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- nodes should be included in source code
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin.
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Comments/Additional Info

noodleking L1: damn 1490 xrp

Vantien1990 L0: Help me

Attak L1: lestherat, in case you decided but later you don't what about that

gian123: no 1 buying mio very cheap now

lestherat L1: Vantien1990, open support ticket at top, but dont keep hope, be aware of scammers asking for money by private message impersonating yobit team

lestherat L1: Attak, no, you are fucked, impossible to cancel

noodleking L1: Vantien1990, use support ticket menu

Attak L1: There not static in doing

Attak L1: There is not static in doing things for instance you take a decision now but later you can change it so they should have provide an option

lestherat L1: Attak, why you cry, wait 6 days and you will get back all your coins

lestherat L1: then pure proffit for months, years

jicedel: Attak, next time read the rules before invest !!

Attak L1: lestherat, for me I look at infelixibility and am talking l don't actually have any thing there

kattekop L0: good dog pluto, i like you, i also love smurfs but that ain't here yet

Vantien1990 L0: Lestherat, I asked for help. but yobit did not answer

lestherat L1: Vantien1990, as i say, you are fucked, never forget your tag number again

usr7341: Vantien1990, i am sorry to inform you, but from what i hear here, as long they warn users about such things (like include tag for xrp) they WONT even touch your support ticket. it will remain unread for ever!

prashan80 L1: Can new ico hit 2000 sat today

prashan80 L1: Like mio

C3lz0 L1: good morning everybody :-)

C3lz0 L1: prashan80, ask God^^ :-)

prashan80 L1: C3lz0, god not saying anything

Sartica L1: prashan80, no.. this is miicro type.. not rocket type like moi..

Sartica L1: #mio

C3lz0 L1: placebo1977,how cool is that? on friday or saturday you had some fun on the next ICO, in the direction of 29 BTC buy wall and 10 sat ICO-price and yesterday the mail came over the ico and it fits everything ... I wonder, if you do not have any insider info ^^ ;-)

usr7341: C3lz0, yobit is placebo, placebo is yobit

Vantien1990 L0: Usr7341 thanks

usr7341: new conspiracy theory

usr7341: *duck*

C3lz0 L1: I heard it is speculated about the 50-60 sat, but it's just word of mouth

C3lz0 L1: I wonder where all the ATOMIX disciples are ... last week bragged that never again direction ICo-price falls and now? I had once again proved right and the ICO falls ^ ^

manbtc007: C3lz0, OKAY

noodleking L1: C3lz0, consider burned coins?

noodleking L1: kattekop, sorry for your cryptopia account

Euphoriks: 27 BTC buy wall on atomix..

Euphoriks: Pretty safe in ib for the time being

cubacripto L1: Do not LTCP is manipulated

Scottie920 L0: Secn is a shit coin but we should see another run on it shortly.

rezamalek2018 L1: Should you buy 0.02 btc for the new coin or less, you can also help

makinmoney: yes

Raqper123 L1: Trx pumped

splendid0412 L1: rezamalek2018, maximum how much BTC we can buy the new ico?

splendid0412 L1: manbtc007, how much BTC can we spend to buy today's new ieo/ico?

Sartica L1: prm sleepp...

splendid0412 L1: Is it 0.02 is the maximum buy limit per user to buy today's new ieo?

usr7341: C3lz0, i dont understand your statements regarding atomix. what do you exactly mean?

splendid0412 L1: *0.02 BTC?

manbtc007: splendid0412, Everything is clearly mentioned. take time to read instead of fucking our mind

jicedel: manbtc007, +100000

KeyzerSoze: LOL LTCP not going anywere damn thats a trap haha