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Time Currency Amount Status

Bnance10: ijames42, I know how to lose it all, trust me. The reason I haven’t because I know that’s all i’ve got

highmaster L1: DICE is a beautiful thing. Embrace it

Bnance10: Love DICE

highmaster L1: its also called DICE of LOVE

ijames42 L1: Bnance10, yeah i know if i really want to loose on dice all thats needed is a couple of clicks, just dunno if i should get rid, pointless IB and cannot transfer code and unlikley to be of any value

etherbit61 L0: ijames42, who knows, maybe holding a certain amount of dice will be a requirement for some future ib coin, many possibilities for future value

ijames42 L1: etherbit61, maybe, as there is no information published we cannot rule that out

highmaster L1: DICE is beautiful!!

etherbit61 L0: ijames42, true, thats one more reason why i just put it in my ib instead of trying to get rid of it

Bnance10: etherbit61, that would make more reasons for me wanting to buy DICE :-)

Bnance10: Now, all of a sudden there’s a high demand for DICE! Lol

Luciano L0: Boot in ETH/USD, buy? Impossible !

ijames42 L1: lol

Guati: Why did I get 7million DICE? What is this? What’s the catch?

ijames42 L1: Guati, it's because you need to buy WATER or you loose em

ijames42 L1: Guati, joking

highmaster L1: Guati, its known as DICE of love

highmaster L1: Guati, You just need to love em

Guati: Water, Love, this is sounding like a gardening tutorial.

ijames42 L1: Guati, it's an attempt to buy those who sold MICRO at 8 sat and left, to return and spend the remaining btc

ijames42 L1: it's an attempt to BRING

2freshmedia: How about “Daniels Hosting” on the deep web, shut down and taken over haha

ijames42 L1: back

2freshmedia: 2freshmedia, glad I never used them

cyver: Guati, you must share it on the chatbox xD

highmaster L1: lol

Guati: cyver, wait what?

cyver: Guati, lol... im just kidding

Guati: Well, I just bet my 7million DICE and now have 14million. Hooray.

2freshmedia: Please add GBP before dollar loses more ffs

ijames42 L1: 2freshmedia, r u from uk?

2freshmedia: ijames42, yes

youdedend L1: 2freshmedia, lol

ijames42 L1: 2freshmedia, me too

2freshmedia: They need gbp here male big moves other markets haven’t yet

2freshmedia: Make*

ijames42 L1: 2freshmedia, i noticed binance recently added

2freshmedia: ijames42, they should all do it it’s good business choice

ijames42 L1: 2freshmedia, what area u from? north or south?

2freshmedia: Surrey

ijames42 L1: 2freshmedia, im from Teeside

brammie: who wants to buy my dice, you get extra mice

ijames42 L1: anyone else from UK here? curious of where people are located, i think from all over the world

brammie: yes

djqbic L1: ijames42, Teeside? tee

djqbic L1: or teneshi

ijames42 L1: djqbic, yeah Teeside north east

ijames42 L1: Boro

gordy L1: Leeds

djqbic L1: i east side:)