 30.3% 40.5 BunnyToken
BTC R413505.00 - 0.2% 30.4 Bitcoin
FTO 0.00172121 - 6.2% 28.6 FuturoCoin
PLC $5.99 + 1.3% 22.1 Platin Coin
NKA 0.00000001 0% 20.5 NKA
LIZA R9553.00 - 29.4% 18.5 Bitcoin Liza
ETH $543.96 + 2.1% 16.9 Ethereum
TRX 0.00000733 + 4.5% 15 Tron Token
ETH R33000.99 + 1.6% 13.8 Ethereum
LUC E0.00001848 - 7.8% 12.7 Level Up
ETC 0.00251814 + 11.3% 12.5 EthereumClassic
LUC 0.00000147 - 8.2% 11.5 Level Up
LIZA $159.99 - 29.9% 10.6 Bitcoin Liza
DOGE 0.00000045 0% 10 Dogecoin
DTC 0.00000575 - 2.6% 10 DateCoin
BUDDY 0.00081261 - 58.8% 9.9 Buddy
LIZA E0.31000000 - 27.1% 9.9 Bitcoin Liza
NOAH 0.00000075 - 1.4% 8.5 NoahCoin
LINDA 0.00000035 + 6.1% 8.3 Linda Coin


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• Exclusive - 0.5 btc - 2-3 business days (no guarantee in case of compilation issues)
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- max premine - 20%
- not accepted coins with newbie topic
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- no wallet builders
- nodes should be included in source code
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin.
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Comments/Additional Info

chrislee08041983 L1: Mantiss, whi is the KING?

Mantiss: chrislee08041983, World's Most popular Crypto

marfranz L1: QWS good trade!

chrislee08041983 L1: Mantiss, you maybe also

marfranz L1: Morning Liza, Morning QWS

Mantiss: chrislee08041983, by the end of Q2 2018 you gonna see a huge uptrend in btc

Mantiss: Heard some news about some Bitcoin tech faster then Lightning !

Mantiss: than*

p92w574x2bcc L1: marfranz, QWS IB just started yesterday right?

Mantiss: I still can't buy a coffee with Bitcoin

marfranz L1: yes, I invest yesterday and now received 5%, already received and take profit!

marfranz L1: price stable

p92w574x2bcc L1: marfranz, I'm starting to buy qws now. Figure what, 14 days to double?

p92w574x2bcc L1: marfranz, good deal buying qws in eth right?

marfranz L1: better in btc

marfranz L1: I trading in btc...

marfranz L1: but in eth I think don't have many competitors maybe

gilzometro L1: buy buy LIZA

p92w574x2bcc L1: Ok, that was easy. Just started my first qws investbox. I heard there will be giveaways and airdrops. Very cool to see a crypto with a real

p92w574x2bcc L1: A real team in here

marfranz L1: yes, awesome! nice to have more options to make some profit

marfranz L1: QWS good!

nilshinkar L1: Dtc will be 700 sat

KANGBTCTRADE L1: liza go up

p92w574x2bcc L1: Just sold all my liza to buy qws. I they up the liza IB, I'll go back

johnsec L1:  LIZA os good for buy. bekharid baba aaah

morten: scitw/doge

johnsec L1: LIZA just falling , Whalers please save LIZA

alexandru3088 L1: Lizun?

Mad1969 L1: Liza....ooooLiza

Mad1969 L1: Buy....liza....10% daily....7 days 100%

gilzometro L1: 7,5 days 100% liza

anonymous8 L1: Berna212, Faiz günahdir ;)

alexandru3088 L1: :)

alexandru3088 L1: I am in the same situation

alexandru3088 L1: I don't know what to do to keep lizun or to sell

JATINO L1: buy bucks

JATINO L1: bucks will listed on unobits exchange on this monday

tonreg49 L1: I don't understand how you can squander the LIZA like this.

nrbasava: alexandru3088, u sell u get peanuts, so no point in selling, just compound and hope there will be some light at the end

sprtks28 L1: no buy liza

sprtks28 L1: maybe ı am loser 0,2 btc on liza

sprtks28 L1: bacause daily profit %10 but evry day earn %10 liza broken %20

anonymous8 L1: ö

jameshardy: sprtks28, looser is one who gives up. dont give up

Humza: if liza break resistance now, i will buy

Humza: 0.025

alexzerg11 L1: more bsty

mandipbar: LIZA .03 again?

papimayor L2: please who knows the full meaning of GER token that we have in the invest box

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